Tuesday, December 27, 2011

-what would you pick?-

”if there is a restore button on your body that allows ur body and memories all turn back to zero, would you press it? what will you when you do?"

im pretty happy with laugh I suppose. not much is really concerning me. I love my life. But if I were to pick a time to do so, it will be when I'm actually 'depressed' becoz of things that I should'nt be..

i realised the routine is: if i open my mouth and talk. i undergoing a sin for you.
when i close my mouth: i will want to start talking and wonder if the next thing i say could fix it.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

-lost :S-

i really dont know where u are all the time..

everything is soo last minute. atleast u will know where i am at a particular time coz i tell you.. but u can all of a sudden tell me ur going to sydney? wow... thats a bit too much of a short notice dont u rkn?

u went party last night, howcome u told me ur not going but end up going? im not angry coz u went is that im angry coz u didnt tell me know...

you might say i did the same for memory, but atleast i told u about it before and not surprise u. u might think its a surprise becoz i told u before the event. but atleast u had an idea i might go. (not saying i was right) instead, u tell me after the event..

i reckon your not very honest to me still.. im not angry, its just that i dont even know where u are even at this moment.

you tell me your grounded (AS ALWAYS) but u always cud find ways to go out.. HOW THE HECK DO U DO THAT?? wen we're off the phone it was already 1.30am. ur mum stayed home, therse no way u cud have snuck out and come back home in time. There must be somthing ur hiding from me still.. i just want to know... why cant you do that for me aswell and come out with me then? dont tell me its coz of your friends coz if its your parents, even if its ur friends u wont be able to go out that late. this just makes me really feel that u try so hard to go out with ur friends, but u cant even come out for dinner with me...

just be honest with me please... u worry me, thats why im bring this up, not that im angry...

Friday, December 23, 2011

-quiet day-

so leaving hong kong should be a really happy time for me because i could finally have some good times out of this boring place aka BrisVegas pfft == but obviously, if the other half staying over there is going to be fine and not worry me, then this would've been a better departure.

really dont know what to say when things i say, she doesnt believe.
     "I miss you" "I miss you too" "No you dont" "I do!" "No you dont"
 then what do you want me to say? i cant squeeze thru the phone and go give u a big hug right? when I say it, i mean it.. you just dont get the point up until now.

not mentioning names but i know he has been saying shit and encouraging you to leave me as I am "ruining" your life. first of all, how am i ruining your life? if you say trying my best to not piss you off and satisfy you is "ruining" then what do you want?? I dont complaint. I let you be even and fair with me. I have faith and trust in you.

But no, you dont seem to quite get enough of it.

Yet still talking about break ups, separating to what? it doesnt benefit neither of us. but OH WAIT.. it does benefit that person who encourage you to leave me, because you will be at your lowest point of your life and he'll plan to get you.

But fine, I wont confront, ill just let it out here once again so that I can face you properly again so you won't think that I dont love you enough yet AGAIN.

look, im trying my best here to fix these unnecessary problems we're having now. All I want from you is just to trust me and believe in me just like how I am towards you. You tell me your going to party tonight, I'm really not angry at all, but just worried that you might get too drunk and get harmed when your not concious. IF it was you, you would have already hung up on me again and just ignore me for the rest of the night..

I really hope to have a turning point in our relationship. Just making some adjustments for eg, believing in me more than just listening to your so called 'FRIENDS', try think about your boy friend for once yeh?

I'm dying to come back to see you. IF you dont believe it still, fine. your just cold blooded. but if you do, LOve you more.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

-back back back-

so yeh, nelson is back coz hes BORED. gf is currently sleeping so i got nothing to do ~

Work Time
Thursday: 11.30am - 10.00pm
Friday: 11.30am - Till Release
Saturday: 11.30am - Till Release
Sunday: 11.30am - 10.00pm

anyways, i hope i am strong still.

Friday, July 8, 2011

-ur status-

Like -
1. Do I regret meeting you? no i dont
2. Are you important to me? very
3. Have you ever made me smile? many times
4. Have you ever made me mad? since we started (the other way around i meant)
...5. Best feature? your height
6. Do I like your profile picture? its not bad
7. Do I see you in my future? hopefully, if things go right
8. Do I love you? you say you do, but hopefully u do mean it
9. Have I ever had a crush on you? yeh
10. You're my? boy friend
11. Favourite Memory? nothing. all of it counts as my fav

Sunday, July 3, 2011

-oh god, this feeling again :S-

ever had those times when you have to decide on something, where both solutions will end pretty bad and now what you really wanted? right now, if i continue this, i really don't know will it work out in the future. there are so many restrictions atm. i can do absolutely nothing to help the situation. i tell others it doesnt bother me even if we dont see/ talk/ interact with each other. but obviously its a lie. who in the world wants a relationship like this? one that feels like your not even in one. ones from the sky, ones from the ground; two different dimension basically not allowing us to co-exist in the same platform. 

of cause, theres the other solution, keep holding on until one day this might work out. but its really about a whole years time.. its no the past, i dont think i will really last that long anymore. before, i reckon standing by and sustaining a false goal will one day happen, however, thats not the case. from what i see now, i only see it going down hill. 
friends are away, none are available. but also, many is asking me to just take the first option... really want this to end soon.. hopefully doing nothing can show me a right answer before it backfires on me.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

-one day-

I want you to really one day stick up for your boy friend.
Don't let others disrespect us.
Fight for your rights, have your own say.
Stay strong!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

-1 month-

so yeah.. Happy one month and.. one week and one day hun, but as i said, only going to celebrate our ann every 3 months as i dont need one specific day dedicate for our relationship. everyday can be a celebration. so i wouldnt be seeing you for quite a while. but on the other side, shall miss you more. I told you and to myself aswell that this isnt gonna be easy yeh? speshally wen your parents now knows about us haha.

however, if we take a step back and just look at this situation again, its actually not too bad as we've been doing this same thing the whole time anyway. the only change is maybe some fb modifications and less exposure of our actions. i got absolutely no problem waiting for you till you graduate as you know the best skill im born with is patience :P 

anyways.. enuff blogging, dont even like blogging as much anyway.. 

oh btw, i started reading this religious book called Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom, yes i know i never read books, but im just at a stage where instead of killing myself ill choose to read a book to kill some time. with my amazing intelligence, ill prob be able to read 80% of the words and understand 50% of the content :P but meh, it kills time.

ps. if all our connections are cut off, this will be our only way to communicate ~~ thats if u ever find my blog haha.

song of the day: 2NE1 - Lonely

Saturday, May 28, 2011

-dont judge me-

Yes, I party alot,so what? but dont you dare judge me if you dont even know me. But its okay, i wont blame you guys, you guys are still young. You'll one day understand this.. hopefully. I may party alot but I will certainly do ANY of the stuff you listed on skype this arvo. SO please, stop bothering me. Your words wont get into my system nor it will get into my relationship. I dont care what you guys say, Ive made my decision and i wont work backwords.

Monday, May 23, 2011

-1st problem arises-

so its this guy thats coming in between us. he shudnt be the problem anymore.. he should be history. slowly get to know her, probs finding out more about her that i dont really .. well i cant say i dont like but just things that i expect her to react differently to.. why does she sound as if nothings happend.  
Did she even get what we talked about yesterday?..
sigh*..this is rediculous. starting to get on my nerves.. should we actually slow this down and find out more each other first?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

-my luv story bitches-

ladies and gentlemen my girl-friend lol

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



mind fck. forget forget forget.
why are you coming back?
allow me to get rid of you.
your causing me so much trouble.
these streams of scars u left behind,
don't give me more, i have had enough.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

-voice within me-

ever actually spoken to urself inside urself? i do all the time, more often as i grow up, as i slowly distance away from family, old school mates and just the public. that 'person' within you knows you the most. (mines a he) he will always be there for you even if no one is there for you anymore.he is the best person to talk to when making decisions. he doesnt lie, he will analysis everything with you. as long as you are thinking, he will be there helping. 

he will also sometimes try to tell you what to do instead. things that he reckon you shouldnt do. he will do everything to try get the message to you explaining why you shouldnt do somthing. i rmred once he told me to stop trying somthing ive been doing for a while simply coz he knew that i wudnt achieve what i wanted. i didnt listen to him and failed miserably. 

think i have some mental issues after writing all that haha.. but yeah. the voice within me helped me alot. and it shall help you too =]

Song of the Day: G.E.M - The Voice Within

Thursday, February 24, 2011

-chronicle shift-

wooo, its kinda been a long time since I've blogged last time, and since unis about to start i shall start blogging a bit more as shit will start hitting the fans again haha.

 Naughty Coco pee-ed on the carpet!!
 As a punishment, she is back caged in her little area! hmmpt!

Ask once, fine.
Ask twice, fine. =/
Ask third and last, alright FCK OFF!

 First time back to KP after atleast 11 years~
 A pretty cool day out.
 How perfect was my timing, city cat right in line with the bridge :D
 As the sun sets...
Beautiful :)

Red suits you the best ;)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

-2011 another new start-

something random to start off with before i think of what to write :D

okay thres this malaysian singer on tv atm
and her name is jeannie or some shit
AND i just finished supper
 and since im soo bored imma gonna blog ==
 my skype just dced
 i looked under the tv and thers a remote there
 i used my brother's used tissue to clean up my soup stain, environmental friendly =]
 just heard justin lo had a new song called saranghae
 my brothers annoying me atm 
just told this retard to stfu while i blog =]
 my brother just hit me
 my iphone went into sleeping mode
 my brother called me a faggot
 i reached out for a coke lolly and tasted it, sweet/sour and bitter

so anyways.. so far since start of 2010 till now, ive went to these places:
(some other random places in europe)
wu han
hong kong

damn.. thats like half the world .__. i think?

She says:
 fuck you 
Nel Nel says:
 that retarded swore at me but since im still uber nice and one of my resolution for 2011 is to be nicer to retards, i wont rage back =]

talking about resolutions.. i dont even know wtf i wanna solve this year aye? just get me in a good uni and have a stable course and ill be fineand hopefully ill get German and Japanese well on track also so i can use German to help dad in the future, and Japanese to pick up the chicks AND watch anime without reading subbies =] im still deciding whether or not should i take psycology as a minor.. *sigh* just thinking about the assignments that i have to write in the future makes me sick already... 

1 more week left till i know if UQ is going to accept me, if not, stuipd Griffith University, im coming to invade your uni ground >= )
 2 more weeks till im gonna be back in Aus, better make the most of it while im still oversea. have a feeling that i will go straight to clubbing on the same night i arrive   hopefully kathleen wud wanna come along.
 2 and a half weeks till i think im gonna go down to sydney again to visit god mother, man i feel soo bad aye, didnt even say happy new year to her before.. hope she wudnt be mad at me or anything...
 3 weeks later my 2011 will officially start back in brisbane and i guess after that.. ill have more time to blog coz ill be at home doing shit all as what i did for the past years.

oh yeah, SNSD had a new song. called beautiful girl:

but its soo weird.. the person who sings it is actually Yoo Young Jin, but instead they say the song is BY snsd featuring him .... i mean snsd doesnt even sing that song == so yeah.. kinda wtf while im listening to it, but its good to hear i suppose.
 lalala anyways, enuff blogging.

song of the day: Utada Hikaru - Goodbye Happiness and Girugamesh - Destiny

 ps: part of this blog inspired by KT =P