Monday, December 13, 2010

-finally someones here with the same timezone-

"sleeping early makes a good start" have some panadol u retard!!

a place thats always summer.. weird shit u got there :P

have fun, k bye!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

-red yellow green-

so i havent been blogging for like a week now...  and wow.. can u believe it? im out of australia for almost a month now. but it only feels like yesterday wen i had my stupid go away parties with friends.
 oh hey, look watching tvh atm, and some charity show is on atm. this sand art performance is on. its kinda interesting, should say unpredictable instead. For those who doesnt know what is sand art its something like this basically its just using sand.. to.... do ... art.. =D that explained alot aye i know, no need to thank me hehe 

 anyways. days at hong kong is kinda half fun half boring. fun for the outings ive had and shit coz im staying home and an example of my bordom is exactly what im doing right now.. BLOGGING. you know whats more weird is that im blogging on msn.. for this ... future super hero known as the 'spiderwoman' who assumed got bitten by a spider today and it looked weird.

anyways lets go back to what i wanna talk about today.. is that DUDE, ive been to clubbing twice in hong kong so far, just like Australia, ive been to a alright one (kk) and then i went to a fairly bad one (i wont mention it  ) but yeh... anyways, ill tell u how bad it is man... first thing i walked into this shitty club yesterday was that everyone was soo fcking young rage from 16-19 year olds..WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?! yes i heard its held by high skool people but comeon,, i didnt expect to see ppl underage to be there == thats just dirty... wat makes it worse is that i cud describe the club with 3 things: HOOKING UP, WHITE FEVER and SHIT DJ.

okay hooking up: i think at this generation later then us is all about getting the bitches and just ... sex   they where srsly grinding HARD and just sexing on the dance floor. what makes it worse is that the dance floor is already small and u with no dobt ull get some butt contact   but also white sweaty arms that drags along back >< lol one of my friend also got burnt by a lit cigerette held by a whore while getting grinded on.. == just fck get a room, clubbing isnt like that u fcuking kids ==''

 white fever: okay i gota admit, there were some alright looking girls in the club, i like some and i got some -cha ching to me  - but apart from that... the other good looking ones are like... all over these seedy lanky white dudes.. like Oh EM geE!! no not the song but OMG becoz it was just horrible to even look at... they are everywhere. all the place we go to in the club, no EVERY CORNER
 in the club we will see white fevers... dudE TT

SHIT DJ: dude that dj to start of is a fcking young lil afro white dude that cant even dj! man your fucking white, ur ment to be good at DJING ==' the musik was soo shit.. it wasl ike slow TECHNO   WHAT THE FUCK?! the whole night we just tottally gave that dj shit and I, I PERSONALLY ASKED FOR LIKE A G6 to be played but NO! even tho that kient answered me he will put it on but it never came on! SOO DISAPPOINTED.. we left at 1.30 to get maccas. hah, that ws like the highlight of the day. shit thing is that we didnt have nothing else to do after we ate and regret ripping up the tag to get bak into the club TT we we've just drank for a bit more ><

overall... it was a shit experience.. my friend gave me shit for bringing them to a shit club == gosh i wont fcking trust my hk friend anymore.. shes a let down FUCK!

 tmr better be better as i will going to a all girls night (free entry for girls) club and it shall make things better ~~

-ps. ideas of these blog inspired by K.T.~
song of the day: gazette - pledge

Thursday, December 2, 2010

-defrost these feelings-

its quite clear that im not a very nice person aye. i dont even know why im doing such things for a friend. i really treasured the time we spent together, it was very fun, i enjoyed every moment. i cant stop thinking about wat ive done. im not sure if its correct but im absolutely sure i did something wrong. friendship is somthing that u cant give it a try to see if ur capable of having. its not like cigerettes where u can try once then quit it for the rest of ur life. friendship is somthing that when its broken once, its gone; even if there will be a chance of friends to regain the trust, but a scar is already left there. the promise does not exist anymore, atleast not as strong.
ive been betrayed and i have also betrayed someone. either way it doesnt feel good at all. being hurt feels like u cant do anything about what has happen and hurting someone feels like your just one hell of a dick.
i have to say to you however: the nights we had cud be a play, but i do treasure the happy times we had together. you may now think that im a total jerk, but to me, your always that little girl that made me happy thruout my night times wen i cudnt sleep while thinking about my past. thank you very much. you gave me a very good time. i will never forget you nor our past. yes im not a sweet person, but atleast im trying my best to express my true feelings and i promise you, these stuff I just said is all from me. not from anyone else. sorry is all i can say now. i owe you too much i cud not explain.. sorry girl..
song of day: And - Anemone