Monday, May 10, 2010

-my heros-

Kamen Rider, my hero of hero. i use to play around with my friend back then in being a kamen rider. imitating their action, attacks, weaknesses and fighting style. these famous japanese hero grew up with me in my life. as characters are introduced, my favourite one changes respectively.even thought all these series are pretty much the same having a group of bad guys trying to invade the world and stuff, but each episode demonstrates and shows different morals, concepts of life. i think this is why kamen rider has gained so much supporters like me since their debut. the neverback down, never give up, commited attitude of kamen rider surely impacts on me in many ways. well right now i cant wait to finish kamen rider W so i can take a few step back and watch kamen rider blade and kabuto. mmm.. 

okay, somthing totallly random, I was finally able to jailbreak my iphone 3gs version 3.1.3 after the spirit jailbreak had been released. and for those who mite be concerned with this issue, here is the vid:
before watching this vid, you are required to download the spirit jailbreak and heres the link: Spirit Jailbreak in the vid, it will tell u to download the link in the desciption but if u do that, yes it willl get u to download the jailbreak but u gota do this very fcking annoying survey which can take up to 1000million years to finish AND u gota put in convincable details.. so yeh.. add that one i just put up!

and then i after jailbreak and get all the foundation apps, i went into download some awesome game.. STREETFIGHTER 4!



also got minigore, gameboy advance, tap tap 3.. plenty!

I once again changed my mind, im no longer wanting to do psycology after what i have expierenced in for the past few months while doing social work.. tbh i dont no what I wanted to do at the start, psycology was just a last minute thing simply because im kinda interseted in how the human brain works and wanna tlk to people. social work didnt turn out right, it is nothing as i thought, heaps of reading, heaps of theory, heaps of shit that i dont wanna touch ever in my life.. i dont want psycology to be the same. i wud rather just do wat i must do right now before i kill my time in doing somthing that i 'assume' to be good for me in the future. i decided to change course to UQ bachelor of arts studing german and japanese. german for business, jap for chix :P and anime ^^ hehe... so yeh... i kinda feell like im a failure but.. meh.. i dont no shit happens and u cant really regret now but to look forward and try do w/e you can... *sigh*

song of the day: Yui - Gloria

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