Friday, February 12, 2010

-ways to sleep-

for me to get to sleep, just get tired
it either happens very naturally as ur brain is functioning slower
well the most natural way to get to sleep by force is just lie there.
i garenteer ur if u just lie there for 2 hrs, ull passout =]

before i state some strategies that i used in the past,
i got a question; howcome we cudnt tell if we're asleep.
when ur dreaming, how come u wont know ur dreaming.. and once u find out that you are, u wake up straight away.
oh, and u cannot rmr wat happend at the time before u sleep. it just goes blank.. :S

1. for alota adults, sex is a good way to get urself tired, so ye do that if u can =] but make sure wear a plastic bag name the condom. if not, its a high chance of you using this once .. and ur fCuked.

2.i tell this first too all my friends, u first take a warm/hot shower, then after that drink a warm cup of milk. give urself a 10 minute cool down and jump to bed. cover urself with blanket (do this more often in winter) and try sleeping.

3. call a friend. i use to call this friend for this entire year back in grade 11 and no i have not missed a night without talking with her =] anyways.. if u talk to a friend for like 1 hr or so, by the time u run out of topics to talk about, ull no ur getting tired cosh eventually, ur brain will just go --> CBF..

4. do some intence exersice such as stretching, situp, pushups, fks me.. anything that requires ur musucle to geta work with shit loads of energy. AND NO, mastabation only tires ur hands so i recommend not to try it :) i mean, u can prob even work out and get abs within a few weeks if u do this continuously and im sure this technique helped me for alota nights. i feel soo buff too (H) HAH! jks.. tv, u watch it ur eyes get tired and u wanna shut em. and often ull fall asleep while watching tv. (cosh nothings good on sbs at night nowadays :P)

6.never listen to music i wud say =/ to some ppl it may work but to others, it will damage ur ear and it will jsut create more distractions. but if listening to music is wat u can only do, i strongly suggest u to not listen to any EMO DEPRESSING BREAK UP MUSICS and im sure u will all know why for those who does it. you'll begin to think alot.. bout ur past, and shit.. just not a good way to go to sleep.

7. i call this the filter out method, first you think of a word. to me i choose the number 1. and in ur brain all u do is continuously repeat the number 1 and all ull see/ imagine is number 1. for those who wanna see an example. all ull see in ur head is 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111. FUCk its annoying but it works. ull just somehow drop dead sleep by not thinking about anything else.

8. change the environment your in: if u have slept in ur bedroom for the past 5 years, try changing it to the living room or somthing, i figured this out when i go sleepover at friend's house. for some freaky reason i sleep better when im not home.

9. count the sheep never works so i dont count that as one. so never do that anymore if u no it doesnt work but others are calling u to do so.

10. call nelson and ask him for some gatsby.

Nelson's update:
talking to gays
drinking ice tea (peach flav)

ps. im fking tired tonight.. she didnt turn up at skool today..

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