Thursday, October 29, 2009


im deciding to use this weird colour for today's bloggy~

 llalala heres my lil alphabet theories that i follow in my life currently

Always let the other person make the move

Believe in myself even if im failing

Cook for myself when im hungry

Destroy pests around the house because im evil

Eat anything u can find whenever ur friend 'tummy' is calling

Fcuk life when depress

Give mummy a hug

Have a nice cup of SHUT THE FUCUP during hwk doing

Instruct my lil brother so he can learn the good things from me

Jiggle with phillip kang ji ho

Knowing what is right to do instead of following wat others think

Listen to mummy, shes always right

Money can control the work, it is everything

Never tell someone u hate them

Ownage but keep siolent

Pretend you dont no anything so ppl wont pick on u

Queer is the last solution

Random is what makes a funny guy

Sing.. that explains everything

Think about the person i love

Under estimate the people you hate

Virginity only has a first

Wank with friends when bored xD

X-files will make you smarter

Young and dangerous is old school, grow up

Zebra is also my favourite pet :)

  for everyone, this alphabet is different but yeh, if u dont like it, too bad xP thats me buhahaha..

anyways.   i finished 3 fcuking assignments today~ so SCK ME OFF SCHOOL U CAN GO DIE!!!!!

1 more assignemt , 2 exam left and imma done for high school~.

Song Of the Day: Ft Island - I Hope

Nelson's UpDaTe:
-eating oranges.. my fav fruit
-exited for P's
-extremely bored
-even mum calls me baby boy :) 

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Awards Evening

la di da!

no school today and spend the entire morning rehearsing for tonight's awards evening.

                     i found something really weird tho.. is that the medal we recieved are given to us during the rehearsal and they told us to wear it to the venue during the evening but the certificate is given during the ceremony. wats the point of that? i fort awards evening is to show congratz us with all the achievements then why the eff dont they just give us the medal along with the certificate? if they rkn its time consuming they cud just put in in with the certificate WTF? how unnesseary, i fink i wud be more glad and happy to receive both at once.. fk. actually, i feel kinda smart !

but yeh it was Mr. Tharonal's (Sorry bout miss spelling his last name ==" never knew how to spell it) retiring year and hez the guest host for tonight, oh damn he looks the same tho. anihuz, he made 2 speeches and it was nice blah blah blah ill miss him. oh the skool also made a vid for him~

                     yeh lal al lal al.. sang the skool song for once in my life and FK its in my head now ==' but dw, it wont be the song of the day :)

Song of the Day: Flo Rida Ft. Nelly Furtado - Jump [i love it :)]

Nelson's Update:
-cam whored
-watching fma season 2
-im drinking pee 

Sunday, October 25, 2009


dont think rong by the name xP

yeh havent been blogging lately. kinda caped

but yeh new updates for me~

Nelson's Update:
-went to multifest on friday~ met someone interesting ;)
-did my speaking exam for chinese external on sat with kevin.
-went yum cha this morning with alex parents
- doing the rest of the chinese exam tomolo~ wish me some goodluck

OH I ALSO found out that kevins pregnant with.. a shell~ xD



Monday, October 19, 2009

-community service or just detention-

you no whats BULL SHIT? going to skool on a public holiday.

well this started right back to QCS. i got caught having my ipod inside the test centre and fk i finally got punished today. and apparently, it was my principal's idea to make us come  back today and do some 'community service' but instead the deputy takes over.

you guys tell me is today worth it.. fml

i went there at like 8.30, my deputy told me and chou to stay outside and wait for 20 minutes so he cud figure out somthing for us to do. oright good enuff reasonable maybe a big day cause hes gota organise the day.

yes we went in, we waited for another 20minutes doing jackshit but waiting.  then austin from grade 10 came in LOL hes got the same destiny as us but instead he got in trouble for fone but yeh. hes got taken away by this other deputy and my deputy saw her giving him a booklet to do and decided that we should do it too. WTF ?! and i got given this theif and dishonesty book wen im didnt do JACK..

took 1 hr to finish that shitty 12 page booklet then yeh we got another job. LABOURING (carrying papers from one place to another) we got sent with this other staff but hey guess what, me and chou's name isnt even on the detention list. so im started to think.. should we even be here?!

since we're soo much of a hard worker we finished the work in like 20 minutes then we went back again. and this time. that bitch is just siting there doing nothing thinking of more things for us to to. he decided to make us pick up rubbish wen he doesnt even have enuff clamps for us. blha blhalbha.. did that for 30 minutes

'lunch break' oh great.. a break while detention HA HA.. saw thien :) hung with him for a while. went back to randolf he cudnt think of anything us to do anymore and told us to do another litter duty WTF IS THAT MAN.. and he decied to go up to garbo and some food.

after that he was late and we sat there for like 15 minutes and WOW.. principal came and go. if hez not back ill let u guys leave in 10. yeh.. thats the only thing she did well after knowing her for 5 years.. and yeh thats al lshe did.. WTF IS THIS MAN =="

and yeh. while litter dutying i recorded this just as an appendix to prove to my friends that i didnt dogg em :)

yeh bus home with joanna. went home finished assignment went online bum around on the net. bball. A NAP in my brothers bed :) shower, eat, blog, and gonna sleep soon.

SONG OF THE DAY IS: Mr.- 如果我是陳奕迅

Nelson's Update:
- snizzing like FK! getting a cold
- finished HED assignment
- trying to find out when my mum's coming back tomolo
- eat apple for dessert
- uploading a picture

ps: i love this licence plate :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

-gundam la-


Rachel Tan says:
*what's your blog ?
我生存的原因是寻找     地狱    ,我死忙的理由是为了取得      快乐    。 says:
*on my pm
Rachel Tan says:
*who is this girl!!!
我生存的原因是寻找     地狱    ,我死忙的理由是为了取得      快乐    。 says:
*which girl!
Rachel Tan says:
*the girl you keep writing about
我生存的原因是寻找     地狱    ,我死忙的理由是为了取得      快乐    。 says:
*ehh no one 8-)
Rachel Tan says:
我生存的原因是寻找     地狱    ,我死忙的理由是为了取得      快乐    。 says:
*lst just say... i created her and her name is .. stormy
Rachel Tan says:
*okay thenn :)
我生存的原因是寻找     地狱    ,我死忙的理由是为了取得      快乐    。 says:
*dont think too much :)
*and imma posting this convo on my blog xD

Friday, October 16, 2009

-I get-

i get jealous when i dont get to go movies with u
i get jealous when you forget things that are ment to be important for us
i get jealous when u dont txt back
i get jealous when u mention ur taller  than me
i get jealous when i see u smiling at someone else

i get piss when mum calls me to take out the rubbish
i get piss when i have to see my principal's face
i get piss when i dont have jack shit to blog about
i get piss when snsd doesnt come to brisbane and perform
i get piss when i cant reach a high pitch when singing a song i love eg. 'is too LATE to apologize'

i get payed out when i dress like a kid
i get payed out when i dont go to parties
i get payed out when i approach someone in a wrong way
i get payed out when i dont pay attention in wat ppls saying
i get payed out when im standing next to yao ming

i get horny when i see her
i get horny when i see her strip
i get horny when i see her strip off
i get horny when i see her strip off slowly
i get horny when i see her strip off slowly ... you wish ill tell u :)

i get owned when i get rejected in bball by my brother
i get owned when i drink water at a party
i get owned when i talk about jesus and his beard
i get owned when i think i didnt
i get owned when i stepped on shit

i get hot when i take off my clothes ;)
i get hot when i drink pearl milk tea
i get hot when i get stared at
i get hot when i am dancing
i get hot when i go driving

i get happy when i think my brother's cheeks =]
i get happy when my friend ipod talks to me
i get happy when no one gives me shit
i get happy when my mum and dad is back from china
i get happy when i sleep because i grow

i got happier when you went on msn
i got happier when you walk past me
i got happier when you said u like orange
i got happier when you tell me ur problems
i got happier when you joke so much

yeh my day was boring :L but i figured out a new way to style my hair~

and yeh i also realized that ppl who suspect they have cancer wont choose to go to the doctors unless they are sure they have it. im one of them :)

song of the day: D=OUT - 春風シャララ

Nelson's Update:
-sold a gatsby clay 
-went up to garbo for the first time in 1 month
-called mum
-msn, ventrolio, youtube, facebook BUT NO WARCRAFT
-depressing continues~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

-50 things-

so yeh.. went thru mychonny's old videos today. and no offence >< i rkn he suks nowadays. he was cool and funny back in the days~ but anyhuz.. i watched his 50 things video : and decided to do the same but instead 30 is enuff... fking
1. i hate girls who smoke skinny cigerettes
2. i got a fcking acedemic award for technology studies
3. i have a mum
4. i have a mum who tapes teletubbies for me everday back in preschool
5. i dont like scary movies but i like to  scare ppl
6. i will marry my dog if im a dog =]
7. i reckon chuck norris jokes are the best for eg. chuck norris watched 60minutes in 20 minutes
8. i am still thinking about drinking milk from a .... not a nippple.. a baby bottle thing... w/e u call it
9. i made 2 new friends yesterday and they are both hot :)
10. i realised u will see black spots after staring at the sun
11. i have no formal parter
12. im getting laid at 18 =]
13. i have 7 things left to write
14. i am still under big pressure
15. i believe the fact that all guys will have atleast fort about gay things before
16. i love hentai :) simply cosh they are perfect
17. i have a bunch of mao lai brothers
18. i chocked on air
19. i punched water and it scattered into pieces
20. i drove with no petrol in the car
21. i can make someone smile by saying 'smile' AHH SEE :) gotcha!
22. i rmr once i went on the superman ride in movie world... na jks. it was my dream
23. i always ask ppl: what do you think im scratching atm*seedy look*
24. i met yoona from SNSD in youtube.
25. i shuffle really pro... speshally when im dealing in poker ~~
26. i love parashooting.. and i always am able to shoot down 3 parrots woo~
27. i wont stop until i reach the end of a circle
28. i sell gatsby, but i use it for lubricant.. for my bikes to make it go smoother
29. im busted to go to the toilet
30. i wan to be one day invisible :) :) WOOT!!

so yeh.. that wasnt too hard. just time consuming. anyways. the fking news is BS! i havent seen no dust storm so far?! unless.. im just pro at seeing things o.o

song of the day X-Japan - Tears

Nelson's Update:
-im taking a shower soon
-im drinking azn tea
-my phone's new ring tone is SNSD's CF song
-i chatted to mum.. i miss her :)
-i cant stop making mistakes 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


days seems soo cold lately. well not literally it was actually .. hot today. but anyways.. i felt cold.

spare my life wud u .. i already have no troubles and sht fking in my life anymore but why is this figure still here wondering around.. 

i cant talk to u normally. i can only look at u.. well not literally at u cosh its on my pc~ but yeh its soo hard.. causing soo much shit when im intentionally trying to help?! wtf...

you no wat, i dont wanna blog anymore today :)

need some new ideas..

YAY fking 4tomorrow is out today ~

this is why song of the day: 4tomorrow - tomorrow

Nelson's Update
-sorrow continues
-watch family guy
-saying sorries :) 


Monday, October 12, 2009


-I cant help my feelings-
-Im suffocating from not thinking about you-
-seeing you with someone else triggers my anger-
-but i have no choice but to face the truth& reality-
-i can only treasure the few second i have with you..-
-patients is what i needed at the moment for me to suceed-
-i contribute my heart and sould in everything i desire to do-
-you are making me suffer from depression-
-should i wait, or should i give up.-
-i wait then ill get nothing-
-give up then ill suffer more-
-im starting to like hell-
-its my best friend-
-everythings red and bloody-
-i dont care if u dont like it blood or w.e, its going thru my body and if i see it, ill consume it back into myself-
-stop me from having pain for dinner and death for nightmare-

Song of the Day: Sadie - Ice Romancer

Nelson's Update:
-i had dinner
-im starting a move on..
-brought family guy season 8

Saturday, October 10, 2009


yeh didnt blog yesterday SO i shall put s tuff from yesterday into today's bloggie =] i mean today is sunday.. wats cud be intresting for today. NOTHING


i started yesterday the 10th of the 10th, by doing ielts.
woke up at 6.30
went to griffith at 8.00
began listen test at 9:30 FUCK LISTENING WAS THE HARDEST... ppl tlk so fast and wont repeat themselves.. bishes...
started reading at 10.25
finishing off with writing at 11.55
lastly i had my speaking exam at 1.00 the topic was.. talk about the closest family member in ur household.. i talked bout my brother and how responisible i am when im with him. i also talked about how i guided him thru his life and crap lala.. bsbsbs :L but yeh.. the examiner rkns im a good brother =]
went to sunnybank at 2.00
pooling at 2.10
went home around 3.30ish
got ready for monica's dinner at 4.00

you no wat.. i cbf recalling :P

yeh went to hyperdome. waited 1 for everyone else.. just me and leon lala..

CAM WHORE started when everyone arrived.. i was soo pumped up and shit lala..

ordered 'a something steak (300g) ate two plates of pasta... and totally KO-ed, desert was fking crazy LOL ill try get the vid asap and post it =] if not.. then too bad im not gonna explain everything xP 2 words.. -disgusting- and -guts-

we got driven back to browns plains by the maddest maxi taxi driver ever, he pumped up some hard bass music and yeh.. epik moments =] most of the ppl went home after but some ppl stayed behind with me and decided to have a lil party at my place :)

went back to my house, shiv moni leon amy came with. amy/moni kareoked most of the time. they left at 11.30

just left with me shiv and leon. we:
played MAHJONG till 3 am. thats bout it =] oh yeh shiv had his damn shitty 7 wins in a row and he acted soo cocky.. blha lbha lbha..

then yeh SLEEP. those bitches took all my pillows and i have to sleep with the smallest pillow ever.

Song of the Day: Ft Island - Raining



Friday, October 9, 2009

-wake up-

holi shit.. been really tired this week.

fell asleep while watching smack down on foxtel..

oh hey look, tomorrow is ieits. from 8am - 4pm.yeh it means i gota wait up at 6am.
good luck with tomolo *fingers cross*
*speaking should be easy since i ppl up all the time.. but this time is the examiner chatting me up~
*writing wud  be easy cosh im a bs artist =]
*listen may get annoying but its like grade 7 work.
*reading is the hardest cosh thers shtloads of read to read ! FK ....

oh yeh be4, i did this quiz on to see if im gay and this is wat i answered:
1.Have you ever had a physical encounter with the same sex? a few times
2.Do you currently identify as gay? no
3.Do you often hang out with homosexuals? no
4.Can you identify people's sexuality better than your friends?yes
5.Do you often fantasize about someone of the same gender?from time to time. (eww not really gay gay dw =])
6.Do you enjoy Celine Dion's music?dont no
7.Does the fact that you might be gay worry you?yes
and GREAT, the result i got from it says that im 67% GAY =="
i fink i should watch my actions from now on T_T.
hmm lets see wats the highlight of the day.. OH i payed for formal, and im siting in a table with like 9 other girls xP oh damn !!yehh.. thats bout it.

Song of the Day: Girugamesh - Crying Rain 

Nelson's Update:
-cleaned my room
-practice piano
-sleeping is required

pickup line for the day: i love all your bones in you, speshally mine ;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009


well there we go again. i actually can b effed blogging for the 2nd consecutive day~~ and btw.. for you readers out there.. im the kind of person that dont really prove ready my work.. cosh wen i find mistakes, i feel like an idiot =]

rawr rawr. today was a short day for skool. went to plaza, ordered kfc woo.. i also got told that a 'zinger burger combo + 3 wicked wing' is more expensive then a 'mega ... somthing meal'. (i also told the guy to repeat the name so i can rmr it but i guess i have fish memories..)

oh then the gay day got kinda intresting a lil.. went to pool. saw johnny hung. vs him in pool. beat him 5-3 =]

i then got home, relaxed a lil ate drink some pearl milk tea. practice some piano, fk a lil bit of life. yeh.. there goes half my day. OH i almost forgot. i just got back from my piano skool at pineland.. >_>" my teacher's sick today and the manager.. aka my couzin didnt tell me anythign bout it so i drove there for no damn reason. how great.

Assessment planner:
- eng exhibit oral <-- ooo kinky :)
- pe journal/report
- health education family report
- technology study waterwaste treatment report
- math B and science exam

Futher planning:
- Ielts english exam this saturday
- Community service for school 19th of oct
- Chinese external exam 24th, 26th
- Going for my P's <-- fk yeh

Song of the day: Jason Chen - I WIll Love Be Loving You

Nelson's update:
learnt 2 new songs
- sold 1 ultra hard clay
- watched ft island's new song teaser today (u can find it on my page)
- realized im stressed but relaxed in the same time

hey... i actually wrote shtloads today.. am i that lame and retarded?! anyways.. i also realized.. ive missed out on shit loads of fk~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

-fcuk my life-

woo first blog. to everyone else this mite be damn exited. to me i just have no life.. and lame.. according to my nerdy friend.

great.. first time using this bloggo thingo~ you can imagine how bored my life is =="

anyways.. school is damn gay... something really weird.. during the day it was kinda SUNNY like... burning sunny.. then all of a sudden before lunch, heavy rain started pouring and it HAS to start before lunch.. Its LUNCH.. and its not the first time.. it happend before~ fml.

Song of the day.....SID - USO

Nelson's Update
-got my last piece of assignment for damn high skool.
-had a lil nap from 6-8... second time of the year. (dont no why im this fcuking tired lately..)
-sold 2 green gatsby today =]

Thats it for today .. i really cudnt be effed anymore.. fml