Wednesday, January 6, 2010

-2010 new start-

i recently discovered a new drink. well im not sure is it new but it is for me and i have to review it :P. THE COCACOLA with LEMON flavor! for those azns who know they do it, u guys dont have to order 柠乐(coke with 2,3 slices of lemon). what we normally do is just before we drinking, we push all the lemons to the bottom and mash it down with a spoon or a stiror(how the fk do u spell it) so that the lemon taste comes out and for me, i eat the lemon after and yes i love eating lemon hehe. ANYWAYS. now they come together in just ONE single bottle. how good is that? :) no more stress in trying to get all lemon to the bottom or having the seeds floating everywere; its just all done for you! it tastes exactly the same if not, even better. some may say it cud be all chemical and too artificial. but srsly.. WHO GIVES A FCK!? if u rkn its unhealthy, dont even drink 柠乐 from the start cosh all soft drinks ARE ARTIFICIAL!

anyways.. my second half of my blog i wanna talk about 5 things i hate the most.. I HATE IT WHEN:
     1-ppl go lol instead of laughing. like wtf?! if u go LOL does that mean its not funny but then ur trying to act like as if its funn so u use LOL to replace it? what the FCUK are u trying to do?
     2-wen ppl dont tie up their shoelaces and just shuves it in the shoe. wtf again! the laces are there for a reason?! its not COOL to no tie it, its there to keep ur shoes onto ur feet! i mean if laces are soo unnecessary, why include it with shoes. how hard is it to tie ur shoe laces? for me it takes me 20seconds MAX but yeh im unco so yeh hehe. but FK!
     3-ppl act innocent wen they are full capable of doing something. FOR EXAMPLE. well im one of these ppl so yeh anyways. THE PPL THAT GO, OH I CANT ICE SKATE! 'why?' cosh im shit?! then BAM once they skate they just blow ur minds off and just skates their ass off.. another one cud be. im ugly :( 'no ur not' YES I AM!. FCUK wat the hell?! stop looking down on urself or try to be innocent. we all no that you guys are NOT ugly.. u wanna no wats ugly.. ugly is like... ME LOL xD.. SEE I DID IT AGAIN! FCUK I HATE MYESLF
     4-ppl going in my house and just act as if its their own? for those who know me, im a person thats kinda free with this things like.. srsly do anything in my house but HEY i still have boundaries you no? when i say dont fking go upstairs u do NOT go up stairs and walk in any room very causally  and start chatting up my homestays. OROR wen i go DONT SMOKE in my house wen theres ppl adults here. ahh ==' i wonder what I will do if i go to YOUR house... of cause be polite and sensible :P
     5-azn parents saying 'your generation are much more spoiled compare to ours' i dont only get this from my parents but from heaps and other aunties and uncles. MAN, u guys dont even understand? first of all, the reason for our generation to be this spoil is because we have fking spoil parents ourselves?! and wats wif u all saying we dont work as hard and sht? back then, there is war, financial problem, poor parenting and stuff, but now, everything has changed! you guys should be happy for us seeing us being happy as now?! and not looking down on us like this. WE'RE HUMAN, different period has different way of thinking. GAHH!

=] yeh xP for now.. back to brisbane on the 30th of JAN. (this will change RIGHT NOW cosh im calling daddy to change the date) LOL im soo spoiled xP ps. i love my parents afterall :)

Song of the Day: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Golden Time Lover

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