Sunday, July 3, 2011

-oh god, this feeling again :S-

ever had those times when you have to decide on something, where both solutions will end pretty bad and now what you really wanted? right now, if i continue this, i really don't know will it work out in the future. there are so many restrictions atm. i can do absolutely nothing to help the situation. i tell others it doesnt bother me even if we dont see/ talk/ interact with each other. but obviously its a lie. who in the world wants a relationship like this? one that feels like your not even in one. ones from the sky, ones from the ground; two different dimension basically not allowing us to co-exist in the same platform. 

of cause, theres the other solution, keep holding on until one day this might work out. but its really about a whole years time.. its no the past, i dont think i will really last that long anymore. before, i reckon standing by and sustaining a false goal will one day happen, however, thats not the case. from what i see now, i only see it going down hill. 
friends are away, none are available. but also, many is asking me to just take the first option... really want this to end soon.. hopefully doing nothing can show me a right answer before it backfires on me.

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