Sunday, October 24, 2010

-constructing a life here-

havent really blogged much lately, not much about myself anyways so might aswell do some updating.

'nelson hung wants to be a girl' is my latest fb status

so i only have 2 more exams to do and ill be like off the hook again. 3 months away from the biggest island on earth. srsly dont wanna be back here, excluding my friends, i srsly wudnt choose to live here anymore. too much bad news. rather stay with lil old daddy. this place is soo boring. 

bachelar of Arts in UQ or GU next year.. hah, havent even thought about majoring in what. of cause im not the studying type so im not seeing myself doing law, or pharm or w/e hardcore subjects.. might just stick with german, ofcoz... and japanese? srsly the reason why i want to learn jap is for the girls to watch anime without reading sub-titles.. lol srsly.. i HATE reading subtitles, always gets me off guard and forget wats the storyline tlking about..

SNSD's third mini singles back next week and im very very exited ^^ bout time i have some happy music to listen to, after a series of 2pm, b2st, ft island depressing genres.

i havent talk to you for a while now, how are u? are u annoyed at me.. still? i wanna tlk to u, but i dont wan to bother u, just before i go, see me once more? 

song of the day: Shimatani Hitomi - Perseus

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