Saturday, October 10, 2009


yeh didnt blog yesterday SO i shall put s tuff from yesterday into today's bloggie =] i mean today is sunday.. wats cud be intresting for today. NOTHING


i started yesterday the 10th of the 10th, by doing ielts.
woke up at 6.30
went to griffith at 8.00
began listen test at 9:30 FUCK LISTENING WAS THE HARDEST... ppl tlk so fast and wont repeat themselves.. bishes...
started reading at 10.25
finishing off with writing at 11.55
lastly i had my speaking exam at 1.00 the topic was.. talk about the closest family member in ur household.. i talked bout my brother and how responisible i am when im with him. i also talked about how i guided him thru his life and crap lala.. bsbsbs :L but yeh.. the examiner rkns im a good brother =]
went to sunnybank at 2.00
pooling at 2.10
went home around 3.30ish
got ready for monica's dinner at 4.00

you no wat.. i cbf recalling :P

yeh went to hyperdome. waited 1 for everyone else.. just me and leon lala..

CAM WHORE started when everyone arrived.. i was soo pumped up and shit lala..

ordered 'a something steak (300g) ate two plates of pasta... and totally KO-ed, desert was fking crazy LOL ill try get the vid asap and post it =] if not.. then too bad im not gonna explain everything xP 2 words.. -disgusting- and -guts-

we got driven back to browns plains by the maddest maxi taxi driver ever, he pumped up some hard bass music and yeh.. epik moments =] most of the ppl went home after but some ppl stayed behind with me and decided to have a lil party at my place :)

went back to my house, shiv moni leon amy came with. amy/moni kareoked most of the time. they left at 11.30

just left with me shiv and leon. we:
played MAHJONG till 3 am. thats bout it =] oh yeh shiv had his damn shitty 7 wins in a row and he acted soo cocky.. blha lbha lbha..

then yeh SLEEP. those bitches took all my pillows and i have to sleep with the smallest pillow ever.

Song of the Day: Ft Island - Raining



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