Sunday, November 14, 2010

-'tired' of 'tried'

like who in the world thinks of this world as a fair world? im the first one who doesnt. at this moment, i should have a smile on my face no later then the coming week becoz ill be free from stress, love, conflict and memories. 

so much has happend this past week, one week that i actually remembered what happend every single day. all were pretty hard to go through. many status changes, many ups but mostly downs. people that i still have to thank, people who i still could not forget and people who i cudnt decide to consider friends or not. but this shall all end once and for all. too much for me to think lately, was even at a stage where i was digesting somthing but having extra shit stuffed down my system for me to collapse.

time please come by faster, i want to escape!! give me a break~ 

tired now, very tired of this situation. i spent a countless amount of time reflecting what has happend. i have solutions that will solve the problem but go against my will, and solutions that will also solve the problem but hurt myself more. 

*loading* yes i got it ^^

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