Wednesday, October 7, 2009

-fcuk my life-

woo first blog. to everyone else this mite be damn exited. to me i just have no life.. and lame.. according to my nerdy friend.

great.. first time using this bloggo thingo~ you can imagine how bored my life is =="

anyways.. school is damn gay... something really weird.. during the day it was kinda SUNNY like... burning sunny.. then all of a sudden before lunch, heavy rain started pouring and it HAS to start before lunch.. Its LUNCH.. and its not the first time.. it happend before~ fml.

Song of the day.....SID - USO

Nelson's Update
-got my last piece of assignment for damn high skool.
-had a lil nap from 6-8... second time of the year. (dont no why im this fcuking tired lately..)
-sold 2 green gatsby today =]

Thats it for today .. i really cudnt be effed anymore.. fml

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