Monday, October 19, 2009

-community service or just detention-

you no whats BULL SHIT? going to skool on a public holiday.

well this started right back to QCS. i got caught having my ipod inside the test centre and fk i finally got punished today. and apparently, it was my principal's idea to make us come  back today and do some 'community service' but instead the deputy takes over.

you guys tell me is today worth it.. fml

i went there at like 8.30, my deputy told me and chou to stay outside and wait for 20 minutes so he cud figure out somthing for us to do. oright good enuff reasonable maybe a big day cause hes gota organise the day.

yes we went in, we waited for another 20minutes doing jackshit but waiting.  then austin from grade 10 came in LOL hes got the same destiny as us but instead he got in trouble for fone but yeh. hes got taken away by this other deputy and my deputy saw her giving him a booklet to do and decided that we should do it too. WTF ?! and i got given this theif and dishonesty book wen im didnt do JACK..

took 1 hr to finish that shitty 12 page booklet then yeh we got another job. LABOURING (carrying papers from one place to another) we got sent with this other staff but hey guess what, me and chou's name isnt even on the detention list. so im started to think.. should we even be here?!

since we're soo much of a hard worker we finished the work in like 20 minutes then we went back again. and this time. that bitch is just siting there doing nothing thinking of more things for us to to. he decided to make us pick up rubbish wen he doesnt even have enuff clamps for us. blha blhalbha.. did that for 30 minutes

'lunch break' oh great.. a break while detention HA HA.. saw thien :) hung with him for a while. went back to randolf he cudnt think of anything us to do anymore and told us to do another litter duty WTF IS THAT MAN.. and he decied to go up to garbo and some food.

after that he was late and we sat there for like 15 minutes and WOW.. principal came and go. if hez not back ill let u guys leave in 10. yeh.. thats the only thing she did well after knowing her for 5 years.. and yeh thats al lshe did.. WTF IS THIS MAN =="

and yeh. while litter dutying i recorded this just as an appendix to prove to my friends that i didnt dogg em :)

yeh bus home with joanna. went home finished assignment went online bum around on the net. bball. A NAP in my brothers bed :) shower, eat, blog, and gonna sleep soon.

SONG OF THE DAY IS: Mr.- 如果我是陳奕迅

Nelson's Update:
- snizzing like FK! getting a cold
- finished HED assignment
- trying to find out when my mum's coming back tomolo
- eat apple for dessert
- uploading a picture

ps: i love this licence plate :)

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  1. hahhaha. bad day but no need to 'fml'. =D
    stalking your page now.