Thursday, October 14, 2010

-these weird moments again-

okay dude, wake up, she isnt gonna be here since the past, she wudnt be here now NOR she wud be here in the future. dont you just get the fact that shes only treating you as a friend? wake up. it wont work waiting for her. why are u so stupid? it happens to you all the time, grow up! and snap out of it. you WONT be treated the same way you treated them. this is just not how life goes. its an unfair and untrustworthy world. she isnt worth the time, just let go, look for someone else. Please dont crave to talk to them on the phone, please dont double click on their e-mail in msn and dont make any thoughts about them in ur head, becoz they DONT care about you. When your thinkin about her, she is thinking about her lover, not you. who do you think you are to even worth them thinking? so what if you were close with her? it doesnt change the fact that shes actually taken or simply has no heart towards you? dreams over.. hopefully. stand up again. this is just pointless if you are gonna continue this pointless wait. you wont find your answer. make yourself clear that you have to start walking forward. dont get layed back. its not good for you. not for your time. your life is way more precious then spending it on hopeless love. just give up. i beg you. please, dont look back. she'll NEVER be with you and thats a fact.

song of the day: 2PM - I'll Be Back

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