Friday, October 1, 2010

-again and again-

pretty hecktic night at lulu's 18th masquerade party. however, one thing tho, there must be a proper DJ next time! it was pretty pumped i suppose. flash lights, those lazer beams, loud music (exclude the fcked up bass) was awesome. however those flash lights gave me an 'zap' feeling, got me dizzy and blind X_X.

Chungstah was there with me the whole night, speshal thanks to him, fanks for driving me to the venue, thanks for the long and comfortable D&M. i really cant ask for more. you are truely a true truely truthful trustworthy friend bro of mine. thanks for your support x3 i really didnt know wat to do if u werent there tonight hahaha.. 

srsly. without you, i wudnt know how to deal with her. like srsly.. wat is the chance of her being at the same damn party.. must be fate ==' destiny says i have to see her fcking face. she i swear she is everywhere! plaza, QUT, UQ, PARTIES.. srsly. fck me good. lolz. i gess tonight ill have extra thigns to think about hahaha. 

dude, im hungry atm,, and tlking about it now.. I THOUGHT I LOST MY FCKING WALLET MAN ==' I spent like 30 minutes looking for it and kinda just gave up, sat down on a chair, heads down thinking wtf is going on. btw thanks for all the ppl who helped looking for my wallet aye ==' 5 minutes later -recieves text- "Hey Nelson, I found ur wallet, Why is it in my jacket?" lolz fail... i totally fort i putted my wallet in my jacket but instead, i left it at Kenji's by accident.. silly me lol... i didnt wanna risk my P's and drive home  without my lic so again, thanks for Daniel for driving me straight home ==.. i owe u too much aye.

AND finally becoz of my wallet which had my Big Mac voucher in it, i CUDNT FCKING DRIVE TO MACCAS AND GET MY BIG MAC >< fml.. im soo hungry..... already ate like 4 egg rolls.. what else is in the house for me to eat.. or do i just sleep it off..... FML!! =[

songs of the night: B2ST - Soom/ Usher - Dj's Got Us Fallin In Love Again.

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