Wednesday, May 5, 2010


great~ havent been at uni for 1 week now~ im soo slacking off and its not funny! i just want this semester to be over soon. i'm not sure will i make into psycology but for now i dont care. im also just passing my subjects. i should be really stressing and getting my ass worked up. MEH.. think later..

i havent tlk to venus much.
sundays mothers day, mums in china. missing her lah. dont know wat to do for it and even scared i will forget on sunday. 

nelson is no long giving hopes to any special occasions and will live thru it when the actual event arrives. fck inviting, fcking making myself work soo much and end up having a failed plan on the day. new rule for nelson: if you are invited, say YES or NO. i dont want maybes becoz ill take that as a no as it has happend many time! 

sorry, but girls are evil :) 

分手不要緊, 最重要是過得開心!!

so many friends are breaking up lately... i wonder if may is the month of breakage. INTERESTING! i think i shall get attach this month becoz i also believe when things at its worst point, its best to do somthing repelling towards the flow and something extraordinary can happen~

nelson recently had made another dance cover, b2st - shock dance cover~


 1 essay due next week, another major essay due the week after/ 1 exam tmr, 1 exam in week 15/ 1 oral in 3 weeks. FucK ^^

 i went to multicultural rehearsal today it was  pretty =/ not really that good.. 1,2 worth watching but i personally reckon only the chinese one is good (the one me and phillip chored) hahaaha.. too bad no one recorded cause when they are having their second run thru,  the main guy in the group was at basketball trial so i got the oppotunity to jump in and get a taste of multicultural again.. thanks.. MAcG~

 Song of the Day:  F(x) - Nu Abo

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