Wednesday, January 27, 2010

-i know karatay with my brains-

Name: Itaaki
Age: 17 just turned 18
Fav Colour: Green
Style: Colourful

I didnt realize how bad it led to.. i cudnt rmr a single thing after i had that drink.. it was dark, creepy and i dont no wtf was going on. maybe i really shouldnt have left my cup lying there in the middle of no where n head for toilet. i swear i told my friends to look after the drink for me but wen i was back.. they wernt there.

it was kinda weird already wen i see my drink again.. it turned from pale white to greenish yellow.. i thought it was just the rave lights that might have misunderstood my eyes. i kinda filtered out everything as i saw this pretty amazing looking chick over there showing off her sexy moves on the dance floor and took a sip.. 'eww tasted like wine + medicine... oh well i guess it was my illusion' i fort i was fine for a while and head off to the dance floor. 

my target was of cause the good looking chick. *pushing shuving and charging* i finally came within 3metres of her. the atmosphere certainly changed cause it was my first time going clubbing and ive never seen such a beautiful girl showing soo much skin on stage PLUS i know i can dance but i dont wanna do anything incase ppl rkn im a show off.. 

suddently when i actually got the balls to jump next to her with some more cool  moves, the drink had finally got back to me.. someone has spiked it.. i lost conciousness and fell right infront of the girl... 

thats how fking bored i was :)

the moral of this story is obviously: dont leave drinks hanging around or ull sure get fcked up bad and miss out heaps of the boobies =[ (that last part is for guys and some girls out there haha)

Song of the Day: Chemistry - Period

Nelson's Update:
-watching chinese australia news
-sniffing air
-enjoying the aircon
-trying to get off my ass and head off to shower.. 

the mv is oright ^^ i made up for the poor song haha 

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