Tuesday, December 1, 2009



you gimmi a feeling of happy, i wanna tlk to you. but  then i dont really feel anything more than a friend for some reason. its not ur fault, its just me. i dont really believe in myself i guess. too weak, fragile, indecisive. the period of me meeting u did contribute heaps to our friendship, i really treasure the times we spend together. the feeling i had for you back then is just different to the ones i have for you now. maybe is cosh of the time we didnt see each other or even because we just see too much. i dont no. confused. i really wud like you to tell me how you feel so i can react to it immedately without further more finking. should i take a step forward, or shall i take a step back? you are the top of my pyramid and i will not let u go missing. thats wat im thinking i suppose.

your just here with me the whole time. not practically but verbally i guess. even if i dont see u often, i still fink bout you sometimes when i need someone to tlk to. you helped me heaps thru the process of 'vibration thru the air' and it just calms me down. i no sometimes u really wanna do something, but u have ur boundaries. i understand and its okay, i can accept it cosh i no wat the consequences are but i hope u can still be honest with me. you sometimes just make me go adlkfjadl;fkjad;lfkj because i simply dont no how to talk to u afterwards. if u have a problem, i wanna ask to find out wats rong and somehow help u, but then i dont in the same time cosh i its not really my business. so fk me dead ==" too confused.

if i have to describe u with a fruit, ur passion fruit (this is just wat i think wen i eat passionfruit :P somemite have a different taste). ur filled with passion and the outside u is different compared with how u are inside. you may sometimes taste sour and hard to get along with, but as you get into the gist of it, u become very sweet and easy to swollen. every single seed in ur plays a big role in ur personality. the way u act/ react/ appear infront of me is just too amazing xD. i cud never get enuff of ur voice cosh its just sooo 'energetic' (nothing suss) haha.. like very modivating =] but i learnt somthing from u, is that i wont do watever i did today after half gettting lost by my gps xD but again, i dont no how u fink cosh i rather not know for you. i rather we stay like how we are and just not even think about love. like this, i can actually treat u for who u are and not trying to force myself to treat u better than others.

i am going to hk in 2 days~ must spend big big long time with friends =]

Song of the Day: Park Bom (2NE1) - You and I

Nelson's Update:
-fking tired
-feel gay
-wanna eat fruit
-wanna drink fruit juice
-looking at sticker photo


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