Wednesday, October 14, 2009

-50 things-

so yeh.. went thru mychonny's old videos today. and no offence >< i rkn he suks nowadays. he was cool and funny back in the days~ but anyhuz.. i watched his 50 things video : and decided to do the same but instead 30 is enuff... fking
1. i hate girls who smoke skinny cigerettes
2. i got a fcking acedemic award for technology studies
3. i have a mum
4. i have a mum who tapes teletubbies for me everday back in preschool
5. i dont like scary movies but i like to  scare ppl
6. i will marry my dog if im a dog =]
7. i reckon chuck norris jokes are the best for eg. chuck norris watched 60minutes in 20 minutes
8. i am still thinking about drinking milk from a .... not a nippple.. a baby bottle thing... w/e u call it
9. i made 2 new friends yesterday and they are both hot :)
10. i realised u will see black spots after staring at the sun
11. i have no formal parter
12. im getting laid at 18 =]
13. i have 7 things left to write
14. i am still under big pressure
15. i believe the fact that all guys will have atleast fort about gay things before
16. i love hentai :) simply cosh they are perfect
17. i have a bunch of mao lai brothers
18. i chocked on air
19. i punched water and it scattered into pieces
20. i drove with no petrol in the car
21. i can make someone smile by saying 'smile' AHH SEE :) gotcha!
22. i rmr once i went on the superman ride in movie world... na jks. it was my dream
23. i always ask ppl: what do you think im scratching atm*seedy look*
24. i met yoona from SNSD in youtube.
25. i shuffle really pro... speshally when im dealing in poker ~~
26. i love parashooting.. and i always am able to shoot down 3 parrots woo~
27. i wont stop until i reach the end of a circle
28. i sell gatsby, but i use it for lubricant.. for my bikes to make it go smoother
29. im busted to go to the toilet
30. i wan to be one day invisible :) :) WOOT!!

so yeh.. that wasnt too hard. just time consuming. anyways. the fking news is BS! i havent seen no dust storm so far?! unless.. im just pro at seeing things o.o

song of the day X-Japan - Tears

Nelson's Update:
-im taking a shower soon
-im drinking azn tea
-my phone's new ring tone is SNSD's CF song
-i chatted to mum.. i miss her :)
-i cant stop making mistakes