Saturday, January 30, 2010


*coke or fanta?
*itouch or ipod?
ipod touch
*skiing or snowboarding?
*google or yahoo?
*msn or facebook?
*green cup or orange cup?
*high school or primary school?
high school
*sandwich or noodle for lunch?
*fly or dive?
*instead of human u rather be an animal or an insect?
*biking or running?
*yes or no?
*kings daughter or farmer's wife?
kings daughter
*eat before brushing teeth or brush before eat?
eat before brushing
*expensive/ branded gift or cheap/ homemade gift?
expensive/ branded gift
*sleep or money?

*how wud u spend the last day of ur life?
with family
*how wud u celebrate for ur 18th bday?
idk yet
*how wud u make urself fat if you have to?
*how wud u make urself rich?
*how wud u get to the 7-11 in sunnybank?

*what makes u depress?
*what makes you feel disgusted?
dead animal on the road; shit/vomit
*what makes you dizzy?
spinning around
*what makes you high?
*what makes you happy wen ur lonely?
*what makes you sleepy?
nelson; wen i cry

*when did u last cried?
wen i left melb, cried hardout in the car, then slept the whole way
*when did u last got a haircut?
last month in melb
*when did u last imagined to be a teacher?
10 yrs ago
*when did u last go over sea?
end of 2008 begining of 2009, went vietname, malaysia and singapore
*when did you last red a book?
2 yrs ago
name is JYP

hah, i had another fking weird dream today =='.. i was invited to a skool reunion party thing for high school (this proves how much i missed it) and fk it was soo real as well, all the hand shakes are feelable, convos are believeable and the feelings of school are also there. 

she came up and said hi.. but her ex was there too. but of cause i gave her a big hug and i swear i counted 6 seconds. i turned around and he seemed fine with it so i guess its oright to have a convo with her. haha. she even asked me to sit alone with her cause theres not enuff seats but somehow another friend came into the convo and grabbed on to me and said 'I MISS YOU ALOT U FUCK' and pulled me away from her TT. from then i didnt see her anymore in the dream. then some shit happend i kinda forgot and i ended up getting lost in the place and cudnt go home.. i txted the girl asking where she is but no reply. some shit like that blah and i forgot the rest xD buahhaha!

i woke up and went to pee ~ woo =]
Song of the Day: Wataru Kurenai - This Love Never Ends

Nelson's Update:
-listening to noobs that cant sing. (bloody chinese tv)
-wanting food
-wanting drink
-wanting money
-wanting to be a girl. 

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