Sunday, October 31, 2010

-To Do List-

back to hong kong
kimmy's 18th
get my Green P's
 clubbing in hong kong
finish uni
2 exam
eat chocolate cookies
jailbreak my iphone
end of year klub kanky
watch jackass 3D
my go away party 
 find a gf
save up $3000 for hk
learn Richard Clayderman's ballade pour adeline
learn Richard Clayderman Voyage a Venice

Sunday, October 24, 2010

-constructing a life here-

havent really blogged much lately, not much about myself anyways so might aswell do some updating.

'nelson hung wants to be a girl' is my latest fb status

so i only have 2 more exams to do and ill be like off the hook again. 3 months away from the biggest island on earth. srsly dont wanna be back here, excluding my friends, i srsly wudnt choose to live here anymore. too much bad news. rather stay with lil old daddy. this place is soo boring. 

bachelar of Arts in UQ or GU next year.. hah, havent even thought about majoring in what. of cause im not the studying type so im not seeing myself doing law, or pharm or w/e hardcore subjects.. might just stick with german, ofcoz... and japanese? srsly the reason why i want to learn jap is for the girls to watch anime without reading sub-titles.. lol srsly.. i HATE reading subtitles, always gets me off guard and forget wats the storyline tlking about..

SNSD's third mini singles back next week and im very very exited ^^ bout time i have some happy music to listen to, after a series of 2pm, b2st, ft island depressing genres.

i havent talk to you for a while now, how are u? are u annoyed at me.. still? i wanna tlk to u, but i dont wan to bother u, just before i go, see me once more? 

song of the day: Shimatani Hitomi - Perseus

Saturday, October 23, 2010

-tap tap-

did anyone see the moon from last night? it was like sooooo bigggg.

i dont have a life, ich habe keinen leben.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

-these weird moments again-

okay dude, wake up, she isnt gonna be here since the past, she wudnt be here now NOR she wud be here in the future. dont you just get the fact that shes only treating you as a friend? wake up. it wont work waiting for her. why are u so stupid? it happens to you all the time, grow up! and snap out of it. you WONT be treated the same way you treated them. this is just not how life goes. its an unfair and untrustworthy world. she isnt worth the time, just let go, look for someone else. Please dont crave to talk to them on the phone, please dont double click on their e-mail in msn and dont make any thoughts about them in ur head, becoz they DONT care about you. When your thinkin about her, she is thinking about her lover, not you. who do you think you are to even worth them thinking? so what if you were close with her? it doesnt change the fact that shes actually taken or simply has no heart towards you? dreams over.. hopefully. stand up again. this is just pointless if you are gonna continue this pointless wait. you wont find your answer. make yourself clear that you have to start walking forward. dont get layed back. its not good for you. not for your time. your life is way more precious then spending it on hopeless love. just give up. i beg you. please, dont look back. she'll NEVER be with you and thats a fact.

song of the day: 2PM - I'll Be Back

last presentation
one more assignment
2 exam 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

-pick up urself again-

aftering talking to her tonight I feel like I'm not the only one disppointed in what happend previously.. she doesn't deserve this much shit.. not that she deserve any. It's so unfair.. using someone's property with no respect. how can you actually do that? you really need some sense hit into you, its not the first time aswell. but i shall not mention something happend that far ago. back to recent; why does she have to suck all the shit in when you enjoy the moments? why does she have to encounter all these problems when you crack up jokes and laugh along with your friends? and also, to you other ones out there who contributed in fcking up the night for her, please have some respect for her as you guys should've known better. what you guys did was unessessary, unpleasent, unfriendly and unreliable. I personally call this the 4U's. 

as for you my dear friend, please dont get too cut at these people, they aint worth it. they should be the one coming to apologize  to you. if they dont, it shows that you dont even have to bother considering them as 'close' friends. and my dear friend, im really sorry for last night, i really wasnt in a good mood and what i witnessed at the party made it worse. i tried my best not putting it on my face but i cudnt help it. really sorry. even tho i dont think you will ever read this post, but if you do, i really do mean what i say. i know, its not my position to say all these stuff and I cud be wrong at a point but this is how i see it. i wont allow anyone to come and hurt ur feelings and i certiainly wont forgive who did what to you. i dont want to see you frown or tear. this break up for you cud mean a new life and please, dont think for a sec that its your fault. stay strong!

please forget what has happend last night, only rmr the good moments and continue with your life with no regrets.

and to answer your question properlly, I really don't know, I try not to think about it because I know I dont stand a chance, so why think about something that wont happend?

song of day: Gazette - Hesitating Means Death

Monday, October 4, 2010

-What Nelson and Ryan thinks about SEX?- (Rated MA 15+)

Nelzon says:
*sex is like an instrument to me, i practice it everyday and i like the sounds produced by it.

Ryan says:
*sex is meant to be sacred each time, but i just want to get my dick wet 90% of the time

Nelzon says:
*sex isnt just a game, its a drug. at first, its really hard to get into but once u get use to it, u cant stop.

Ryan says:
*before my first time, my friends would always talk about getting just getting pussy, i always thought it was really rude.. but once i did it, it's just like an addiction, i just want more and more.

Nelzon says:
*sex is not a term im very familiar with until grade 9, before that, i thought that couples will get granted a baby by jesus straight after marrage. lolz

Ryan says:
*i still dont understand why guys like to lick fuck touch pussy, for me.. it's really all about that boobs, i seem to have more fun with boobs then pussy.

Nelzon says:
*i really hate those ppl who claims that they cant have sex until getting married. coz i know alot who says that and already had sex.

Ryan says:
*the advice i'd give to people that haven't had sex is to make sure it's with someone you love and care about, becuase the first time is really something special and shouldn't be wasted on someone random.

Nelzon says:
*sex is really important in everyone's life i guess, if not relating sexually, for ppl who loves kids wud consider it like everyday i rkn. its also another way to keep urself fit.

Ryan says:
*it's sad to see that a lot of 12 to 14 year olds are having sexy, back then i was playing with friends or going out bmx riding, not playing with a chicks vagina and tits.. these days kids just think its the "Cool" thing to do...

Nelzon says:
*sometimes i will think that girls are much smarter than guys in regards to sex becoz of ur fast twitch thinking systems haha, but i shall explore the truth myself :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

-again and again-

pretty hecktic night at lulu's 18th masquerade party. however, one thing tho, there must be a proper DJ next time! it was pretty pumped i suppose. flash lights, those lazer beams, loud music (exclude the fcked up bass) was awesome. however those flash lights gave me an 'zap' feeling, got me dizzy and blind X_X.

Chungstah was there with me the whole night, speshal thanks to him, fanks for driving me to the venue, thanks for the long and comfortable D&M. i really cant ask for more. you are truely a true truely truthful trustworthy friend bro of mine. thanks for your support x3 i really didnt know wat to do if u werent there tonight hahaha.. 

srsly. without you, i wudnt know how to deal with her. like srsly.. wat is the chance of her being at the same damn party.. must be fate ==' destiny says i have to see her fcking face. she i swear she is everywhere! plaza, QUT, UQ, PARTIES.. srsly. fck me good. lolz. i gess tonight ill have extra thigns to think about hahaha. 

dude, im hungry atm,, and tlking about it now.. I THOUGHT I LOST MY FCKING WALLET MAN ==' I spent like 30 minutes looking for it and kinda just gave up, sat down on a chair, heads down thinking wtf is going on. btw thanks for all the ppl who helped looking for my wallet aye ==' 5 minutes later -recieves text- "Hey Nelson, I found ur wallet, Why is it in my jacket?" lolz fail... i totally fort i putted my wallet in my jacket but instead, i left it at Kenji's by accident.. silly me lol... i didnt wanna risk my P's and drive home  without my lic so again, thanks for Daniel for driving me straight home ==.. i owe u too much aye.

AND finally becoz of my wallet which had my Big Mac voucher in it, i CUDNT FCKING DRIVE TO MACCAS AND GET MY BIG MAC >< fml.. im soo hungry..... already ate like 4 egg rolls.. what else is in the house for me to eat.. or do i just sleep it off..... FML!! =[

songs of the night: B2ST - Soom/ Usher - Dj's Got Us Fallin In Love Again.