Sunday, February 28, 2010

-our difference-

our difference can be shown like this.
your a $50 and im just a 5c. 
i need 1000 of myself to be enuff for you.
you can get anything in a supermarket.
casinos will use you whereas im in the bus.
your're filled with colour unlike mine, silver grey.
you may split into multiple, i cant.
 im useless.

while you sleep, im still up blogging about nothing.
you can be happy alone, im alone even with a group.
i tell you heaps and hahaha is wat you reply.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I dont even know who am i anymore. Im soo lost. every night im just reading your name over and over again. seeing flashbacks of your smile time and time. wishing to see you again and again.. im too scard to talk to you.. the one, two word replies from you is seriously not a good feedback.. make me think that im not only boring but u cant even be bothered replying me. you're always online, and i have not dobt wanting to double click on ur icon and have a chat with you. somthing random, somthing happy, sad just wanna talk to you. however, i dont have anything to talk about anymore. this bitter feeling is getting stronger and stronger. in this visual technology i seem to know you very well, but in reality my acknowledgement towards you is less than 1%. i only can think of you as a whole physically but emotionally, i have no clue. the boundaries you had caused me not be able to have another glimpse of you nor ask 'how are you' verbally. that time when i was in your car, you maybe happy to see me but i know deep inside you all you ur feeling is 'uncomfortable' 'awkward'and 'afraid'. if i didnt say a word that time, i will predict that we are just gonna sit there and let the awkwardness arrive. when we use to talk everynight to like 3,4 am in the morning, i never thought life wud past soo fast when your happy. i really enjoyed those time. seeing you on cam is just enuff to revive my shitty days i have. however, after know the truth, i start to feel gapped away. and i know that im getting very boring.. i dont know wat to talk about anymore. i use to have soo much to tell you.. the moment just really feels like ur right next to me 'hearing' every single word i tell you. it died out. im cudbe just thinking too much. i cud be just fantasing all this and making a big deal out of this whole thing, but what else can i do? every night for a week now ive been have deep deep emo moments. even if i was very happy tlking to other friends, ill just die out. wat the fck is going on with myself..I do not love you that much sure.. but you are just the reason why im feeling soo grey in my life.. or im just obsess in a way..

Friday, February 26, 2010

-n3w songs-

hmm, i kinda dont personally like T-ara when they debuted, but as new songs being promoted, im starting to drool over it ~~ each song is just.. see for yourself :L

Kara's comeback was also shocking. Their butt shaking/ body had already amazed me and now with their comeback.. seems like they have went another step futher~

lastly, we have our SNSD, which not much girls like them i dont no why xP oh well.. to me, they are always the best but i just rkn their latest comeback wasnt too good as i fort it wud be =/ other than that, i love their songs :)

and now i rkn t-ara wud recieve more fame~ but goo all 3 groups xP

-love love love-

some girl asked me to blog about love.. 

love can be a feeling, emotion, a level of relationship, sex, a name etc. or in a negative sense such as failure, nightmare;
for some, it could be a way of life and somthing to enjoy during life...
man how cud i put this.. love is too complicated for me to understand actually. unlike those other words out there love can be a solid, invisible, strong, weak, fluro~ ANYTHING..
to me, love is just curel xD

i mean comeon, it fked up my friend's life. it caused friend's parents having a divorce and very little time when love is worth it.

some quotes i've heard of 10 years ago cud be:
-marry me and ill start a family with  you in no time
-we can fight together and do our best to solve problems
-i love you.
-my parents will like you alot!

however, quotes ive heard recently:
-baby i love you forever.
-dont leave me honey, i cant live without you
-you make my dream come true
-i think about you everynight..
-etc i can go forever.


these stuff are like no longer strong and accurate anymore. even if u had those quote 10 years ago it wud atleast sound more convincable. even for the past 5 years.. when i started high school gosh... i didnt no SHIT all about love/relation/dating/breakup and sex. 5 years later, i see kids as small as my brother had already lost their fking virginity (and hey.. virginity was ment to be very important and somthing we all save it for later well atleast people around me back then were thinking the same.). Why is this world developing soo rapidly? right now, young generations are all about fame, appearance, sex and fighting (on the internet AKA KW's, keyboard warriors) all the things about wealth, education, dream job, starting a family etc. are all gone. i believe in the next 10 years or so, our world will be soo decomposed that the system of life would become born->education->work->death. life wud become black and white again.
anyways.. getting a bit off track xP.. personally, i dont believe in love anymore. back in grade 8, love was very somthing filled with mistery. people cud even die for it. but after several years of seeing, exploring AND expierencing this, i dont wan love anymore. it is not as fresh or how should i put it... important anymore.

for eg. i have friends that can start a relationship maybe last week, making it as if they are the happiest person on earth and blahhh.. doing dedication videos and all sort of shit... just fantastic. 1 week later it cud just become hell, emo, depressing all sorta stuff. and now i also picked up on somthing really funny yet, naive; they can break up for 1 or 2 days and get back together then another few weeks break up again.. (repeat itself forever) does love sound that weak how u can just break up and get back to it that easily? all those love you forever shit is just fake =/ i tell my friends that love is like a career now.. why do i say that because, we go to work - in this case whichi is love. we work soo hard for it and sex (reward) is wat we get. then after every weekend is holiday and thats when u guys have a break (breakup) then on monday you guys are back to work. just incredible haha.

i dont date. but i like to meet more friends. some may say im a flirt. but hey. im single and i know myself very well. i cannot stand love and i since im not in love i dont have to just concentrate on one right? up till now before you girls OR guys wanna bash me up lemmi say this:

"if you fall in love, then ur locked in a cage. u cannot escape, u lose your freedom. in someway love can also be paradise or heaven but not till later in life. right now, as love is not as mature, why not enjoy it rather than being used by it."
well thats how i live my life with regarding to love.
I cant say im a failure in love because i never tried it xP nor i wud say im expert in love cosh i never tired xD just yeh.. love is unpredictable and i would wanna see more examples of them before having one myself. and i mean most of the times the ones i got for does not think the same haha..

song of the day: Epik High - Love Love Love
mm this song reminds me of this girl i use to like in grade 9 xP 
weird thing is that when i liked her she likes this other dude and once i got over her she said she actually likes me more... 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

-my friend-

her name is Jermaine she is like.. 3 years younger than me, met her for like a few months back in hong kong thru a really random outing.

Name: Jermaine Lau
DOdEATH!: feb 6, 1995
First impression: same age, very shy, misteriouos
After meeting impression: total opposite of wat i first thought about her.
Height: taller than me ... *curse you*

anyways.. so blahh we were out that night dinnering with other friends. she laughes alot at my lame jokes.. maybe shes lame aswell i dont know :S she only speaks english but apparently shes canto too.

shes very bossy. bullies me just cause im shorter than her. she has no life but to show off you her fat smile :) all she does is just fb, msn, music and do her stupid 'hwk' while being distracted by other things such as bfs, food, tv, gfs, magazine, makeup ETC.

shes kinda annoying but somtimes very good to talk to.. i lied if i cud describe her with 1 word ill go... gozilla. :P shes as angry as goz, as big as goz.. simply everything she does relates to gozilla but instead of a hero, shes a villain

i mean she even forces people. eg ME, to blog about her == i mean how cud i do that.. its soo hard promoting her in a good way. just like now, im sure after reading this she wud slice me up in 25 pieces. shes such a bully ==' fml..

i just wish i never have met her before in my damn life but since i have now, ill just have to face the truth and bear with it.

if i see you right now infront of my face i wud say: you better be appreciated cosh i spend soo much time making this post because thers just NOTHING interestsed about you!!! apart from ur height :)

Song of the Day: Vistlip - Ozone (yugioh thrid op)

ps: na 50% of the stuff i said up there is not true :) ur a cool friend~ just sometimes you smell.. buahahhaa xD dont kill me please..

Monday, February 22, 2010


im capped. 8 computers on at the same time during the day. only half way thru the month and nets gone ==.. stupid limewire, torret download stuffs my homestays are using.. gahhh !!

right now i cant use facebook which is pretty much end of the word for some ppl, but to me its the end of the pacific ocean :) i dont no why p.o. but it is.

anyways. first day as a proper uni student in QUT kelvin grove. in SWB100 lecture - introduction of human services and social work. sounds pro ai.. yeh i rkn it doesnt..

and tmr is SWB106 lec/tut Applied Skill and Scholarship  or osmthing.. just based on acedemic writing.

anyways.. so today's lecture went quite well. sorta starting to get to know the course and the target question for today is.. what constitutes help? that fked me up bad..

yeh.. thats all i gota say ==' atleast i survived the first day in uni.. tmr start at 2 to 5~~~

Saturday, February 20, 2010



Friday, February 19, 2010


Movie nowaddays are based on the has the same structure this days... speshally the ones that has a super hero in it.

Spiderman gets super power accidently he masters it and began helping the community. Blah blah blah how he showed his power and received fame and acknowledgement. Then something must happen to fck the spiderman up when hes at his toppest point of his performance. For some strange reason, a miracle comes in place and turns the whole situation back good. THEN from this point on, it will either turn out to be the villain being destroyed BUT with one or two character getting killed OR OR OR the hero dies but with pride… BORING ==’ srsly.. come up with something new!! >< I payed $9 to go to watch a movie that I prob wudnt expect it to be that way and not something that Ive seen before..

Another thing about these super hero movies that pisses me off…  the storyline is.. 1000000000 Years ago thers this monster/ villain and its like the destroyer of blah, and the hero back then had sealed it up completely blah blah blah.. 10000000000 years later the seal is broken and the monsters/ villain is back in its roll of destroying the word. THEN the hero at present somehow had the destiny to destroy it once and for all.. WHATT THE HECK!? If the hero back then is soo good why didn’t they just kill the villain/ monster? But instead they seal it up and leaving the chance of them respawning few million years later.. wat kinda theory is that ==’

Tbh, most of the movies I go watch now are for its graphics and not storyline.. another example wud be final destination 4. It’s a 1 and a half hr movie but I kinda finished it in 30 minutes cosh the storyline is just plain god shit.. wat got my interest is how each character gets killed cosh its kinda funny thinking out coincident everything cud be in this movie :L.. fking wheels slashing ppl’s body open, elevator crushing ppl, buildings exploding and falling onto ppls lala.. gross but funny and evil xP overall.. movies nowadays are not good anymore.. luckily thers AVATAR!! which kinda gave me some hope but yeh.. need improvement is all i can say.

Song of the Day: Mika Nakashima - Glamorous Sky   

Nelson's Update:  -snizzing sick  -watching ppl play ps2 -webcaming with a gaylord -paying Kelvin out with my lame jokes buhahaa..

Thursday, February 18, 2010

-one blink of a second-

我生存的原因是寻找     地狱    ,我死亡的理由是为了取得      快乐    。 says:
*i went to QUT
*orientation day.
*then cam back to plaza
*then drove to griffith
*then come back to plaza
*then went to pool
*then drove to skool
*then picked up my bradah
*then drove home
*then sleep
*then sleep
*then sleep
*then sleep
*then sleep
*then sleep
*then sleep
*then sleep
*then sleep
*then sleep
*then sleep
*then sleep
*(lol major spam)
*then sleep
*then sleep
*then sleep
*i got up
*mum came back
*gave her a kiss
*dad came back
*gave him a hug
*then went to shower
*then got out of the shower
*dry myself
*dry my hair
*dry my nails
*cut my nails
*moisturise myself
*eat a lil snack
*do my hair
*then went down stairs
*got ready to go dinne
*drove to gold coast
*eat dinner
*practiced some sexy ass dance
*then drove back
*then im now
*sitting on the computer
*talking to the legendary gay lord
*and shes giving me attitude
*and i dont like it
*shes fucking over reacting
*i fink she shud go see the doctore
*cosh if not, she must be either jesus or hitlarrr
*OH NOW shes on the fucking phone
*acting busy
*and yeh, not tlk to me now
*she just completely snobed me.
*totally rejected.
**i cut myself*
**i bleed i die*
**put bandaid on*
     see, this is wat i talk about when im bored =='


ORIENTATION.. sound like a prob word ai.. i had this O. day today at QUT KG; my home for the next 4 years atleast.

anyways, theres somthing i wanna comment about today.

Language used in QUT: man the seminar i had started at 9. the dudes name is Ross. he said and DID talk for for 2 hrs straight. just talk talk talk. hes really smart. the vocab he used are VERY thesaurus like. for eg, in a 10 word sentence, i dont understand 6 of them ==' like WTF is a reconciliation, indegious :S LOL i cant even spell the words out ==' but yeh u get wat i mean. ALSO for some strange reason, swearing is not a matter at all in QUT. he used the words: shit, bitch, bloody etc. im just waiting for him to say FUCK then ill prob treat him like god xD

QUT is better than Griffith: some may not agree with me but after being at QUT orientation today, i went to pick up my home stay at Griffith whos also having her orientation. Firstly, griffith is fking big just like QUT but it has NO map that actually shows u where u at. the buildings are located everywhere. i mean WTF. N56 is not next to N56 or accross, but instead its fking at the othe side of the uni.. WATS THE POINT.. oh also. theres ppl fixing the road in grif and the ppl are MEAN! i walked into their 'zone' he comes up, starts shouting, telling me to go back to the other side blhablahbalhba... *BAM* just wanna hit his mada fking face =='. But for learning wise, i cant judge it for now :)

Transport to and from QUT: its good. not perfect but good. in total, it takes me 1 hr to get from home to QUT. first is drive to garbo --> 150 --> cultural centre --> 333 --> QUT visversa for leaving. so now i can leave the house at 7.30 =]

QUT should be fun i guess~ despite the fact that it 'has .. some okay looking 美女s' i still need to explore this place more~~ 

oh btw, they gave out free T-Shirts today :)
Song of the Day: Utada Hikaru - The One

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

-happy bday jeremy CHARLESTON hung-

 happy birthday to you,
your favourite colours blue;
happy birthday to jeremy;
its about time u learn to pee.. lalala
dedicated to JEREMY my beloved brother
by Nelson HUNGY, 16/02/10

Saturday, February 13, 2010


special thanks to Jenny Dang
 even tho its not 1000 stars but its still good, however it wud be better if the $ tag wasnt there :P

and Uncle Ki and Auntie Susan!
I really didnt expect to have any red pocket this year cosh 'nelson is mature now', but yeh.. thanks alot and i love you all =]

-happy chink new year-

fcking valentines have to be on the same day as chink new year.. double the night mare
1st no red pocket anymore :(
2nd no valentines.. FK..

Venus said she might be going to meet up with me. but highly dobt it and said not to bring my hopes up.. man!! its so gay.. have this feeling venus will also get back with her ex.. triple the nightmare..

but yeh.. anyways.. to everyone. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

-ways to sleep-

for me to get to sleep, just get tired
it either happens very naturally as ur brain is functioning slower
well the most natural way to get to sleep by force is just lie there.
i garenteer ur if u just lie there for 2 hrs, ull passout =]

before i state some strategies that i used in the past,
i got a question; howcome we cudnt tell if we're asleep.
when ur dreaming, how come u wont know ur dreaming.. and once u find out that you are, u wake up straight away.
oh, and u cannot rmr wat happend at the time before u sleep. it just goes blank.. :S

1. for alota adults, sex is a good way to get urself tired, so ye do that if u can =] but make sure wear a plastic bag name the condom. if not, its a high chance of you using this once .. and ur fCuked.

2.i tell this first too all my friends, u first take a warm/hot shower, then after that drink a warm cup of milk. give urself a 10 minute cool down and jump to bed. cover urself with blanket (do this more often in winter) and try sleeping.

3. call a friend. i use to call this friend for this entire year back in grade 11 and no i have not missed a night without talking with her =] anyways.. if u talk to a friend for like 1 hr or so, by the time u run out of topics to talk about, ull no ur getting tired cosh eventually, ur brain will just go --> CBF..

4. do some intence exersice such as stretching, situp, pushups, fks me.. anything that requires ur musucle to geta work with shit loads of energy. AND NO, mastabation only tires ur hands so i recommend not to try it :) i mean, u can prob even work out and get abs within a few weeks if u do this continuously and im sure this technique helped me for alota nights. i feel soo buff too (H) HAH! jks.. tv, u watch it ur eyes get tired and u wanna shut em. and often ull fall asleep while watching tv. (cosh nothings good on sbs at night nowadays :P)

6.never listen to music i wud say =/ to some ppl it may work but to others, it will damage ur ear and it will jsut create more distractions. but if listening to music is wat u can only do, i strongly suggest u to not listen to any EMO DEPRESSING BREAK UP MUSICS and im sure u will all know why for those who does it. you'll begin to think alot.. bout ur past, and shit.. just not a good way to go to sleep.

7. i call this the filter out method, first you think of a word. to me i choose the number 1. and in ur brain all u do is continuously repeat the number 1 and all ull see/ imagine is number 1. for those who wanna see an example. all ull see in ur head is 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111. FUCk its annoying but it works. ull just somehow drop dead sleep by not thinking about anything else.

8. change the environment your in: if u have slept in ur bedroom for the past 5 years, try changing it to the living room or somthing, i figured this out when i go sleepover at friend's house. for some freaky reason i sleep better when im not home.

9. count the sheep never works so i dont count that as one. so never do that anymore if u no it doesnt work but others are calling u to do so.

10. call nelson and ask him for some gatsby.

Nelson's update:
talking to gays
drinking ice tea (peach flav)

ps. im fking tired tonight.. she didnt turn up at skool today..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

-iPad = iSuck-

- 9.7 inch LED screen - large size screen for tablet device
- 680.38 gram
- 1/2 inch thin in size

this is a total bs :) its unnesseary, unreliable and inefficient.

-i dont really no why apple has created this device.. is it nesseary to have a thing big as a notebook that does ... 1/10th of what a notebook does. it sure has a big screen but im sure i wudnt wan to hold that piece of thing in my hand out in the public. tbh, how often wud have time using this ipad :S.. despite the fact that it has up to 10hrs of battery life, exclude the time for sleeping, using pc at home, work/ study.. all u will have is maybe the 1 hr u spend on the bus. if u drive then bad luck, even less time for you; i can bearly use all the bats from my iphone after using it for a whole day == . unlike an iphone and other smaller apple device, its less handy and doesnt look as bad infront of ur friends :P i mean i rkn i wud look cooler flopping out my iphone then pulling a piece of cardboard out from my bag..

-Its very thin, but it sure will get damanged/ scratched if u put in a bag or anything meaning it requires more care towards this device.

-I really dont fking get the landscape and portraits function for the iPad.. i mean look at it! i dont see how its gonna make a difference if u turn it landscape OR portraits.. oh and hey their slogan is like "u can hold the internet in your hands' WAT THE FK DOES THAT MEAN?!! its not even catchy/ nor is it supricing... u can do that with normal fones nowadays.. it just feels like apple had finally ran out of ideas and have to lower the quality of their design but to keep their fame, they have to make up random shit to promote this shitty device.

i wud really not consider to buy this product unless u just wanna try somthing new, or ur an apple fan. it maybe cheapper than a iphone but if it doesnt do much more than a itouch, then mite aswell get a itouch n probably will save more money.

rating outa 10, 1 being shittest, 10 being best
looks: 3
lifespan: 9
efficient: 4

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


is kira correct or wrong?
would you give up half your lifespan for eyes that
can reveal anyone's identity?

using someone's ability to fulfil your personal
dreams could be somthing to consider
ones that get in your way shall die

choose between family, or deathnote?

i really wud like the power of death note~
Song of the Day: Utada Hikaru - Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
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Friday, February 5, 2010


fer Information:

In the 14 January offer round you have been offered:

425042 Bachelor of Social Work - full-time - Queensland University of Technology, Kelvin Grove Campus
Start Month: February 2010
You have accepted this offer but now wish to be considered for your higher preferences in future offer rounds.

In the 4 February offer round it has not been possible to offer you a tertiary place.

 yeh~ as some of you might no im actually a person thats interested in talking to ppl with issues :P but others may just see me as the person who GIVES issue to ppl.. but yeh.. anyways.. i got accepted at QUT for Bachelor of Social Work. Even though it was Psycology which is my first preference, its still good cause its based on the same thing. Plan is to do this course for 1 year and see if Nel nel likes it, if not then its Psycology but if i somehow to like it alot, then imma stick with Social Work for the rest of 3 years~

To me, uni is just a place for me to meet new friends and study things that i have interests in, fk the assignment, fk the exam. im just gonna give it my best shot and if it fail then fk life.. well ill try not fk it totally cosh it still cost me money =='

Mum also told me for the past 17 years that uni is when you can date and where you can find the correct girl for you.. im kinda really loooking forward to it and on orientation day.. my perve-ray vision will be switched on 24/7 LOL!!!

-but i dont wanna do anything atm until i finally see the enviornment in uni :P i mean u never no wats gonna happen and not to sound like a dcik, i still wanna see glance more before i decide weather to go for her *drools* haha

well my timetable is out. i have UNI monday - thrusday. around 4 hrs per day. not too bad ai? haha uni actually does sound pretty free. now i can start manulpilate (FUCK I DONT NO HOW TO SPELL THAT WORD) some extra events to fill up my week.

well yeh i even setted up a timetable in excel :P see how organised i am now. but yeh... this is just wat im planning to do, its not official so yeh.. feel free to call me out whenever until further notice haha xD

Song of the Day: Spontania feat.AZU  - Onaji Sora Mitsumeteru Anata Ni

PS.. tet wasnt that great to me ><

the rain is weakening, so as my soul..

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

-results for surfers paradise-

today is successfail.. its alright that our day started with a warm breeze. but dog.. i mean GOD knows that fking its gonna rain today.. ffs. on the way to gold coast surfers paradise took us 1 hr in total. clouds builded up and started pouring down like crazy. our day was pretty much ruined already once we saw that. luckily tho, it stoped for a while and the sun was out for 5 whole minutes..

no photos was taking at all today apart from the trip to gc. but yeh.. that doesnt count. 

anyways so we're there.. we didnt do jackshit that was mentioned on the invitation :P no NOTHING!! only did some... volleyball tossing and at one point i kinda saw a frizbee or somthing but yeh didnt get to touch that. anyways.. beach beach beach. first dive into the sea i drank one mouth full of salt liquid and no its not piss :) waves striking and shit hide tides coming, life savers where anouncing about the dangerous of high tides blah.. fk cares.. the safety flags were narrowed down; we gota move in alil.

just to mention something.. i kinda wnated to pee in the sea cosh yeh.. drank  too much tea =='.. BUT NO!! i didnt wanna dirty the enviornment and i held it in for like... 2 hrs.. (im superman and i got 2L's of piss capacity in my blader!)

after awhile, my eyes became red and sore and salty and eww... (had my contacts in the whole time.. still have it until now.. have them in for a total of 14 hrs now.. still going) and cudnt handle it anymore.. rushed back to our teritory and wanted to take a rest.. BUT FUCK... RAIN STRIKES AGAIn... but its rain combined with sand... which feels like... someone has punched shit loads of needle holes in ur body 1000 times per second... it just hurts like fk... and rain became bigger and stuff and cud no longer keep out bags out in the sand... got forced to take away everything and go back into the shade... 

1.lost the mood for the beach changed
3.mucked around
4.prepared to go

this particular event took us only.. 6 hrs.... (half was given to transport) and the fcuking worse thing is that just wen we're bout to get on the bus back to brissie, the fking sun comes out and shows his ass to the world. FUCK.. is wat i can fink of and KING HELL was wat came out of my mouth.. blahhh.. ruined day.. lets not tlk about it anymore..

ps.. sorry to those that i didnt say good bye to today after dinner~