Thursday, December 2, 2010

-defrost these feelings-

its quite clear that im not a very nice person aye. i dont even know why im doing such things for a friend. i really treasured the time we spent together, it was very fun, i enjoyed every moment. i cant stop thinking about wat ive done. im not sure if its correct but im absolutely sure i did something wrong. friendship is somthing that u cant give it a try to see if ur capable of having. its not like cigerettes where u can try once then quit it for the rest of ur life. friendship is somthing that when its broken once, its gone; even if there will be a chance of friends to regain the trust, but a scar is already left there. the promise does not exist anymore, atleast not as strong.
ive been betrayed and i have also betrayed someone. either way it doesnt feel good at all. being hurt feels like u cant do anything about what has happen and hurting someone feels like your just one hell of a dick.
i have to say to you however: the nights we had cud be a play, but i do treasure the happy times we had together. you may now think that im a total jerk, but to me, your always that little girl that made me happy thruout my night times wen i cudnt sleep while thinking about my past. thank you very much. you gave me a very good time. i will never forget you nor our past. yes im not a sweet person, but atleast im trying my best to express my true feelings and i promise you, these stuff I just said is all from me. not from anyone else. sorry is all i can say now. i owe you too much i cud not explain.. sorry girl..
song of day: And - Anemone

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