Friday, January 29, 2010

-i miss fcuking skool-

10 years ago i kinda swore to god that i have to get in to uni immediately.i anticipated the fun, successful, furious future i had and how much money im gonna make. I also wud fantasise about my future family having 2 kids; a boy and a daughter.  the most terrible thing i wud get up to is how wud i wanna bury myself and how should my family deal with my funeral. haha.. i wonder if its because i fink soo much back then which made me into who i am now. howeve, the way i look at everything is different now espeshally skool..

a. skool does not feel so evil anymore. since graduated and knowing my plans for the next few years, im starting to rethink about my past as a highschool student. yesterday wen i went to skool with my little brother, i see him with his friends just chillaxing on the first day of skool infront of the tuck shop. man.. i really missed those times and im sure im not the only person that does. the laughter they have; the convos they enjoy with each other; the recap of what happend last night in  their dota game.. w/e i miss all those..
another thing is that everything use to be spoon fed to you.. all the assignment, exam, assessment due dates are all provided in full detail with heaps and heaps of help from teachers. in uni.. its a world or independence. fk.. gota drive to skool, have ur own way or researching, develop ur own way of learning, control ur time, use every oppotunity given to you. noooo >< such a big jump again.. i kinda feel the same as when i changed from lil skool to high school.. everything seems sooo new.

lastly wud be my friends i have in macG. man i miss those fkers heaps ai... and i predict that i wont see more than 20% of the ppl ive met in macG.. (20% is like... 5 ppl to me LOL i didnt have much friends.. nah jks hehe) Jay's already left :( and heard some other friends are studing over sea now. fkk.. 

right now, its all about working, getting money, create ur own future.. FcUK i really hate this cycle.. i wanna break it one day and just have  the same fun i had back in high school.. i wonder how it wud be like if i can actually as if im in high school still wen im 40  haha... well thats for me to hope for and find out later.. =[

Nelson's Update:
tlking to two retards atm-
 smell my fingers-
swollowing saliva- 

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