Friday, October 9, 2009

-wake up-

holi shit.. been really tired this week.

fell asleep while watching smack down on foxtel..

oh hey look, tomorrow is ieits. from 8am - 4pm.yeh it means i gota wait up at 6am.
good luck with tomolo *fingers cross*
*speaking should be easy since i ppl up all the time.. but this time is the examiner chatting me up~
*writing wud  be easy cosh im a bs artist =]
*listen may get annoying but its like grade 7 work.
*reading is the hardest cosh thers shtloads of read to read ! FK ....

oh yeh be4, i did this quiz on to see if im gay and this is wat i answered:
1.Have you ever had a physical encounter with the same sex? a few times
2.Do you currently identify as gay? no
3.Do you often hang out with homosexuals? no
4.Can you identify people's sexuality better than your friends?yes
5.Do you often fantasize about someone of the same gender?from time to time. (eww not really gay gay dw =])
6.Do you enjoy Celine Dion's music?dont no
7.Does the fact that you might be gay worry you?yes
and GREAT, the result i got from it says that im 67% GAY =="
i fink i should watch my actions from now on T_T.
hmm lets see wats the highlight of the day.. OH i payed for formal, and im siting in a table with like 9 other girls xP oh damn !!yehh.. thats bout it.

Song of the Day: Girugamesh - Crying Rain 

Nelson's Update:
-cleaned my room
-practice piano
-sleeping is required

pickup line for the day: i love all your bones in you, speshally mine ;)

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