Thursday, December 31, 2009

-winter no.4 NEW YEARS-


TIME: 11.30 Im fucking inside an apartment with AARON and we have wat.. 30minute before countdown. FUCK!! all the other ppl is out fucking doing their own shit. somes drunk already 20minutes into the party.. some went out for a smoke and deciding not to come back.. and WOW.. i guess its just me and aaron until new years come =='

TIME: 11.32 YAY.. fucking we got some ppl back in the room. no its clive, michael, 'pok guy', vernon and aaron along with I. for some reason they are all going to the toilet one by one ==' guess they were being GAY just then and just finishing off.
PS-pok guy = sharlene

anyways, since nothings really happening i shall tlk about my new years eve =] first i went to watch my first ever 3D movie with michael. AVATAR =]=] ITS A DAMN FCUKING GOOD MOVVIE I GOTA ADMIT! its like a while i havent seen a movie that i rkn is good from start to finish. maybe just because hes the creator of titanic.

TIME: 11.34, 2 bitches went out (michael/ aaron) for a yin and eff them == !!! i guess they will be back like right after a few grounds of chick browsing... yum xD

umm we then wanted to ice skate but only 30 minutes before the session finish so pretty much no point. then michael came up with an 'brilliant idea' he said the next session starts at 6 and we can skate then... *siolence* i quoted 'OUR FUCKING DINNER IS AT 6.30 AND ALSO WE GOTA TRAIN IT THERE SO WE DONT EVEN GET A FULL 30 MINUTES OF ICE SKATE U FUCKING FUCK!!!' yeh sorry bout that xP kinda bit rude.

TIME: 11.44 WOO!! NEW YEAR SOON XD umm aaron and micahel came back into the appartment after sic yin aaron also brought a new friend- FANTA in JELLY!!!..

TIME: 11.46 OH OH OH dom and kylie came back in as well lalalala...... oh wat.. they are fkin ggoing out again to get more fanta jelly ==' FUCK! everyones leaving. oh then.. some suggestion from pok guy to go kareoke but i dont fink its such a good idea cosh my throat is fucking FUCKED!..

oh tlking bout my throat, we went to korean bbq with 12 ppl XD and fucking hell it always happens that someone didnt pay and we gota chip in more.. ffs.. then yeh.. came up to the appartment and heaps of laughter and thats how my throat died.....

TIME: 11.50, 10 minutes left WOO XD, right now in the room we have, michael, vernon, clive, pok guy and me =] we;re watchin the tv and its fucking SHIT! fucking randoms dancing on a boat.. wtf man.. its like new year and retards dancing just dont match==' fuck.. i mean i mite as well dance naked and it will better than em.

TIME: 11.52, oh oh aaaron came back with more fanta jelly and WOOO!! we're ment to shake it before drinking.. Then pok guy putted on sorry sorry by super junior and we're fucking dancing the chorus xD hahaha...

TIME: 11.55, LOL vernon brought out some porno hentai books and sharing it with everyone xD mm yeh not bad hahha.. apparently aaron brought it up last time his up. ffs ==' now the whole atmosphere just turned into a porno convo= = tlking bout les, gay porn, and youporn all that shit lOL XD im just like trying to quote some of the lines, 'gay porn is disgusting' 'dick just go swinging around' 'i have a friend keep asking questions about gay porn' 'i watched animal porn' 'michael making orgasm noise' 'thats dog fuck'

TIME: 11.56, i fink kylie is leaving and dom (her bf) is bringing her out .. but ofcosh im like, STAY FOR NEW YEAR COUNT DOWN FIRST!! and yeh she noded xP..

omfg... arnt this the maddeste mouse pad ever!! XD


TIME: 12.02 anyways ==: the fucking drink was bad... broke my 5month no drinking streeeeeeek. gosh i nearly throw up =='.. anyways i gota wrap it up here ==

HAPPY NEW YEARS TO EVERYONE ^^ and ill yeh.. hope u all have a great year.

Song of the Day: Sadie - Gain

Nelson's Update
-tbh this doesnt feel like new years...

all i gota say xD HAPPY NEW YEAR AGAIN! 

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

-winter no.3-

Band: Sadie
Release: 30/12/09


01 gain

02 brain core

03 beauty shadow


05 愛しさは孤独の支配者

06 Regret



i woke up at 10 today. was tlking to a friend on the phone till 4 last night X_x our boat was at 1.30 so we gota be ready by 12.30. there wernt much to pack since i didnt go shopping at all for the past 2 days in china.

i slept most of the day. slept in the car, in the boat and on the way home. =/ feeling very tired lately. guessing that my sleeping timetable is officially screwed up to the max.

after i got home, nothing is really fun as i didnt have anything planned, nor for tmr so i was u'no just finking that im gonna spend the next two days at home watching tv.

however, stuff has got a lil interesting. sistah's boy friend took my bradah and i to festival walk. i went ice skating they went shopping. i finally learnt how to switch directions at a high speed while skating now ^^.

laaa!~ THEN before i was gonna go dinner, i got a call from benny~ my man!! he called and hes like oh tmr we're gonna dinner at cosway bay eating korean barbecue and after, we'll go to the river side and count down, THEN party at CLIVES house!! WOOT =]=]

i then went dinner for the first time in my life with JEREMY, NELSON, JENNIFER in the same table. like srsly... this is like our first ever time eating with only 3 of us. woahh xD and the pizzas are HUGE but the lamb ribs smels like eww ==;

i kinda pissed michael off cosh he was sleeping xP but anyways i told him that we got somthing planned and we're gonna watch AVATAHHH 3D before the dinner. buhahaha xD

just hope everything turns out good..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

-winter no.2-

i woke up at 1.30 today! SHIT ==' LATEST of all.. FK..

i had like... RICE/ PORK/ and SOUP for brunch today. its very simple but delicious in the same time. the weather has dropped dramatically. its like i have been eating ice and cudnt taste my own tougue.. if u get wat i mean. anyways.. TODAY'S HIGHLIGHT IS... STARTING TO PLAN FOR NEW YEARS!!!!! YE.. only the start xP and i got 1 day to organise everything. HOW goood is that xP
for now, my plan is to GO BARBECUE IN THE MORNING and of cosh ill make everyone wake up at like 7 so we can all be ther at around 9 oclock. THEN we finish at 1ish and we;ll go to watch a FANTASTIC MOVIE and im finking of AVATA 3D!!!! woo.. then after that, normally ppl wud feel sooo weak and shit, thats when i make the ppl go ICE SKATING and FREEZE THEIR MIND OFF A BIT and just hopefully we wont get no blisters this time. THEN wen everyones all tired and stuff we go dinner ~~ ngaww nelson is such a nice guy. =] after that we go kareoke. THEN LASTLY, GO TO TST AND COUNT THE FKING DOWN!! AND GO 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEARS... blah...
yeh thats bout it =="
trying to sleep earlier today.


doesnt this stuff look likes -ballz-

Monday, December 28, 2009



gay sleep =='
slepted at 2.30 but freaken it was raining right, and there were raindrops falling onto the damn aircon, all u hear is like *TICK TICK TICK TICK TUCKKT TUCKKC TICK TICK* AHHH FK!! SO ANNOYING!! and it was like the first half of the night ==" i kinda got use to it and slept for 30 minutes BUT FUCK!! IT GOT LOUDER!! SO WOW... i fink it was 4ish somthing that i finally died from exhaustion. but then. wow... i got woke up at 10ish cosh apparently im going up to china straight away.. i simply just raged at everyone on ebuddy that started tlking to me lol.. telling them how i cudnt sleep and just had a big pms-explosion.. and its fking cold...

blahh anyways.. on the boat i slept

on the way home i slept
then wooo we stayed for like 20 minutes and its already dinner time ?! wtf it was like ... 5 somthing i dont no. but yeh time just seem to past very fast...

got to the resturant around 6 and had dinner with this american partner :S

i also got told that i mite be staying for another 5 days cosh of major dinner that involves everyone in dad's business and its a pretty big thing and it will be rude not to be there =/

.. fnished around 8 im pretty sure.... got home at around 8.30
shower.. lbhablha eff around ..

msn time. then yeh~~~


Song of the Day: Gazette - Distress and Coma

Nelson's Update:
in china
freezing my ass off
being bored

Thursday, December 24, 2009

x'mas eve





§for xmas i want:§
§a car§
§a pair of boot§
§a gf =]§
§a runescape account§
§a number§
§a heater§
§a flashy pokemon card§
§santa's beard§

§Song of the Day: 4Minute - Jingle Jingle Feat.(Mario & Amen)§

§Nelson's Update: §
§-fking around§
§-watching tvb live xmas show§
§-thinking about tmrs plan§
§-jingle belling§

btw.. for those who dont no santa, its like this

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

-a puff-

infront of a MILD SEVEN cigerette packet, i see this:
The superbly balanced Mild Seven blend offers and inspiring moment of satisfaction.

but on the side i see: US. Sugeon General's Warning: Quitting Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks To Your Health.

is this kinda hipocritical? (lol i can fking spell but oh well) like at first they advertise it bad, all they want is fking money, getting u guys to pay it, THEN once u do, they give out the warnings for quitting smoking. afterall, its a win win situation. its not like anyone wud really get convinced by the warning. and prob just keep smoking more and more.

in one hand those ppl will get their money, in another they will get approved by the outside world for 'trying' to warn ppl to quit. wata bs... i swear they better do somthing about smoking >< and for those who do smoke sorz but yeh ==" i no im kinda being 'hipocrete' aswell cosh i talk about it and shit but i hang aaround ppl that smokes. :S but yeh ==" i just wanna somehow bring it up. so yeh spare my life if ur one of my friends that smokes xP and as u no, i do hate it!

however, for my friends. i wont stop u from smoking nor i wud stop hanging around uz because u smoke, ill just hope that u 'quit' as u guys said u will and actually do somthing about it and just not all talk; but i hope u guys do give me some respect on smoking around me.. =]

'Piece' oUt xP

Monday, December 21, 2009


the number is 1X

100 stars in a jar

its said to be christmas shopping, skating, kareoke

3 case, one chocolate, blue with white border

              so wat did i get up to today?

ma dad is back from europe and he loved my haircut xP and commented it saying that i finally look like a boy and that im no longer a begger~ umm i also found out about me op. i was kinda shocked well half shocked. cosh i fort i missed out on all my courses BUT NO! i actually did oright :) mummy was worried if i mite go emo and do somthing stupid eg. commit suicide, jumping off a cliff, stressing into depression. she actualyl got ME kinda scard in a way cosh i fort shes angry? but NO again, she then came and yeh just tlk to me saying ITS OKAY, ATLEAST U GOT INTO UNI =] and dont listen to anyone, just believe in urself, u can do anything u want for now xP as long as ur doing the right thing and just dont do anything stupid and think aside.. and of cosh.. i laughed and smiled and i faced her saying, MUM U FINK TOO MUCH and bang, shut the door *resume onto msn*

again, aaron is like 1 week late for helping my mum to install word onto her lap top and i FCKED him up and made him come tmr morning BUAHHAA =] oh wait.. FUCK, that means i gota wake up early aswell T_T

this is what i ATE TODAY!!


Saturday, December 19, 2009



(Photo is just for reference)
(EG. SCARF JEANS SHIRT) and not (EG. jeans jeans shirt)
STEP 2: NEGOTIATION (may also get more FREE STUFFs!)
STEP 4: GET YOUR STUFF postage may apply if you order at the wrong time
PS. if you want just one single item, we can negotiate more later xP

Friday, December 18, 2009


this blog is for all my grade 12 bitches whos getting their OP if not already got it xD

this is wat im gonna tell my MADA

1= i get my car
2= i geta go to japan/ korea next mid year
3= i get a new PC
4= i can date (H)
5= i wont have to drive bro to skool at all xP
6= i get my ears pierced
7= i get better pay wen i work for her
8= i can sleep over wenever
9= no more morning yum chas ==
10= can have my own room of silence
11= its okay xP i got griffith to get into
12= since im spending an extra year, can i learn harmonica to fill up my free times
13= atleast i tried my best =] *cute face*
14= can i get cash on maple? :)
15= ill study harder mummy~
17= damn, just missed out :( ur not mad at me right :) i got tafe still :P
18= atleast im not the worse one..
19= i fort the aim was to get a 'higher' OP.. and i did....
20= fcuk skool mum,ill work for u fulltime
21= dont get pissed, its okay. im not the only one xP
22= ill it make up to u ><, ill start grade 1 again! 
23= mum, i think im dumb..
24= *hide* nothing is said

buhahaha xD im soo retarded but oh wells. just wanna say


i think... the music player thingo is fucked, so i guess no song of the day today xP

Nelson's Update:
Sore from popping
DNM'ing & PMS'ing
planning for outing tmr with michael chengy

Thursday, December 17, 2009


FFS ==' i had the most shittiest day EVER for this holiday. i fking lost an entire day of my LIFE in fcuking CARs and a BOAT =='

mum woke me up at 9 told me that she has to do this stuff before going back to hk and will go straight from there. so YEH i got up, half a wake fking doing jack shit. got on the effink car. started sleeping from like 10 - 12 whilst they are 'working' then BLAH after eating brunch, mum then tells me that we're actually going back to our house to do somthing else. SO FUCK . i cuda just slept at home till 12 or even 1 since they are coming back anyway. SO THERE, first half of the day is FCUKING gone ==.

NOW the second part of the FUCKING DAY. our boat leaves at 3 fucking 30 and our freaken driver missed a fucking turn and we gota like try chase the time and make it up asap. BUT FUCKING GUESS WAT! we DROVE FOR ANOTHER 15 MINUTES AND WE MISSED IT BY LIKE 2 MINUTES . FUCK ME DEAD. NOW i just got fucking home. mum already brought the tickets for 5.30 and we told the driver to come pick us up at 4.30. I JUST HOPE he FUCKING DONT MISS IT AGAIN ><
 but yeh.. its normal to be fking pissed at him right? however, i didnt say anyhting.. i just sucked it in... and swore within me. man... im like TOO NICE ==' if its you, ull prob fuck the driver up and lbha lbhablha ==" BUT YEH... only because hes kinda a good friend of mine i just shutted for now...

OMFG ==' fk LIFE..

now i wont get back to hk till 7. and later . another 30minutes in the car. 1 hr on the boat. 15 minutes on the taxi home. FUCK LIFE DEAD!!

14 dAYs DOWN
song of the day: Riyu Kosaka - Platinum Smile
nelson's update
-ps im back in hong kong now..
-blog blog blog

Saturday, December 12, 2009

-Hong Kong-

Ass =]
Tits =]
Gay =]

oh yeh.. some vid
of sunsetting
and sexi night time lightshow~

Nelson's Update
-watching tv
-looking at unshaved moustache
-thinking about plucking my eyebrows

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

-my intelligence-

-50 reason to get someone to cam with you-
wee.. i spend... 20 minutes finking bout this =="

1.i wanna no wat ur wearing
2.i wanna how have u been

3.i wanna no have u change ur appearance

4.i wanna no if ur lights are turned off

5.i wanna no if u are eating so i can tell u to stop before u turn fat

6.i wanna see u smile

7.i wanna see if ur webcam has good quality

8.i wanna see if ur lying wen ur telling me somthing

9.i wanna look at u more before i dont have the chance

10.i forgot how you look like

11.i forgot wats the date today and u have a calender to show me it

12.i wanna see ur brothers and sisters if they are still awake

13.i wan you to show me something on webcam

14.i fink i dreamt about u last night and i kinda forgot half of it but if i see u again, i mite rmr more things

15.i have no reason to not see u on webcam

16.'i dont have makeup on' .. i like u better without make up :) me your dog

18.u can make me a crying face so i can tease and laugh at you. nah jks..

19.i wan u to reply me by drawing on a pease of paper fulfil my night

21.i havent seen u for the past 6 days

22.i wanna prove to u that i can do anything to get wat i wanna achieve see if u wear make up before you sleep

24.i wan you to show me ur accessories again

25.i wont let u down

26.i wan give u a nickname after tonight but first i need u to show me wat u somthing

27.i dont like you and i wanna make myself like u by staring at u

28.i didnt realize how retarded you are and want more of ur retardness

29.ill get u somthing if u cam with me

30.i will rmr tonight

31.i wonder if ur parents are hugging behind you
32.i feel like it drawing a picture of you so i need you to give me a good pose and stay like that for 2 hrs

34.after so many times i told u to sleep early, i wanan see ur panda eyes make me jizzzzzzzzzzzz~~~~~~~~~~

36.i will see if your lying after i give u the 50 reasons

37.i like the way u give me the evil :P look

38.i got u a necklace and i just wonder will it fit onto ur neck can show me how you put on your contacts

40.i wanna see ur finking face

41.i can see everything ur doing so if ur not wearing enuff clothes and ur snizzing, ur getting in trouble by me

42.i wanna see u wearing glasses

43.i can see u sleep and how u bear hug ur sister

44.ill see your pretty face.. *cough* jks

45.i can give u a test.. 1,2,3.... SMILE :) :) mm gotcha~

46.ive reached my goal

47.i wanna see the picture on ur cup

48.i dont wanna regret anything after tonight

49.i miss you .. (fk... ONE MORE)

50.i can have a glance of your sexy body XP OH DAMN!

this wont work if:
she doesnt have a webcam
she says no from start to end
shes got someone else in the room with her vise verser
shes shy
if your just playing around and not srs enuff!

somtimes its weird having someone u talk to every night being someone you treasure alot in ur heart.. for majority of the high schoolers, if this turns out good then you guys go out, if it turns out bad then trajety arrives and sometimes friendships are broken off. However, as a person who exp'ed the stuff i mention just then, the worse thing that cud happen to u about love is not knowing weather to continue or let go. if u choose to continue with wat u started with, then the one suffer will be only you, where as if u let go, it does you good in a way thats if ur lucky, but if miss out on a great oppotunity, then ull prob never get that chance again. im a good example. i havent treasure my relationships strong enuff that i wud wait for that person.. nor i have let go and totally forgot bout that person. maybe this is the reason why i dont find much things to be happy about in my life even when i kinda have a slightly better lifestyle than others.

theres alot that i learnt from every single 'love' actually.. i dont even no how to define love. is it a word use to describe a rookie couple becoming a deep and meaningful partner; or just a word used daily by ppl to satisfy a certain feeling.. anyways, this misterious word had tot me how to deal with many situations dealing with it. this took me ages but i kinda have it in one statement 'love only arrives when you know you are certain about it, if your not fully concern with whats provided for you by love, don't fall for the attraction of love or the only one being harmed... is you.' thanks to you.. i acknowledge alot and you gave me another lesson about 'love'. I wont wait nor i wud continue. Just how we are now is the best out of all the other 2 options =]

Song of the Day: TaeYang - Wedding Dress (this is for you!)

Nelson's Update:

-making adjustments

forgot to say.. your welcome, and i also thank you too .. Retard.. =]

Monday, December 7, 2009

-by my self-

la di da. ive been in hk for like 5 days now. and ive been out every single day :) well today i feel like being gay and sounding gay and first as u no i used purple font to show the gayness i have for gay today. anyways, i saw this really cute thongs the other day wen i was crusing around this shopping mall. it as this panda face on it and fk its really pokeable xP. however, i cudnt take a pic of it.. cosh stupid shop assistants wudnt let me take any.. apparently its like violating their rule and they can sue me for plagourism or someshit likethat.. but srsly WATS THE FCUKING BIG DEAL? it doesnt hurt anybody? you no wat else wud be plagourism then? him fking talking to me, hez looking at ME! i did not give permission for HIM to look at me and rmr my face in his fking head. and i also did not tell those bitches to give me instruction. thats violating MY rule !!! ><  and btw... i found this half finish christmas tree on the way to this other shopping more and its alerady pretty, i wonder wat happens if they put .. a pic of my face on it and sure it will attract attention... *cough*  LOL xD

la di da again... my ass was hurting... NOTHING SUSS, even tho i said im being kinda gay today doesnt mean that i got penertrated in the ass... NO!! suss minded ppl wtf.. my ass is hurting because ive been siting next to the computer for soo long and its winter its frostbiting my ass.. lol dont no if that works. but anyways which brings me to my next topic~ HOT POT or pod i really dnt no which is correct. yeh THAT SHIT warmed up my ass ^^ and it taste like... 'good' and 'delicious' however, i only ate beef and not pork cosh u no.... swine flu :( NOR chicken cosh u no... bird flu.. i should be scard of mad cow disesae but i dont fink its as bad in hk .. yet.. i cud be the next victim 0.o

YOU NO WAT ELSE IS FUKCING RIGGED?! i just got a fking prank from a person... who hid his fking number? HOW DUMB IS THAT? wat is he trying to make me do or prove? that hes a retard? omfg. lol. oops sorry :) anger managment :) :) :) :) :)  SMILE! GOTA SMILE MORE!! :) :) :) =]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]=]

oh yeh, thien nguyen, happy bday :)
phillip ng happy bday :)
and hbday to everyone thats born today :) :) :) :) 

Song of the Day: Jordin Sparks - Battlefield

Nelson's Update:
- watching kamen rider agito
-going to watch the other kamen rider
-tlking on msn
-waiting for jeff's call
-eating my tougue

Sunday, December 6, 2009


in 1 night
i ate 2 buns
while watching 3 birds
flying 4 stories high
towards 5 kids
and shatted 6 times
dirtying their 7 dollar lollipops
making them cried out 8 tears
in the first 9 seconds
of the 10th hour after
11 oclock in the morning.

some food that i ate :)

i wonder who can eat that long penis looking thing =="


song of the day: Britney Spears - 3

Nelson's Update
-waiting for a call

-hungry for rice

Friday, December 4, 2009

-day 1 in Hk-

since im soo bored in hk :P (I LIED) im just gonna blog, 1. to update myself and 2, for some retards.

but before i kinda talk about today, i kinda realize alota things in life xD
1.girls DONT FART
2.guys do fight for girls most of the time
3.girls are the ones who starts the fight
4.guys are ment to be muscular, but im not so.. wtf am i?
5.girls sometimes were sexy clothes but then gets pissy wen guys look at them, then WTFs the point of wearing it? to show your MUM?
6.guys and their pro driving skills does not apply anymore~
7.girls can actually deal with stuff alot better than guys in terms of writing documents, my dad was like helping me filling in this form right, and damn he even struggled to fill in those simple questions and he even has to come to me and ask wen my bday and were do we live cosh he forgot how to write this character. whereas my mummy, i dont have to worry bout shit and its done before i no it.
8.guys is soo good at scratching their balls without others knowing, speshally in public.
9.pretty girls covers their mouth wen they laugh and the ones that arnt as good doesnt.
10.guys are so much better than u girls :P LOL XD
11.girls are soo much cuter than guys in terms of same gender relationships :)
12.guys do cry
13.girls smokes skinny cigerettes
14.guys doesnt have to think when it comes to love or anything, love is always their choice
15.girls cant live without guys
16.guys cant live without girls either
17.girls are soo good at arguing, the guys can never win.
18.guys act different when they watch porn instead of by themselves
19.girls always has a reason for having an affair
20.guys dont need one

well i havent had a proper sleep fo fkiing a week now... 9 is prob the latest time i woke up so far. and DAMN i hardly got any shit sleep today.

i got home, immediately i went out to get my passport renewed and get a new simcard for phone. i then went to eat a lil.. but its alright for the eating part cosh it tastes great. can u smell it? HAH JEALOUS? i then went to fix my glasses blha blahbalh.... get a case for my iphone but failed cosh there isnt any hot ones that attracts me.. atte the hottest spicy fish ball ever in the world. got home. bumming

thats all :)

Song of the Day: Yui - Again

Nelson's Update:
-enjoying hk
-watching tv
-downloading since its unlimited download
-checking dance timetabel

Thursday, December 3, 2009


well yeh ..

1 month without seeing u guys :)

i will miss you.

ill prob continue blogging wen im over in hk so dw xD my fans(if i have any), ill update blog once in a while.

i dont think ill upload anything on facebook or bebo or w/e since im having a new look and u guys can wait till im back xD buhahaa

nah i dont no really. i dont even no wat hair i want atm but im def changing it.

since im going, i wud like to say to the ppl that came today at ice skating, thank you all for coming and gave me heaps of fun that ill rmr for the rest of ur lifes xP

for those who dogged me today, fuck you.. na jks xD reasonable .. llalala..

anyhuz atm, im back on the 20 of jan, and it mite change so the next thing you no i cud be back already xP

Song of the Day: Stereopony - Tsukiakari No Michishirube

Future Plan for Nelson
-improve on dancing
-new hair
-new style
-new everything that u can see
-new gf xD i wish hahah
-new trips


Tuesday, December 1, 2009



you gimmi a feeling of happy, i wanna tlk to you. but  then i dont really feel anything more than a friend for some reason. its not ur fault, its just me. i dont really believe in myself i guess. too weak, fragile, indecisive. the period of me meeting u did contribute heaps to our friendship, i really treasure the times we spend together. the feeling i had for you back then is just different to the ones i have for you now. maybe is cosh of the time we didnt see each other or even because we just see too much. i dont no. confused. i really wud like you to tell me how you feel so i can react to it immedately without further more finking. should i take a step forward, or shall i take a step back? you are the top of my pyramid and i will not let u go missing. thats wat im thinking i suppose.

your just here with me the whole time. not practically but verbally i guess. even if i dont see u often, i still fink bout you sometimes when i need someone to tlk to. you helped me heaps thru the process of 'vibration thru the air' and it just calms me down. i no sometimes u really wanna do something, but u have ur boundaries. i understand and its okay, i can accept it cosh i no wat the consequences are but i hope u can still be honest with me. you sometimes just make me go adlkfjadl;fkjad;lfkj because i simply dont no how to talk to u afterwards. if u have a problem, i wanna ask to find out wats rong and somehow help u, but then i dont in the same time cosh i its not really my business. so fk me dead ==" too confused.

if i have to describe u with a fruit, ur passion fruit (this is just wat i think wen i eat passionfruit :P somemite have a different taste). ur filled with passion and the outside u is different compared with how u are inside. you may sometimes taste sour and hard to get along with, but as you get into the gist of it, u become very sweet and easy to swollen. every single seed in ur plays a big role in ur personality. the way u act/ react/ appear infront of me is just too amazing xD. i cud never get enuff of ur voice cosh its just sooo 'energetic' (nothing suss) haha.. like very modivating =] but i learnt somthing from u, is that i wont do watever i did today after half gettting lost by my gps xD but again, i dont no how u fink cosh i rather not know for you. i rather we stay like how we are and just not even think about love. like this, i can actually treat u for who u are and not trying to force myself to treat u better than others.

i am going to hk in 2 days~ must spend big big long time with friends =]

Song of the Day: Park Bom (2NE1) - You and I

Nelson's Update:
-fking tired
-feel gay
-wanna eat fruit
-wanna drink fruit juice
-looking at sticker photo


Friday, November 27, 2009


SADIE's mini single gain is effink out on the 12.30 as shown in the pic!
maddest hair
coolest rock
sexy outfit
great tune
maximal relief

SOng of the Day: Gain (Preview ver.)

Nelson's Update:
-got H1N1 vaccine
-dancing with younique
-listen to GAIN
-destroy my fears and slayer my anger! 


 Yeh this is just some of my beloving korean bands xD

Super Junior (M)
Both SJ and SJ-M is one of my fav band cosh they gave me a great sorry sorry dance :L at first i rkn they are all eww and not good, but after u listen to them , its actually not that bad and ull just get sucked into their music melodies~ EVEN though i dont no any of their names off by heart, i kinda like that guy with the really high pitch girly voice. umm those who love em wud prob no who im tlking bout. OH ALSO SJ-M's MANDERINE IS EFFINK BETTER THAN MINE ==" they have like good pronounciation and they can rap in chink ==" wtf... soo jealous...
Fav Song: Sorry Sorry, Super Girl


The girl band thats always on the top of my chart/head :) i dont even have to look or search em up i can just rmr how they look/ dance like/ and ETC :) of cause i love yoona the most, then it comes to yuri, taeyeon then prob jessica and seohyun then then tiff n sunny then the rest xP PS. i died my hair red for yoona!!!! hehe. OH I ALSO LEARNT THE GEE DANCE!!! after like ... 6month? :L i finally learnt it and have been showing it to all my friends. should even make a vid soon xD anyways, they are just.. too amazing, they are the ones that first got me into korean pop music and if i ever have a chance to go kor, ill see them first.
Fav Song: Gee, Genie

Big Bang
First kor mv i watch is by big bang, they kinda inspired me alot too~ they are cool, the way they dress gave me a big imagination in matching clothes. G dragon is fking awesome, i can never get over his sexy dancing and sexy style, then we have TOP and TaeYang- they both have different style, onces cool and silent and other one is hot and energetic. very good songs they produced. however, i dont no the other two member that well but they i no that they have good voice as they are great in all their videos.
Fav Song: Haru Haru, Gara Gara GO

FT Island
My one and only korean rock band that i like so far :)even though one of their member is replaced but they are still good because HONGKI IS in the band!! hongki has a very good voice. i really wanna be like him or even better :L i wish.. ive actually heard of their song ages ago, but never recgnized how good it was until the start of the year. haha its kinda weird but in the same time, i didnt regret noing them this late because their songs are even better :) they can even sing japanese song and fk its good ==" i really wanted to cry at one point wen i was listening to their song.. and they made me learn the first korean song :)
Fav song: I Hope, Raining

i fink i wrote a whole blog about them :) they are awesome ^^ jaebum better be back. srsly, its not 2pm without him, thats why their single is 1.59pm cosh they are missing somthing. i also realize they have all fking huge mussillz, have u seen their new cF? its fking hot haha. search it up on youtube ;) again, i dont no much names but teacyeon is good :) hez oright hot.for a guy. the next part is by my brother: JAEBEOM IS THE SXC >8D
Fav Song: Again and Again, Tired of Waiting

After School
they are hot. thats all :P nah jks. they mv is really good --' i effink like them soo much. but i dont like one thing about them, they have eff loads of new members all the time and i just heard their new single they have this new one making their total member of 7 ppl. even tho, i FKING LOVE THEIR NEW SONG :) hehe. damn they should change their name from afterskool to hotschool :)
Fav Song: Ah, Diva

this skaky ass girls are the sht xD all their performances presents good ass shaking and they are cute~ i forgot her name but that girl with the long long curly hair on the right, i wan a gf like her :)They are good, and their song are repetitive which makes it easier for me to learn it fast hehe. they must have done it for me (H)
Fav Song: Mister, Wanna

ive ben working alot lately. mums shop is opening. i wan someone to be here and just listen to my bullyshit!!!! ==' im soo stressed

Song of the Day: Queen Maya - Rainy Rose and X Japan - Endless Rain

Nelson's Update:
-tlking to her
-watching tvb
-holding my piss in
-writing my name on a white sheet of paper

i just wanna live a happy life.. i dont wan no fame, no destiny, no wealth, no love. just a simple life with nothing to worry about. thanks joanne. 
*mummy and sistah was fighting agian..
*and i just raged and sister...
*for yelling at mum..
*i didnt no wat to do
*but just yell shit at her for being disrepectful and stuff..
*then later on
*mum told me to deliver stuff to inala
*my iphone was outa batery
*and i kinda lost my route
*and was fkkinig stressing..
*and raged at chris who was actually kind enuff to follow me..
*i was really.. blinded ...

*under pressure and stress..
*it must be killing u >.< but think of it as training u up
*try taking the stress slowly
*allow urself to rage and stuff.. but slowly restain urself
*it doesnt take a day to learn how to change behaviours~ so yeh. dont beat urself up

*the next time u rage.. try thinking about their point of view. maybe siding with them is a better way to start say wat u wana say
*sounds easier than done i know.. >.<" 

*tell urself that if ur calm, then the pplz around u will be calm
*just tryy ..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


this is wat i got :) and im proud of it.

suk on that bitches buhahahahahahahhahaha

and i also got this awesome app


yeh, working tomolo and i cant wait till mummy's shop actually opens, cosh tell u this, IVE NEVER WORKED BEFORE!! JEALOUS :)

well i dont no.. if u say selling gatsby is a job then.. its my second job.. lalala.. w.e xD

by J.T. xD

*once upon a time.. there was a handsome prince named Prince Nelgatsby. he was sooo cool that everyone loved him! but there was a girl named jae.tii, who'd admired him the most! oh she thought he was the bestest person on earth! she loved everything about him! starting from his hair down to his toes x) never mind about the middle area :P but yes, she wud do anything for Prince Nelgatsby.
*so one day, she sold 100000000000000000000 gatsbys and nelgatsby thought she was awesome too! so they lived happily ever after. but nel was still better than jae.tii.

copyrighted 2009  

ps. for those who dont no her this is her!! OH OH AND SHES SINGLE GUYS.. or girls ;)

Song of the Day: Afterschool -  Dream Girl

Nelson's Update
-helping mum
-listening to dream girl
-playing with iphone
-making ppl jealous
-feeling my heartbeat<3

Sunday, November 22, 2009

-come back-


who wud wan him to leave. who cares if u did somthing bad in the past. running away from ur past is not a way to solve the problems at present. why dont you comeback and just tell the whole world who you really are?

jaebum likes green =]

wishing is very hard. doing the wish is harder. for tired of waiting, you better beback. i started liking heartbeaet because of you.




yeh thats obviously to jaebum, by the time he reads that, he'll be back for sure :)


hbday trang


man i gota go dentist tomoolo, my teeth are like fked up.. might have to get bracers, ==" fk me dead

song of the day: 2PM - Heartbeat, can u feel my heartbeat?!!


Nelson's Update:
-talking to a retard
-eating eclipse
-finking about my mummy's shop
-stretching my abs

Thursday, November 19, 2009


FIRSTLY I WOULD LIKE TO CONGRADULATE ALL SENIORS OF 2009 FOR COMPLETING YEAR 12 XD, this 13 years of studying is finally over ~~ wish u all good luck!

 thank god this is all over~ but then in the same time, i dont fink i can see more than half the grade of my skool anymore, some flies oversea, some continues studing, some mite forget me, some may starting to hate me and some will just disappear from ur life. However i did not feel any sad or having any 'crying' feeling at all.. am i cold blooded? implying that i dont show no loyality to my friends?

no... i like to call it remember and hope for future. i suppose im fink of stuff that somehow, we'll see each other eventually and no need to burst out in tears. THeres many ways for us to remember each other and tbh i truly will miss all u ppl; but instead of showing it physically with tears, ill just thinking thru the happy times we've all spent together as a group :)

i also didnt take much photos nor did i say bye bye to heaps of ppl, i feel bad in a way but i guess, if they didnt come up to me either will i really be rmred even if i am the one approaching? who knows.

well no more high school, wat is planned now is in our hands, srsly, fuck 2012 if they world is really gonna end then ill just simply live it until my get burnt/drown/squash/blast/strike/struck/hit etc till death.

good luck with all other ppl in my cohort =]

Song of the Day : X Japan - Forever Love

i love this song ^^ its such a relief and it helps me relax alot, even tho none of u ppl cud prob understand it but i dedicate this song to all of u grade 12s resembling our forever friendship :)

AND FK.. just for u guys imma get the lyrics in eng xP

I'll never walk alone again, the winds of time are to strong.
Ah, it's that what you hurts, which you'll have to live with...
Ah, this tight embrace, and this burning, unchanged heart.
In this ever changing time, love will never change.

Will you hold my heart? Stop flowing tears.
Again, all of my heart is broken....

Forever love, forever dream
Only flowing emotions,bury this intense,
trying, meaningless times.
Oh tell me why ... all I see is blue in my heart.

Will you stay with me? Wait until after the wind passes,
all my tears are still flowing...

Forever love, forever dream Stay with me like this.
Hold my trembling heart in the dawn.
Oh stay with me...

Ah, everything good seems to be ending,
in this unending night.
Ah, what else would you lose if nothing at all matters.

Forever love, forever dream, stay with me like this.
Hold my trembling heart in the dawn.

Oh will you stay with me... Until the wind passes,
stay with me again.

Forever love, forever dream, I'll never walk this path.
Oh tell me why, tell me true, teach me how to live.
Forever love, forever dream, within flowing tears
Bright seasons will forever change again and again ....
forever love...

Nelson's Update
-uploading photos
-getting ready to help mum with work
-thinking about the parties that are on tonight
-needa pee xP

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


before i start, like my new wallpaper :) its soo professional LOL! XD

FORMAL IS OFFICIALLY OVER and its is fcking the best shit ever in the world that i have ever experienced in my fucking life which ment like fking heaps to me because i had so much fun that u cant descibe it with words or action and only with feelings! damn.. that was a long sentence xP try saying it in one breathe. i betchu cant =]

okay formal, hmmm i loved it.. i finally had the guts to dance on stage, freestyle everywere and not scard of dancing in a circle or even with teachers xP. fillip i did a chore for boom  boom pow~ but stupid dJ cutted out half of my our intro.. damn :L but oh wells!! we made it into a dance battle after, and damn i realize some other ppls are good at dancing *cough* jordan *cough*. then we dance to ayer on the STAGE !! OMFG!!!@! ITS SOOO FUCKING GOOODD!!!! 100% freestyle nothing chored, just did w.e is poped in my mind, and damn fillip is good x]. lastly i danced to three quarters of now your gone by bass hunter. blah lbhablha i did a knee spin before ending my solo, and wow at that time i pulled a muscle and feels like its one on top of each other~ yum :) but yeh.. i was sweating like hell ==" wait.. ill find a pic

can u see the damn difference :L i was like.. soaked..

anyhuz.. after party was not that great :L didnt sleep at all; didnt drink at all; didnt do much at all; didnt see much ppl at all; gay at all!!!!! lol went to ryan's apartment and damn alota p3nis seeing *wink* LOL XD but yeh..however, highlight of the night wud be walking up from 9-16 floors with a friend =] tired assss..hole =]

went home at 7am then i collaspe on the drive way. nah jks. on bed :)

but yeh overall. it was srsly best night ever, ill miss all u GRADE 12z! speshall amy :) LOL!! and yeh.. love this senior year soo much!! hope we can spend another fun time together in the future~ maybe after 2012 xD haha

Nelson's Update:
-got a haircut
-listening to big bang
-dling a photo of friend
-just  got a txt
-thinking of the events for last day of skool!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


i like rangas. =]
speshally this guy ~

yeh i also bleached my eyebrows to get the contracts slightly naturaler~~ it was like .. my first time bleaching my hair and SHIT it burns ... hardcore allergy thingo, evertyhing turned red and big .. it was a really hard time... but then its for the looks so its worth it :) it is for formal, it was sorta like a last minute thing - u no how sometimes u just cant decide weather to do somthing or not... until the last moment u just take a wild guess and just FCUK life? :L yeh i did that and i end up with this, i will not regret so tomolo, its either i look good, or i embarrase, but then if i do embarrase myself, ill make it as if im trying to be funny :)

hmm today ill talk about mz lin, she is hot.. like OMFG *burns* she told me to blog about her and yeh here we go, shes really good at rubbing the fact that 'i look young' in my face. oh AND HEY, before i continue, shes mean to me and bullies me like fk! anyways . shes has no friends and im like her only friend :) mz lin is tall, like way taller.. wen shes wearing heels but without em, shes like as small as that fairy thing in peter pan ~~lol

i asked her a question: wud u rather be gay or les, ansed les. but i didnt continue asking why cosh.. i prob know why anyway xP however wen i asked her to gimmi some details so i can blog more bout her she only said GAY... so... yeh shes gay too.. is that even possible?

blha lbhablhalhalbhal w.e



no new song =]


Saturday, November 14, 2009


the name of this blog has got nothing to do with wat im writing today :)

i met a girl today. she added me on fb. shes weird. shes in grade 11 and shes deciding to repeat grade 11 to do op subjects~ .... shes cute LOL

anyways. formal is in 2 days like wtf man... everythings all done..... thinking back in the 13 years of education. this time should be the best after grade 7 graduation. i wonder wll i cry again ~~

my personal emotions that i like the most:

my personal colour that i like the most

my personal fastfood i like the most
hungry jacks
burger king

my personal website i use the most
other kpop sites

my personal drink that i'd to drink
lipton ice tea (peach)
pearl milk tea
orange juice

my personal subjects that i hate the most
math c

my personal letters that i like
J eg. JIZZ
F eg. FCUK
U eg. you. LOL xD
Q eg. qantas

my personal family that i love the most
all of them

my personal dream girl friends
yoona, SNSD
kyrstal, F(x)
lee hyori
tifa, final fantasy
her, ull see in the future =]

i kinda realise somthing else ppl. there must be something u have to worry at anytime. u cannot not think about 'nothing' at all. for eg.. so wat if skools all over, now im worrying about if i get in uni. or maybe for some rich cunt that has everything in the world, he'll worry about how long hes gonna have left to use his money. etc etc. to me it is.

anyhuz. yeh 2 weeks no youtube.. its bad... but lucky im at a friends house atm ill just blog as much as possible :)

song of the day: F(x) - CHU .. finally changed song ai? haha im just scard ill bored u guys. but w.e xP i still love 2pm dw~

NElson's update
-watched one piece 425
-talking to asaki
-checking out my hair
-drink my saliva
-looking at my friend's fish tank while typing 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

-listen to my updates-

i am a tree, im siolent and dont really talk much, all i do is breath and release and continue growing

i am a phone, im use to transfer ppl's msg, wen ppl dont need me i stay siolent and stay 'locked'

i am a bus, usually im hollow inside, if ppl come inside my life i will then make some progress, other time.

i am the sea, i can be very destructive, but i can also be very calm.

i am a shoe box, at first ppl need me to store their new shoes, after using me, i end up in the bin

i am an old mouse, i have only have 2 keypads, either left. or right. never a third button.

i am a nelson, i have issues, however i only tell it to my diary.

anyways. yeh lalalala ive been capped for the 2nd week. its obviously not a good thing. lifes been really fked up without net. and i swear in 10 years time everyones gonna be really into technology that if we dont have it for one day, ppl wud commit suicide. lol thats just wat i fink :)

well i had my last lesson of pe and english, Mr morton is srsly my favourite teacher. and damn i gave him a bear hug today HAH!

technically friday is the last day of my proper high school career, everthing seems sooo fast.. 13 years of education all gone.

did i tell you guys i finally learnt the Gee dance =] if ur lucky, u mite see it LOL not like u wanted to anyway haha..

man i have soo much to talk about.. FUCK i had my last exam and SHIT ifeels soo weird, brandon and i was like talking bout how we will not be use to everything.. like so and so we will fink about 'wats there to do for tomolo?' or 'is there assignment due tomolo?' like fk ==" i just cant get over the fact that.. everytthing is OVER!!! to many this is a new life, to me its just another bite of my sandwich :P im ready for my uni bite in 3 years LOL XD

ive been helping mummy alot more lately, cosh as u all now shes opening a new store and who ever mite read this and have parents that owns a resturant or w.e.. TAKE A LOOOK!! 

i wonder where should i do my hair for formal..

i wonder if i cud fly

i wonder if the ants in my backyard are all dead after me peeeing on them

i wonder if ur reading this

i wonder if man can wear dress

i wonder if you will see me do gee dance

i wonder if ur GAY

i wonder if i wont wonder again.

Nelson's Update
-studing for mulistrand
-holding my piss in
-watching tv
-talking to nhi
-making a paper ball
-printing stuff out for mum

song of the day is still 2pm - tired of waiting 
1. sorry im caped not time to get new song
2. i love it too much~ <3