Sunday, May 9, 2010

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"NO, dont screw me, SCREW YOU!!"

heh.. SO.. today i wannna tlk about.. people we hate.. can we really hate someone who is like part of our group, part of ur besties, part of you life? can you just simply exclude, ignore, talk shit about their back all of a sudden cause they had or have continuously repeated actions that pisses you/ and the group off?

well i am a very good example.. you cant expect yourself to totally have a grudge on ur close mates and on the same time evil them, give them shit and the hardest out of all, telling them u hate them. for those who care, u can stop reading :) for those who cant, you will prob take a shitloads of time to achieve that level. i know i cant.. i cudnt say anything mean/ offensive to my close mates (includes both boy and girlll)

i have a lil friend.. who tells me she and her whole group hates this partcular chick in their group, how her action results in eff loads of conflicts: her copying, bitching, being fake, not trustable, liar. blahblhablhalbhalbha but then, im wondering... howcome my lil friend dont confront her and just say shit in her face and tell her wat shes doing is FCKING RONG? i mean on one side ur rawr rawr rawring behind her back, but once u see her, ur soo close that u guys will take fotos together.. does that mean u half hate her and part bestie with her? weird..

however, have u actually thought about it from her persepective? thee reasons why shes doing it cud be due to the fact that she wud wanna be/ feel part of the group and the group shes with does all these weird stuff that she simply cant do or wont do? but instead of telling the group and sound like a pusssssEEEE,she will lie and fit in the group. i do that often sometimes :)

so i guess im currently being hated by my group too. i always try to copy them, or even compete with them in becoming the 'centre of attention' obviously i realised its wrong to do and very pointless becoz you really dont get anything out of this but jealousy and envy. only way to solve these siolent hatred is to talk it out face to face... i rmr having heaps of them with my group, where feelings are just shared and it usually results in a perfect solution.. i mean.. WHY NOt!?

fcks me meow... just some random shit that came in my head while having a convo with my friend. lalallala nothing speshal....

-meeting heaps of friends lately ^^-

song of the day: SID - Rain

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