Friday, July 30, 2010

-mummy's ruined bday-

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to mummy,
Happy birthday to you.
these are the lines ive missed out today. it should be happy night, but it all got ruined by me and my emo'ztions. -thinking about uni- -thinking about shit-

Thursday, July 29, 2010

-about you n I-

*i just ate apple
*im turning 18 soon
*mums bday's tmr
*i like the song ‘if' by kana nishino
*i dont have a nick name, apart from nel nel
*i make my own breakfast and supper, salami sandwich
*i pick the best looking girls to check out
*i have 1 sistah
*and my brother is fat
*i make impossible to maybe
*i had once a girl mad me stars but ending up breaking her heart on valentines day
*i used to love nokia phones
*i still have gatsby to sell
*i like watching video tapes than dvdd becoz they are more easy to handle
*my car's a jazz, its black
*im honky
*mums from hk, dads from china
*mums christian
*dads buddaism
*i dont really believe in anything
*i choose to watch kamen rider even tho its a kids thing
*poke a mon was my fav show on cheeze tv
*i really dont like making friends with black people
*im a emo
*i think i cant blow a big balloon even with 3 big puff
*ive never smoked
*i can make a doggy face with my hands
*even tho im eating apple
*im also drinking apple juice tea
*im aiming for 170 before i stop growing
*if i say smile, she will always do.
*i have 6 speakers connected to my computer
*im gonna copy and paste all these on my blog
*my formal happend last year, i was the highlight with phillip kang cosh we danced on the stage and got everyone pumping
*i dont no much aus/ american celebrities
*my auntie just gave up on the bicycle machine thingo after 10 minutes even wen she set her goal for 15minutes
*i always wonder how can birds fly but they cant fly backwards
*i had once mixed up my uncle as my dad and sat on his lap wen i was 5

and her..

*i got majorly pissed of in the morning
*but i get happy when im around my friends
*when teahcers think theyre topshit, it pisses me off
*i wagged and felt really bad but still.
*got home and ate cookies ._.
*i just finished maths hwk
*and obviously havent been bothered to shower
*i love the colour pink
*i like to steal peoples pens cause i write better like that *<>
*i like.. love baskteball too ._.
*my phone is like.. air.
*to me >_>
*i like to live in the past, so ive been told :]
*i think i look more mature with my hair tied up ._.
*oh. i hate violence :]
*and smokers.
*cause they remind me of my uncle :]
*and i grew up with my other uncles lame magic
*my familys fcked up
*oh. i get majorly pissed off at the smallest things
*but then i get over them pretty quickly, in my opinion :]
*i eat while doing hwk. it helps alot
*and music :D
*i hate violin. obviously.
*i will literally suicide if i dont pass my next amus exam
*i know some backstabbers..
*cept they act all nice to my faceee
*and it pisses me off.
*but i gota live with it

-bit of a recap of wats going on-

ual ydna wonk i | i know andy lau
[= | =]
riafnu oos si efil | life is soo unfair
noitulos a rof gnikool llits | still looking for a solution

mm i forgot to give anthony his usb back again. ahh im soo forgetful. (chicks will go, SILLY ME) Anthony, FCK YOU! yeh :) if u ever red this blog, im srsly not gay, and NO im not blogging about you so u dont have to read on :) its just a reminder for me to get ur belongings back to you.
so now, my house's got 6 homestay. Samantha, Standley, Sandy, Kelvin, Rachel, Minnie and lastly a kid that i dont like whos just arrrived at my house. and again i wont blog about all the other homestays .. yet.. BUT wat ill do now is just tell u about this kid.

this kid. i call him 'fag' his kinda bold. i srsly dislike kids like that, and his greeting to me was dribbling all over my sexy jeans that i brought in china.. i got told to not hit him. X_X man, day and day is passing by slowly, i gota stand his shit man. my mando isnt good enuff so i cant really yell at him. every morgen, he screams and shit wakes everyone in the house up and says he doesnt wanna go to skool cosh he misses his dad. WTF grow up ==' i know i cud be mean, i cud be doing the same wen i was young but he doesnt deserve any pity i rkn. cosh hes an annoying kid. he turns my light off wen im playing piano.. and dont even get me started gah... he commands my mum, swears at my auntie..YES he said 'cao ni ma' to her.. i srsly wud slap him accrosss the face and make him eat onion till hes lips burns its skin away! ahh ==' 

yes i know, mum has her reasons to get this kid over in our house obviously.. cosh im sure if its someone else, my mum wud much rather kill them asap before they even gets the chance to be rude. 

ahhh fck.. i woke up at 3.38 last night. soo tired..


dad's coming back tmr for mums bday. tmr will be a happy family day i guess. excluding uni TT..

song of the Day: kana nishino - Dear.. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

-run run run-

run run run run run~

whens SNSD gonna have their comeback. i kinda like miss them lah.

2 hrs before i gota uni. and im still in my pj's. might aswell just go to uni like this, damn ill look sexy..


some korean surfing

 bit of some random news i get everyday in my youtube subs. its basically about this 4 year old kid who killed himself in a washing machine while playing hide and seek. RETARDED AYE.

some princess stuff <3 my favourite is obviously lil red riding hood.. xD

安室奈美恵 - Get Myself Back

well even though the pix are exceeding the border. imma just leave it cosh i cbf editing....... gosh this is gonna make my blog look extra ugly now .. but W/E im bored and that overrules everything.

kk time to shower...


questions i may ask myself for the next few days:

-how the fck am i going to survive this next semester?

-will mum's bday go great? even though i spend all my wallet money to get her a simple cake.. i feel like im not doing enuff for her.

-is she sleeping yet?

-can daddy give mummy a good suprice from hong kong?

-german.. will i be able to tackle u down?

-can i learn this song playing on my blog in the next 2 days?

-is picking myself back up as easy as getting insomnia?

-does justin beiber really know how ugly he is? yet his songs are catchy (i gota be honest with u :P) and dont u realise shitty songs are annoying but it just gets stuck in ur head?

-will stanley be able to drive the afraromeo? (hah lolz doesnt that sound like roflmao)

-will richie's grannie be alright?

-shall i got to country road for the second time to check out those country road bags? ill prob look coool like everyone else.. shame.. CR is like.. so 2 years ago..

-am i gay?

-what will i have for breakfast?

-will i understand a single word coming out from my indian lecturer tmr?

-can i make babies smile just like the past?


*sigh* so many things to think. yet no one can be here everynight helping me. i wudnt mind mummy being here X_X


this guy really true. like everything he says in his vid = TRUE!

Monday, July 26, 2010

-slowly dying from insomnia-

Nel Nel says:
*brb, fat girl
Jenny :) says:
*your FAT

gosh, missed those kinda talks xP

Sunday, July 25, 2010


why? ill ask that question to myself like everyday, every few moments actually. from asking: mum, why is the world round? to why are you treating me like this? in between theres heaps other questions that i actually never got an answer to. girl, i need a girl, why cant i get one?

"wtf man, someone like you had never dated? dont bs me man." 

     "well i actually have had one before... but u cant really count that one.. haha."

"your fcking weird ... but srsly, you need one cause you seem bored everyday"

     "i wish its that easy. plus theres so many trees in the forest, i gota see which one is right."

the stuff that i dont want to happen is starting to become fact one by one. the early waves have not settled and now second waves are coming for round two. how many rounds are there gonna be left. how long will i stand for? but if im gonna fall, atleast let me fall completely not dropping on my knees, giving me doubts weather should i stand back up or just give up.

ive already mentioned, i dont like naruto, but the song happens to be one of my fav idol and the song IS fcking good.. so yeh.

Song of the Day: 蔡依林 - 倒带.. this girl.. 5 times... i hate you... i wish things can really rewind, so i can do wat i shouldve have done. i wudve have chosed her instead of you! 

Thursday, July 22, 2010


白痴~ 你要快点康复~ 要渴多点水,多运动,吃蔬菜水果.哦哦。。 不要令我担心。

病菌远远离开!不要回来!不要碰到我的lu lu!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

-too tired to think, simplify it-

昨天,啊不是,上个礼拜,我真的有很多烦劳从各方面飞过来。很多事,多到我已经不知道为什么而不开心。那我就想。。为什么要领到自己不开心。绝望真的是我的好朋友。 哈哈。

alota ppl will say y'know its better off not thinking problems as bad, they're usually not. to me, of course im those dramatic ppl. and yes, i think too much but i dont rkn its a bad thing. 如果你不想深一点的话,他日如果这件事情真的发生在你身上你能不能够作出应变.这是我的想法,你因该不明的啦。 anyways, one thing is right tho which got me thinking. why am i really caring about it wen ur not :S why does it always have to be whos on the down side? dw im not that evil, i wont want u to be on the down side with me. why cant i just... fck all this shit? can i really be fcked thinking about all these dramatic stuff wen i actually  got more real shit to deal with. ANDYESUNIFCUKYOU!.

however, i rkn uni is also just afull of shit that has to get inur mind once in a while. im sure high school ppl would also get wat im talking. you only stress only for a period of time and this time should usually be 1day to a week before assignments due or an exam. well thats me :) however, for me this time, im like shitting bricks already 4 weeks before all my presentations are due.. i kinda had to slow down this process aye.. i mean everyones gota do it right.. im prob not the only one stressing over this stuff.

yesterday in the lecture, this dude next to me said "you see that guy?" *nods* "yeh hes an international student from thailand, hes not like me, i can srsly just fck this and give a damn about this whole uni thing, as long as i get 50% and over, im happy with it. but for him, if he doesnt get topshit mark, he will be like shipped back to thailand and have his future taken away."

IKNOW,its not much of an inspiration but then again it kinda knocked somthing into me. some ppl are actually having worse scenario than wat im having now... i shouldnt really put so much pressure on myself..

ps. im not trying to teach any of you's a lesson, its just wat i rkn will happen to everyone if just one day u hear or heard about somthing similar to wat ur experiencing, and suddenly there will be like new pathways for u to walk towards.

tbh i really made myself into wat im getting now, haha. i was all ready for it and anticipated that it will happen for sure. just dont no why im scared of now. hah.. i chose to do it, and im not gonna regret. *clap clap* nelson has finally stood back up :), just hope he can get his stupid sleeping disorder away ==.. someone considered me to read books.. hmm twlight will be a good start :) NOT! FUCK U! :)

Song of the Day: YUI - Please Say With Me <-- i really like the guitaring for this song. soo relaxing.. speshall the dun dun dun dun dun, dun dun part xP

Saturday, July 17, 2010

-the fcked up bird story- (completed in 5 minutes)

uni starting. im stress like fck. i dont no what to do. wanna tlk to me everynight so i can tell all my shit to u?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

i thought you would wait for me. what happend? wat do i do? what should i do..?