Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Pinch and a Punch for the first of the Month, WHITE RABBITs :)

so ive been to macau! the kindom of casino.NO i didnt see 2pm and shit.. they left  before i stepped into their hotel TT. i swear my sistah was gonna get me tix for their MAMA concert.. but NO, sis didnt tell me that shes getting it until the live show actually airing ==' fck... but apart from that... its my first time being in a casino. it srsly aint that bad. everything look soo pro. the dealers are like WOAHHHH professional much? and i swear they dont smile ==. everythings soo serious... anyways.. had 5 meals yesterday and 4 meals today. i think i really am getting fat like a .. little fat bitch..

im back in guang zhou today. my days seems fcking long ass now.. waking up at 9ish 10 sleeping at 3,4 am... days seems a lot longer. i wanna go back to aussie lah. but again i havent done enuff shopping. so far i only spend 300 hk on this jacket, not becoz i like it, becoz its fcking damn cold ==' dont know why this time im back im actualyl spending a lot less.. i rmr last time i came back i spent like 1 grand on the first day...maybe ill start shopping tmr as im going closer to the city into shopping malls.. hehehe... *must rmr to conserve money* NOT =P

so... wat i have to say is that. im trying, i know i will achieve what i want.. i will not leave u hanging!!! meow~

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