Sunday, January 31, 2010



*then heres ur chance to win a free trip to gold coast surfers paradise
*please call 0431430732
*and ull have a chance to be having a half day in surfers paradise
*and spend time with ur beloved ones!
*this offer also includes, food u can eat (NO SHIT); waters that u cant drink; volleyball, shit loads of sport on the beach; and an alone time with this retard ur talking to.
*dont wait now
*please call 0431430732 or visit for extra details
*this is your life, and make it productive   
*batteries not include, each sells seperately

heres the details: 
2nd February, 2010
9:00am till whenever
PLACE to meet
Altandi Train Station
PLACE to go
Surfer's Paradise

Because it's hot and we all stink!

1) Catching train to Surfer's
2) Swim & etc.
3) Eat lunch at stores nearby OR bring your own food
4) Catching train back to Sunnybank
5) Dinner OR go home (depends on everyone)

WHAT to bring (just ideas)
- some cash (for food?)
- beach towel
- swim wear &... goggles ;P
- spare clothes
- water bottle
- sunnies
- a hat
- an umbrella (in case?)
- a beach ball/volley ball (anyone own one?)
I need answers before Tuesday!
If you don't know how to get to Altandi Train Station,
then tell me FAST so we can arrange for Kevin/Nelson to pick you up
from Sunnybank Plaza =]
Altandi Station is actually around 2 bus stops after SunnyPark stop (opposite Plaza).

So reply me NOW!!!!
BTW, other people are also invited (e.g. the guardians)
I'm just in charge of informing you guys

You know you wanna feel the waves
& step in hot sand!

okay, bad persuading~
here are pictures to get you motivated :P

Following details are provided by Joanne Ton (c)

Saturday, January 30, 2010


*coke or fanta?
*itouch or ipod?
ipod touch
*skiing or snowboarding?
*google or yahoo?
*msn or facebook?
*green cup or orange cup?
*high school or primary school?
high school
*sandwich or noodle for lunch?
*fly or dive?
*instead of human u rather be an animal or an insect?
*biking or running?
*yes or no?
*kings daughter or farmer's wife?
kings daughter
*eat before brushing teeth or brush before eat?
eat before brushing
*expensive/ branded gift or cheap/ homemade gift?
expensive/ branded gift
*sleep or money?

*how wud u spend the last day of ur life?
with family
*how wud u celebrate for ur 18th bday?
idk yet
*how wud u make urself fat if you have to?
*how wud u make urself rich?
*how wud u get to the 7-11 in sunnybank?

*what makes u depress?
*what makes you feel disgusted?
dead animal on the road; shit/vomit
*what makes you dizzy?
spinning around
*what makes you high?
*what makes you happy wen ur lonely?
*what makes you sleepy?
nelson; wen i cry

*when did u last cried?
wen i left melb, cried hardout in the car, then slept the whole way
*when did u last got a haircut?
last month in melb
*when did u last imagined to be a teacher?
10 yrs ago
*when did u last go over sea?
end of 2008 begining of 2009, went vietname, malaysia and singapore
*when did you last red a book?
2 yrs ago
name is JYP

Friday, January 29, 2010

-i miss fcuking skool-

10 years ago i kinda swore to god that i have to get in to uni immediately.i anticipated the fun, successful, furious future i had and how much money im gonna make. I also wud fantasise about my future family having 2 kids; a boy and a daughter.  the most terrible thing i wud get up to is how wud i wanna bury myself and how should my family deal with my funeral. haha.. i wonder if its because i fink soo much back then which made me into who i am now. howeve, the way i look at everything is different now espeshally skool..

a. skool does not feel so evil anymore. since graduated and knowing my plans for the next few years, im starting to rethink about my past as a highschool student. yesterday wen i went to skool with my little brother, i see him with his friends just chillaxing on the first day of skool infront of the tuck shop. man.. i really missed those times and im sure im not the only person that does. the laughter they have; the convos they enjoy with each other; the recap of what happend last night in  their dota game.. w/e i miss all those..
another thing is that everything use to be spoon fed to you.. all the assignment, exam, assessment due dates are all provided in full detail with heaps and heaps of help from teachers. in uni.. its a world or independence. fk.. gota drive to skool, have ur own way or researching, develop ur own way of learning, control ur time, use every oppotunity given to you. noooo >< such a big jump again.. i kinda feel the same as when i changed from lil skool to high school.. everything seems sooo new.

lastly wud be my friends i have in macG. man i miss those fkers heaps ai... and i predict that i wont see more than 20% of the ppl ive met in macG.. (20% is like... 5 ppl to me LOL i didnt have much friends.. nah jks hehe) Jay's already left :( and heard some other friends are studing over sea now. fkk.. 

right now, its all about working, getting money, create ur own future.. FcUK i really hate this cycle.. i wanna break it one day and just have  the same fun i had back in high school.. i wonder how it wud be like if i can actually as if im in high school still wen im 40  haha... well thats for me to hope for and find out later.. =[

Nelson's Update:
tlking to two retards atm-
 smell my fingers-
swollowing saliva- 

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

-i know karatay with my brains-

Name: Itaaki
Age: 17 just turned 18
Fav Colour: Green
Style: Colourful

I didnt realize how bad it led to.. i cudnt rmr a single thing after i had that drink.. it was dark, creepy and i dont no wtf was going on. maybe i really shouldnt have left my cup lying there in the middle of no where n head for toilet. i swear i told my friends to look after the drink for me but wen i was back.. they wernt there.

it was kinda weird already wen i see my drink again.. it turned from pale white to greenish yellow.. i thought it was just the rave lights that might have misunderstood my eyes. i kinda filtered out everything as i saw this pretty amazing looking chick over there showing off her sexy moves on the dance floor and took a sip.. 'eww tasted like wine + medicine... oh well i guess it was my illusion' i fort i was fine for a while and head off to the dance floor. 

my target was of cause the good looking chick. *pushing shuving and charging* i finally came within 3metres of her. the atmosphere certainly changed cause it was my first time going clubbing and ive never seen such a beautiful girl showing soo much skin on stage PLUS i know i can dance but i dont wanna do anything incase ppl rkn im a show off.. 

suddently when i actually got the balls to jump next to her with some more cool  moves, the drink had finally got back to me.. someone has spiked it.. i lost conciousness and fell right infront of the girl... 

thats how fking bored i was :)

the moral of this story is obviously: dont leave drinks hanging around or ull sure get fcked up bad and miss out heaps of the boobies =[ (that last part is for guys and some girls out there haha)

Song of the Day: Chemistry - Period

Nelson's Update:
-watching chinese australia news
-sniffing air
-enjoying the aircon
-trying to get off my ass and head off to shower.. 

the mv is oright ^^ i made up for the poor song haha 

Monday, January 25, 2010

-boredom gets you somewhere-

today is my second time blogging after coming back to this hellgate of fury.. its very hot fking god happens to make me into a 100% environmental friendly supporter - meaning im forcing myself not to use the aircon; not to sit in the fridge; eat ice cream  (cause i will be chucking the plastic wrapper away which will generate more greenhouse gas); eat chips (same reason with the wrapper)

but however, what ill do later will certainly be a swim and in that case i will not be as e.friendly. im just gonna have fun with the hose xP well its not wasting water IF im using it on someone myself :)

oh i also realized that im not as sad as last year.. 2010 has started pretty good.. despite the fact that i have a emo template, im srsly happier and relaxed. the only stress that i kinda had exp with was dealing with uni but now.. WOO fUCK THAT TOO!! =]
i enrolled
payed for uni
selected my units for uni
and now just waiting for my time table. oh gosh

oh im just also wondering.. how many words are there for DICK?!
i cud keep on going but yeh ==" its kinda inappropriate so ill stop here.

im currently having yum cha at home. HAH, yum cha technically means drinking tea in chinese =] get iT?! ahh i no u did :P hehehe

hehe i ditched farmville and started playing resturant city like everyday now. i hav the privledge to hack it but wats the point after all. oh see, ive hired
and kris :)

hmm gota fink of some new things to blog about soon or ill start to lose some views ==' not that i ever did but yeh hehe

Song of the Day: FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Shunkan Sentimenta

Nelson's Update: 
fcuked up my kareoke
finish eating lunch
wonder if michaels gonna come for a swim
wonder if i should teach a friend how to swim :L 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

-general stuff-

wow wow wow, im back in brisbane and everything still looks like shit :P na jks hehe. its hot just like me.HA HA HA.. get the joke? =] well u guys didnt laugh is because u no its true and its rude to laugh at it! buhaha.

anyways.i just have to fking get things off my chest right now but its okay.. i dont want our friendship to be effected just for lil things like this. i just want to you to try think it from my point of view.

DAH fuck blog. srsly. yeh SNSD new single out very soon heres the teaser!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

-snow is my home-

Day 1: well day one of cause started at 12am but my flight was at 2am ill say my tour starts then. Hong Kong airport is big =] but ive only been to like 1 if not 2 departure gates. After this, it becomes 3 hehe. Sitah, brother and Eye was siting at starbucks enjoying the last time of free wifi internet for the entire week =[ tbh ive never spend longer than 5 days without internet what so ever. Anyways, we simply sat there for like one whole hr just ebuddy and of cosh the others played WOW and its actually quite fast. No lag at all quite surprised. Our destination was at Hakkaido but to get there we gota transit from Tokyo first. 3 hr to tok and 1 hr to hak. Same as other tourist, once we got there, we were clueless == but luckily some half half azn lady helped us out with her weird japgulish. We arrived at KERORO Piano Hotel. Kool name ai xD. 1103 is our room number and gosh it feels soo nice.. AND DID YOU KNOW THAT ITS MY FKING TIME SEEING SNOW IN 6 YEARS AND 1ST TIME EVER SEEING SNOWINGGG =] FKKKKKK! I srsly cud not describe it with works how amazed I was.. the snowflake thingo is like a * shape and its like really perfectly ‘processed’ lol I don't know how to explain.

First pic in Tokyo, Japan

Keroro Hotel
Anyways back to my story hehe. This hotel is located at the topest topest mountain and its partner hotel is located even higher in the mountain which they named it the ‘MOUNTAIN HOTEL’ woo =] if we wanna go snow skiing or boarding we just needa catch a shuttle bus up there. Before I talk about that I shall tell u wat I did before XP I ate.. shower.. and shop for a lil at the hotel. Mm yeh that was heaps ai. Its 5.30 I rmr. We caught the shuttle bus up to mountain hotel and damn ==’ everyone was like fully geared and basically u can not see a piece of skin. Also everyone seem pro ==’ however there no lesson this late of the day but we still rent out gears and snowboard just to give it a noob try and this is wat happened ==…

no balance wat so ever, no confident, no coordination no NOTHING. Just like ice skating… I just cant T_T.. blah… this noob then gave up with failures n went back to hotel for dinner. n Oh gosh… their food are delicious.. <3

=] lil nelson.
Before I sum up today, I was soo fked up during bed time xD cosh I didn't really sleep at all. I passed out at 9 oclock. Because our lesson is at 1.30pm then next day and that I was VERY tired, I woke up at 12.48 AM and fking fort that we’re gonna be late. So I jumped up and yelled out SHIT WE’RE LATE!! ITS 12.48…. *looks at iphone* am…… WAIT NVM =] go back to sleep LOL! XD and yeh got payed out the next day by brother making shitty jokes..

LOL i srsly didnt no how to use this toilet ==' apparently it helps u clean ur ass by squirting water up from the back :S eww =='

Sum up: was introduced to a new country and I know completely nothing about its system. However as stuff kicks in during the day u will eventually enjoy the moments you have.
Day 2: RISE AND SHINE, Fk my spine == its in deep pain due to the massive ownage crash I had yesterday ==. It wasn't a great sleep either. After woking up at 12, then at 3 then at 5 and finally at 8 for the baffet breakfast. That was actually pretty yum as well. It was better than I fort. Unlike the old shitty style baffet how u just go in and eat shit all, they actually serve u human food and stuff that u prob never seen before. They even have speshal divider plates which I rkn its really cute xD. Have you ever ate.. fish bait with rice before? Weird looking seafood before? Lol don't fink we even get seafood for breakfast.. yeh.. overall I give it 4 out of 5 the point deducted is for the lack of pretty jap girls :P

My hotel room ._.
Oh and that… I didn't see much jap chicks that are extraordinary pretty but they arnt actually that bad :L and talking about being polite country, despite all the other facts but I rkn its somewere in the top.

dont i look fat in a way?
Nyways. Everything was ready and set, our lesson begins! Our instructor is from Germany who speaks fluent Japanese as well as a professional snow boarder. Anways. As every noobs start a new thing we start with the aim. The aim of the lesson is to allow us to be able to STOP, turn left and right and balance is the key.

To keep balance we need to LOOK STRIGHT but having the rest of the body facing the side with our hands spread out.For turning left, put force in front leg and lean left and put pressure on ur heels. Same with right but instead leaning opposite side and pressuring on toes. OH … stopping is fun u kinda get in a position similar as if you are riding a motor bike.… but I cbf to explain its just hot :P.

The rest of the lesson was like kinda 50 50. I sorta get everything but u sure injure urself a lot… see this..

At that time I KNEW everything! But I realized u cannot record whilst boarding or ull end up like me ==’ and for those who doesn't believe that I did learn something, heres a pic of me and the instructor xP I no that doesn't really prove much but I tried =]

Man.. snow boarding was actually very fun… I kinda like it as much as ice skate I rkn xP but still shit at both. Once the lesson finished brother and eye just continued going up to cable train thingo and skate and skate and skate. Again. Big fail but oh well.. I had fun xD and also pretty good views.

We then had dinner at the same restaurant n coincidently saw my brother’s classmate.. LIKE WTF!? Wats the chance of u seeing someone you know in the exact same country, same city, same place, same hotel, same building, same locker room with the same idea of coming to japan ==’ and of cause, it was my time to give Jeremy a pay back cosh it was a lil girl gender friend of his ;) haha.

Sum Up: things that u never done before could be extremely scary. No matter much encouraging u get is still up to u to decide weather ur actually up for it. Once u do so, ur another step close to success. Srsly, I kinda love japan now and wanna study here ._.
Day 3: Well that's it for snowboarding and now on my way to the hot spring area. There was actually hot spring in keroro but it wudnt be a big deal anymore if we already have done it because where im heading today is like one of most famous hot spring in japan; Noboribetsu.

Noboribetsu Hotel
 It was a 2 hour bus ride back to the airport an another hr to bus to here. In total it took us 4 hrs to get to where we are heading today. We arrived at 12 but the hotel rooms arnt ready to be checked in so we gota chuck everything down and bum around for 2 hours. He goes, we have nothing speshal apart from hot spring HOWEVER, there are 3 theme parks *hopes building up* BUT 2 of them are currently closed (BIGGEST WHAT THE FCUK EVER)!! The one that was open was the BEAR pARK RAWR~~ woo. It sounds pretty interesting so we decided to go and have a browse. We have to catch a cable train up the mountain where the park is actually located and omfg... the view is just amazing =='

And yeh.. I was shocked and amazed. It was actually quite good ^^. Tho the first thing we saw is not bear.. but a duck race!!

We get to bet on which colour wins and I got black which obviously didn't win ==; but pretty cool ai haha. The bear is actually very big and cute! Their head is like the size of my body. They even raise their hands up to ask for food hehe..

After feeding the bears I came across this tunnel..

Yes, more bear to feed buahaha but this time we get to put the food in this tube which has a spring that pushes it out to the cage for the bear. Pretty interested but I kinda feel sorry for the bear cosh they are trapped here >< there is also this bear museum and gosh I learnt a lot today :P hehe bears are actually transformed by cat like animal back in the time 0.o I wonder will we transfer into queers in 100 years. I think I then got a massive frost bite on my toes cosh my fake converse are like close to ripping apart :L.. we went back to the hotel and checked in. of cosh.. HOT SPRING time!!!! But here are some rules for the hot spring =]

1. females and males are separated =[

2. not any kind of clothing should be worn within the spring in another word… NAKED ==’

3. u must clean urself first in the PUBLIC shower area before going into the spring

4. you cant be shy ==’

I didn't really care about it I just went in blast naked HAHA, RISE AND ‘SHINE’ lol theres like 20 guys in the area at that time and yeh… its fking good! It is soo relaxing that I don't even feel embarrassed at all cosh yeh.. everyones doing it and all u have to worry about is which spring to go in next. Of cause I went in all of them and got a few grams off my ass (I did weigh myself I got lighter) xD haha

Back to the room sistah and brother was sleeping after a very comfortable day and im just sitting here reflecting the moments xP

Sum Up: There are times when we feel very embarrassed but if others are doing the same, you will find out that u can cope with it easier cause nobody really cares about what you do.
Day 4: a really late day start cosh us 3 didn't sleep till 5 in the morning ==’ had our first ever sibling talk hahaha so yeh ==’ our original plan was to wake up and go to hot spring for a early relaxing thingo then go to a baffet breakfast … but sadly we end up waking up at 11 and apparently my sis saw us sleeping very deeply and didn't wanna wake us two up which I highly dobt :P but whatever it wasn't a really perfect day anyway but good enuff.

We first went to the aquarium well that's wat I got told but for some reason it has land reptiles (turtle frog etc) aswell. Maybe it wasn't really a big reason to visit this place in japan it didn't seem very interesting. However we went to watch the dolphins xP, C lions and some.. fish =] hehe



One thing to mention first… japan’s busing system isn’t that good ==’ kinda worst then brisbanes. Firstly theres no fking time table at the bus stop telling us wen the bus will arrive nor there is any sign saying anything ANYTHING but just a pole with a sign saying BUS STOP.

Ninja Village

Before the terrible snow..
Anyways we then arrived at the ‘Ninja Village’ but at a very bad time ==. Everything was kinda closed wen we got there. Its soo quiet and all the shows are already finished.. feels like a dead village to me~ there was these 2 souvenir shop open and a lil snack store whom is run by 2 lil old granny~ they are soo nice well I don't really no wat they were saying but all i can understand is arigado. Then the fking sky turned all dull and it began rainowing (rain + snow). Both sistah and I got bad bites from the frost and my fking glove broke.. once were leaving the village we realized that the effink BUS does not come into the village but instead stop by the main street… so in a fking terrible snow we walked for 15 minutes out to the busstop and fking guess wat, no fking bus stoped at the busstop and we fking stood there for like half an hr. my damn feet was terribly fked over and I can bearly feel it. We end up going to a hospital……… to call a taxi :P to get back to the hotel. man.. that just totally effed up my day ai ==’

Once arriving back at the hotel, I just ran in my room, went naked.. THEN put on some hot spring overall and ninjaed down to see ppl’s genitals.. nah jks :P but u get wat I mean :P I was soo relaxed that I nearly slept in the spring. Luckily that made up for todays tragedy.

After today, I wud never: take public bus in japan again unless I have to; wear one layer of sock and have bad timing =[ I cant believe I missed out on all those naruto sht . I also kinda wish we went somewhere else today =/ but then again thers nothing good to go to in Noboribetsu.

Gonna sleep now xP

Sum Up: No matter how good or how successful you are, at one point, there will always be something that make us miserable and it is always better to have a backup strategy to overcome this problem.
Day 5: My final destination of my Japan trip in Hokkaido, Saporo; kinda like the city. Its really nice~ after getting of the bus I already see this big Eiffel Tower wanna be. The features on it looks a lot like the actual one but how ever its not that tall. We didn't get to go up there and take fotos today cosh apparently brother is scard of heights >< and we also have our luggage.

Sistah gave me the choice of either catching a cab back to the hotel first and chuck everything down, or walk back slowly and on the way we can start doing the shopping. Of cause wen it comes to this kinda stuff ill pick shopping no matter wat =] japan sure have a lot different huge shopping malls. BUT.... all I brought for the whole day was this beanie and it wasn't because I fully like it but because I needed to keep myself warm. Like its true they sure have heaps to shop.. but a lot of the items find there has ‘MADE IN CHINA’ written on their tags. Also, a lot of the customize shoe are rather expensive or similar to ones in hong kong. These stuff kinda killed the shopping sense for me in japan =[

Then it sorta got a bit better. Is wen we arrived at this 7 story building that sells nothing but ANIMATION!!!.. and THEY DO HAVE HENTAI =] like 4/10 of the building is covered with those stuff haha.. others were cool anime, manga, cosplay shops, games which was quite impressive. Ive never seen such a big system based on animation. There are speshal edition items that I havnet seen before, new animes that I have acknowledged AND a lot release mangas and singles/albums. (I kinda cheated and just copied the name of each cd and decided to search it up myself once I get home hehe) but again.. didn't buy nothing cosh 1. Expensive 2. Only good for glimpsing and rmring ~ It's a bad habit of mine.. like I prefer seeing things then buying something that's very expensively nice and just yeh.. fink as if it will be a waste.. mmm

Then of cosh we got lost :P we gota catch a cab (FCUK THE BUS) back to our hotel to get checked-in. Pretty much today was just plain shopping and exploring the city side of Hokkaido.

our room was kinda boring. only 1 laptop is available so therefore i found this on youtube :P

Sum Up: A simple decision could really change its outcome. I reckon you shouldn't feel bad if you compiled heaps of errors; well atleast u can learnt from ur past and never make the same mistake again.
Day 6: Wow... time does go very fast as any other days but this time.. even faster ==' and damn ive been bs-ed alot for the past 5 days aswell.. anyways. we're ment to follow this local tour today and explore the entire city. BUT NAH! we became sleep fcks and just used out time wisely... 11.30 is the time i first opend my eyes and gosh outside was just pitch white which made me looking like a freaken fat ninja today..

fk, how big can you get?
SO the last few landmark i went to is the Shiroro Koribito Factory which is like a chocolate/ biscuit factory. its not just awesome but 'fking awesome'.. there is this cup gallery from around the world.. history of chocolate =] (was kinda expecting oompa looompas to be the workers) and the japanese are freaken intellegent. wait... lemmmi upload. its not that clear but thers like more than 20 machines that does the shaping, sorting, packaging.

and the view is just pretty..

 laa.. too bad you guys wernt thre so i cant explain how fasinating it was. We then bused back to the mall near our hotel. Went up the lift straight up to lvl 36 to sight see.

then is some shopping around the mall and went to dinner. had some incredible food in my mouth but also.. a great experience on meeting people. theres this particular waiter in the resturant is oright looking and i have completely no idea it wud turn out like this. i kinda wanna see if shes talkable :L went up to her and spoke english to her. BUT FCK ==' i dont fink she cud =/ but she kinda half get my hand signs and yeh it was not too bad. not a bad start ai haha... shes kinda like an ordinary typical looking jap girl? for those out there who no wat im talking about then keep reading :P if not dw bout it! anyways, shes littler than me too so perfect height hahaha! she was standing out the door screaming for more customer and for some reason i just kept looking at her ==' oh gosh.. im SUCH a pervert. or maybe its normal for guys. i donnno. after series of finking i finall decided to ask for a foto.. and i got it =] LOL! yeh.. theres all im gonna say and for those fk that want prove then here you go!. but too bad i didnt get her name :(

also, since im soo happy.. i was shuffling the ice =]

SO... my trip is over, and fk the last day :P afterall... all it matter is that i had a great trip and a good experience xP

well going back to australia on the 21st. hope to have somthing good happening in the future.

Song of the WEEK: 

林吟蔚 - 深深 rmr this? i took it from you!

Versailles - Aristocrats Symphony

Saturday, January 9, 2010

-the REAL holiday!-


WHO: with sistah and bradah

WHAT: what.. the fk?

WHEN: going tmr midnight 1AM and return on the day of 17th!~


WHY: cosh i wanna see snowwwwww

bitches, dont have to miss me buahhaha







ANIMATION MUSIUM (some hentai xP)



J...aebum LOL..

anyways yeh... thats it for the week.. talk to everyone in a week =]

Friday, January 8, 2010


very bad..



Thursday, January 7, 2010


anyways. i went out today. shopping with friends.

soo embarrasing omfg ==' i found this trench coat right. its really good looking and it doesnt cost too much. i went up and tried it on, yeh it looks pretty good so i was like can i have this one but cheaper :) and shes like ehh.. if i can order for a new one she can make it 20 bucks cheaper but i have to wait 2 days for it. so im like :S mmmkay its alright i guess. i also have to pay now so and bring my reciept on the day to get it. SO i was happy and stuff friend rkn it looks good. i then reach in to my pocket and pulled out my id, tickets, licence, 100 dollar note, 20 and 50 note..... wait.. wheres my fking 1000 note?! i was like soo shitting myself wondering were the hell i put it !!! i asked my friend and hes lke.. i dont fink u droped it or anything ... then im like FK.... the shop keeper was like... :S u sure u didnt put it in ur other pockets. then im like NO!!! >< >< then i realized i mite have forgotten to put it in my pocket while i was pulling my money out from my wallet before i go out cause i was in a hurry .... so i said illl go back tmr and get it... and very walking out the store lookingi very embarrased =='

FK ==..... so i called home and yeh its in my wallet... was like phew.... but still FK==''

anyways.. im not going to eruope and north anymore cosh of the weather conditions >< but instead mummy said to go japan with sistah.. so yeh.. its 80% sure im going there instead now =]

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

-2010 new start-

i recently discovered a new drink. well im not sure is it new but it is for me and i have to review it :P. THE COCACOLA with LEMON flavor! for those azns who know they do it, u guys dont have to order 柠乐(coke with 2,3 slices of lemon). what we normally do is just before we drinking, we push all the lemons to the bottom and mash it down with a spoon or a stiror(how the fk do u spell it) so that the lemon taste comes out and for me, i eat the lemon after and yes i love eating lemon hehe. ANYWAYS. now they come together in just ONE single bottle. how good is that? :) no more stress in trying to get all lemon to the bottom or having the seeds floating everywere; its just all done for you! it tastes exactly the same if not, even better. some may say it cud be all chemical and too artificial. but srsly.. WHO GIVES A FCK!? if u rkn its unhealthy, dont even drink 柠乐 from the start cosh all soft drinks ARE ARTIFICIAL!

anyways.. my second half of my blog i wanna talk about 5 things i hate the most.. I HATE IT WHEN:
     1-ppl go lol instead of laughing. like wtf?! if u go LOL does that mean its not funny but then ur trying to act like as if its funn so u use LOL to replace it? what the FCUK are u trying to do?
     2-wen ppl dont tie up their shoelaces and just shuves it in the shoe. wtf again! the laces are there for a reason?! its not COOL to no tie it, its there to keep ur shoes onto ur feet! i mean if laces are soo unnecessary, why include it with shoes. how hard is it to tie ur shoe laces? for me it takes me 20seconds MAX but yeh im unco so yeh hehe. but FK!
     3-ppl act innocent wen they are full capable of doing something. FOR EXAMPLE. well im one of these ppl so yeh anyways. THE PPL THAT GO, OH I CANT ICE SKATE! 'why?' cosh im shit?! then BAM once they skate they just blow ur minds off and just skates their ass off.. another one cud be. im ugly :( 'no ur not' YES I AM!. FCUK wat the hell?! stop looking down on urself or try to be innocent. we all no that you guys are NOT ugly.. u wanna no wats ugly.. ugly is like... ME LOL xD.. SEE I DID IT AGAIN! FCUK I HATE MYESLF
     4-ppl going in my house and just act as if its their own? for those who know me, im a person thats kinda free with this things like.. srsly do anything in my house but HEY i still have boundaries you no? when i say dont fking go upstairs u do NOT go up stairs and walk in any room very causally  and start chatting up my homestays. OROR wen i go DONT SMOKE in my house wen theres ppl adults here. ahh ==' i wonder what I will do if i go to YOUR house... of cause be polite and sensible :P
     5-azn parents saying 'your generation are much more spoiled compare to ours' i dont only get this from my parents but from heaps and other aunties and uncles. MAN, u guys dont even understand? first of all, the reason for our generation to be this spoil is because we have fking spoil parents ourselves?! and wats wif u all saying we dont work as hard and sht? back then, there is war, financial problem, poor parenting and stuff, but now, everything has changed! you guys should be happy for us seeing us being happy as now?! and not looking down on us like this. WE'RE HUMAN, different period has different way of thinking. GAHH!

=] yeh xP for now.. back to brisbane on the 30th of JAN. (this will change RIGHT NOW cosh im calling daddy to change the date) LOL im soo spoiled xP ps. i love my parents afterall :)

Song of the Day: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Golden Time Lover

Monday, January 4, 2010


this is what I rkn :P so for those who think different u can go... FCUK OFF tell me u like who u like instead :P

10th: SNSD - Kwon Yuri 
Date of birth: Dec 5, 1989

9th: After School - Im Jin Ah (Nana)
Date of birth: 1991

8th: AFTER SCHOOL - Park Ga Hee
Date of birth: December 25, 1980

7th: F(x) - Song Qian
Date of Birth: February 2, 1987

6th: After School - Kim Jung Ah
Date of Birth: October 16, 1982

5th: Brown Eyed Girls - Son Ga-In
Date of birth: September 20, 1987

4th: Kwon Boa
Date of birth: November 5, 1986

3rd: KARA - Park Gyuri
Date of birth: May 21, 1988

2nd: Lee Hyori
Date of birth: May 10, 1979

1st: 4MINUNTE - Kim Hyun Ah
Date of birth: June 6, 1992


Saturday, January 2, 2010

-damn u cops><-

man i got effink search by the police today== they were dressed as normal pedestrians. one tapped me on the shoulder and said *police, get ur ID out*

fk i started shitting myself ==.. i got put to the corner then he told me to dont vmoe and began searching my body. man he even touched my ass ==' omfg... and then i had this lil bum bag with me and they even search that, finking theres gonna be drugs in it. the first police questioned about the bum bag and it was kinda fine. but then the second one came along and found my sistah's master card. then got question, how come u have this card, im just like :S:S:S:S:S its my sistahs blha lbhablha... FUC == i shat myself big time... then he goes, yeh give it back to ur sistah soon, ill believe u this time. blha lbhablha. and let me go..

that ruined my fking day ==" went to kareoke sang a lil bit.. but friends wana go bowling but yeh i didnt wanna. fuck.

just because i dress a lil more mature i get fking violated like that.. fCUK!...