Thursday, June 30, 2011

-one day-

I want you to really one day stick up for your boy friend.
Don't let others disrespect us.
Fight for your rights, have your own say.
Stay strong!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

-1 month-

so yeah.. Happy one month and.. one week and one day hun, but as i said, only going to celebrate our ann every 3 months as i dont need one specific day dedicate for our relationship. everyday can be a celebration. so i wouldnt be seeing you for quite a while. but on the other side, shall miss you more. I told you and to myself aswell that this isnt gonna be easy yeh? speshally wen your parents now knows about us haha.

however, if we take a step back and just look at this situation again, its actually not too bad as we've been doing this same thing the whole time anyway. the only change is maybe some fb modifications and less exposure of our actions. i got absolutely no problem waiting for you till you graduate as you know the best skill im born with is patience :P 

anyways.. enuff blogging, dont even like blogging as much anyway.. 

oh btw, i started reading this religious book called Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom, yes i know i never read books, but im just at a stage where instead of killing myself ill choose to read a book to kill some time. with my amazing intelligence, ill prob be able to read 80% of the words and understand 50% of the content :P but meh, it kills time.

ps. if all our connections are cut off, this will be our only way to communicate ~~ thats if u ever find my blog haha.

song of the day: 2NE1 - Lonely