Thursday, October 8, 2009


well there we go again. i actually can b effed blogging for the 2nd consecutive day~~ and btw.. for you readers out there.. im the kind of person that dont really prove ready my work.. cosh wen i find mistakes, i feel like an idiot =]

rawr rawr. today was a short day for skool. went to plaza, ordered kfc woo.. i also got told that a 'zinger burger combo + 3 wicked wing' is more expensive then a 'mega ... somthing meal'. (i also told the guy to repeat the name so i can rmr it but i guess i have fish memories..)

oh then the gay day got kinda intresting a lil.. went to pool. saw johnny hung. vs him in pool. beat him 5-3 =]

i then got home, relaxed a lil ate drink some pearl milk tea. practice some piano, fk a lil bit of life. yeh.. there goes half my day. OH i almost forgot. i just got back from my piano skool at pineland.. >_>" my teacher's sick today and the manager.. aka my couzin didnt tell me anythign bout it so i drove there for no damn reason. how great.

Assessment planner:
- eng exhibit oral <-- ooo kinky :)
- pe journal/report
- health education family report
- technology study waterwaste treatment report
- math B and science exam

Futher planning:
- Ielts english exam this saturday
- Community service for school 19th of oct
- Chinese external exam 24th, 26th
- Going for my P's <-- fk yeh

Song of the day: Jason Chen - I WIll Love Be Loving You

Nelson's update:
learnt 2 new songs
- sold 1 ultra hard clay
- watched ft island's new song teaser today (u can find it on my page)
- realized im stressed but relaxed in the same time

hey... i actually wrote shtloads today.. am i that lame and retarded?! anyways.. i also realized.. ive missed out on shit loads of fk~

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