Monday, May 17, 2010


 felt dizzy after driving kevin back to my house.. wanna faint

Friday, May 14, 2010

-im high-

dude im like high alright.. so dont even say WTF when u read this,.... if u rkn this is random GTFO!! !meow..

yeh lalalla...

why do we fcking still smoke when we know it will kill us?

why do we still eat wen we know theres fat in the food?

why do we fuck wen theres a chance of condom breaking?

why do we walk wen the ground is very bumpy and not smooth that we can jsut trip over and die?

why do we take off our hat indoor and wear it again outdoor?

why do we say SHIT to express out feelings?

and this is SOCIAL NORMS :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

-answer please-

sometimes the things you are desired to do, does not always turn out the way you think of it to be like; things you are not familiar with and not expected can also be a outcome of ur something you desired to do. point is, nothing works out exactly the way you want it to be. there is always a 'chance' of things going wrong. when those stuff goes wrong - the imbalance of beliefs and values, emotional issues are usually the outcome which then leads on to other disorder. <-- i didnt quote anything it was just somthing i learnt in uni and somthing i generated thruout my retarded analysis; it cud be wrong, its an assumption.

i really dont know how to deal with these disorders when i am having it myself. issues which compiles stress and fear. is this part of life? or am i classified as mentally disadvantaged? howcome not many mates of mine experience similar problems as me? some of them can just live life wen it arrives infront of them, they dont seem to plan or think about it and how it will turn out if thing goes wrong, they simply cbf to worry :S i kinda wanna be like that. from my point of view, thats enjoying life. not saying that being careless is a good thing but atleast i know peopple who think that way are more relaxed than me, atleast they are not affected physically (they dont show it/ express it to others).

tbh, i shouldn't have any difficulties dealing with the issues im having now, they are all very small.. but again, wen these small issues pile up, they become big and its just hard not to think about it. i need to seek professional advice. which is tmr. and hopefully ill get wat i want and find out more relating to my future.. *sigh*

song of the day: Gundam Seed Destiny - Nami Tamaki - Reason

aaron, my first grade 8 bus buddy that i can rmr since high school.. i love you man! i like ur humor :) u can cheer someone up, with ur fucked-up-ness and yes, u are infact one of the best guy friend i met out there. (very touchy aye) well yeh.. dont think too much, stuff shall turn out right eventually.. hopefully mine will too, but yeh! this song reminded me of you cause this is like the song that 'brought us' together ;) haha... luv u man!

Monday, May 10, 2010

-my heros-

Kamen Rider, my hero of hero. i use to play around with my friend back then in being a kamen rider. imitating their action, attacks, weaknesses and fighting style. these famous japanese hero grew up with me in my life. as characters are introduced, my favourite one changes respectively.even thought all these series are pretty much the same having a group of bad guys trying to invade the world and stuff, but each episode demonstrates and shows different morals, concepts of life. i think this is why kamen rider has gained so much supporters like me since their debut. the neverback down, never give up, commited attitude of kamen rider surely impacts on me in many ways. well right now i cant wait to finish kamen rider W so i can take a few step back and watch kamen rider blade and kabuto. mmm.. 

okay, somthing totallly random, I was finally able to jailbreak my iphone 3gs version 3.1.3 after the spirit jailbreak had been released. and for those who mite be concerned with this issue, here is the vid:
before watching this vid, you are required to download the spirit jailbreak and heres the link: Spirit Jailbreak in the vid, it will tell u to download the link in the desciption but if u do that, yes it willl get u to download the jailbreak but u gota do this very fcking annoying survey which can take up to 1000million years to finish AND u gota put in convincable details.. so yeh.. add that one i just put up!

and then i after jailbreak and get all the foundation apps, i went into download some awesome game.. STREETFIGHTER 4!



also got minigore, gameboy advance, tap tap 3.. plenty!

I once again changed my mind, im no longer wanting to do psycology after what i have expierenced in for the past few months while doing social work.. tbh i dont no what I wanted to do at the start, psycology was just a last minute thing simply because im kinda interseted in how the human brain works and wanna tlk to people. social work didnt turn out right, it is nothing as i thought, heaps of reading, heaps of theory, heaps of shit that i dont wanna touch ever in my life.. i dont want psycology to be the same. i wud rather just do wat i must do right now before i kill my time in doing somthing that i 'assume' to be good for me in the future. i decided to change course to UQ bachelor of arts studing german and japanese. german for business, jap for chix :P and anime ^^ hehe... so yeh... i kinda feell like im a failure but.. meh.. i dont no shit happens and u cant really regret now but to look forward and try do w/e you can... *sigh*

song of the day: Yui - Gloria

Sunday, May 9, 2010

-ching chong-


"NO, dont screw me, SCREW YOU!!"

heh.. SO.. today i wannna tlk about.. people we hate.. can we really hate someone who is like part of our group, part of ur besties, part of you life? can you just simply exclude, ignore, talk shit about their back all of a sudden cause they had or have continuously repeated actions that pisses you/ and the group off?

well i am a very good example.. you cant expect yourself to totally have a grudge on ur close mates and on the same time evil them, give them shit and the hardest out of all, telling them u hate them. for those who care, u can stop reading :) for those who cant, you will prob take a shitloads of time to achieve that level. i know i cant.. i cudnt say anything mean/ offensive to my close mates (includes both boy and girlll)

i have a lil friend.. who tells me she and her whole group hates this partcular chick in their group, how her action results in eff loads of conflicts: her copying, bitching, being fake, not trustable, liar. blahblhablhalbhalbha but then, im wondering... howcome my lil friend dont confront her and just say shit in her face and tell her wat shes doing is FCKING RONG? i mean on one side ur rawr rawr rawring behind her back, but once u see her, ur soo close that u guys will take fotos together.. does that mean u half hate her and part bestie with her? weird..

however, have u actually thought about it from her persepective? thee reasons why shes doing it cud be due to the fact that she wud wanna be/ feel part of the group and the group shes with does all these weird stuff that she simply cant do or wont do? but instead of telling the group and sound like a pusssssEEEE,she will lie and fit in the group. i do that often sometimes :)

so i guess im currently being hated by my group too. i always try to copy them, or even compete with them in becoming the 'centre of attention' obviously i realised its wrong to do and very pointless becoz you really dont get anything out of this but jealousy and envy. only way to solve these siolent hatred is to talk it out face to face... i rmr having heaps of them with my group, where feelings are just shared and it usually results in a perfect solution.. i mean.. WHY NOt!?

fcks me meow... just some random shit that came in my head while having a convo with my friend. lalallala nothing speshal....

-meeting heaps of friends lately ^^-

song of the day: SID - Rain

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


great~ havent been at uni for 1 week now~ im soo slacking off and its not funny! i just want this semester to be over soon. i'm not sure will i make into psycology but for now i dont care. im also just passing my subjects. i should be really stressing and getting my ass worked up. MEH.. think later..

i havent tlk to venus much.
sundays mothers day, mums in china. missing her lah. dont know wat to do for it and even scared i will forget on sunday. 

nelson is no long giving hopes to any special occasions and will live thru it when the actual event arrives. fck inviting, fcking making myself work soo much and end up having a failed plan on the day. new rule for nelson: if you are invited, say YES or NO. i dont want maybes becoz ill take that as a no as it has happend many time! 

sorry, but girls are evil :) 

分手不要緊, 最重要是過得開心!!

so many friends are breaking up lately... i wonder if may is the month of breakage. INTERESTING! i think i shall get attach this month becoz i also believe when things at its worst point, its best to do somthing repelling towards the flow and something extraordinary can happen~

nelson recently had made another dance cover, b2st - shock dance cover~


 1 essay due next week, another major essay due the week after/ 1 exam tmr, 1 exam in week 15/ 1 oral in 3 weeks. FucK ^^

 i went to multicultural rehearsal today it was  pretty =/ not really that good.. 1,2 worth watching but i personally reckon only the chinese one is good (the one me and phillip chored) hahaaha.. too bad no one recorded cause when they are having their second run thru,  the main guy in the group was at basketball trial so i got the oppotunity to jump in and get a taste of multicultural again.. thanks.. MAcG~

 Song of the Day:  F(x) - Nu Abo

The 2 Lil Pig

 The 2 Lil Pig
-once upon a time theres 2 little pig, one pig called sakura and one pig called nelson...
-one day sakura pig went to nelson and ask for a sandwich, nelson pig then turns around and say with wat inside? then sakura pig said with ham, nelson then puts one bread on his arm and the other on the bottom, here you go, however..
-sakura pig finds it sad to eat nelson pigs pig dont even want his arm, actually she wants his, sakura pig keep starin at nelsons leg
-nelson pig then goes.. NO sakura pig, those legs are for dinna not now! nelson pig got another idea, asking sakura pig to cut off some of her tummy fat, one to make him full and one to make her skinnier
-sakura pig finds it a great idea! so she went to nelsons pig kitchen and pull out a knife and cut off her tummy fat,wahla, heres the tummy fat sakura pig says, nelson pig just look at sakura pig, she do look skinnier@@
-nelson pig gave sakura a thumbs up, see, not a pork chop anymore he said xD. nelson pig then made some goon jay min for both himself and sakura pig, they are eating it with the let over tummy fat. sakura pig stopped eating and went ran outside to the backyard..
-nelson pig follow sakura pig to the backyard, sakura pig said she heard some noise, she tell nelson pig to listen carefully ....."oink,oink" the sound gets closer and was a HUMAN!
-nelson pig runs in back to the house and gets a spear, calls sakura pig to stay behind. nelson pig tells the human to FCK off! and he did. safety is once again back in place and they lived happily ever after.