Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Awards Evening

la di da!

no school today and spend the entire morning rehearsing for tonight's awards evening.

                     i found something really weird tho.. is that the medal we recieved are given to us during the rehearsal and they told us to wear it to the venue during the evening but the certificate is given during the ceremony. wats the point of that? i fort awards evening is to show congratz us with all the achievements then why the eff dont they just give us the medal along with the certificate? if they rkn its time consuming they cud just put in in with the certificate WTF? how unnesseary, i fink i wud be more glad and happy to receive both at once.. fk. actually, i feel kinda smart !

but yeh it was Mr. Tharonal's (Sorry bout miss spelling his last name ==" never knew how to spell it) retiring year and hez the guest host for tonight, oh damn he looks the same tho. anihuz, he made 2 speeches and it was nice blah blah blah ill miss him. oh the skool also made a vid for him~

                     yeh lal al lal al.. sang the skool song for once in my life and FK its in my head now ==' but dw, it wont be the song of the day :)

Song of the Day: Flo Rida Ft. Nelly Furtado - Jump [i love it :)]

Nelson's Update:
-cam whored
-watching fma season 2
-im drinking pee 

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