Sunday, October 10, 2010

-pick up urself again-

aftering talking to her tonight I feel like I'm not the only one disppointed in what happend previously.. she doesn't deserve this much shit.. not that she deserve any. It's so unfair.. using someone's property with no respect. how can you actually do that? you really need some sense hit into you, its not the first time aswell. but i shall not mention something happend that far ago. back to recent; why does she have to suck all the shit in when you enjoy the moments? why does she have to encounter all these problems when you crack up jokes and laugh along with your friends? and also, to you other ones out there who contributed in fcking up the night for her, please have some respect for her as you guys should've known better. what you guys did was unessessary, unpleasent, unfriendly and unreliable. I personally call this the 4U's. 

as for you my dear friend, please dont get too cut at these people, they aint worth it. they should be the one coming to apologize  to you. if they dont, it shows that you dont even have to bother considering them as 'close' friends. and my dear friend, im really sorry for last night, i really wasnt in a good mood and what i witnessed at the party made it worse. i tried my best not putting it on my face but i cudnt help it. really sorry. even tho i dont think you will ever read this post, but if you do, i really do mean what i say. i know, its not my position to say all these stuff and I cud be wrong at a point but this is how i see it. i wont allow anyone to come and hurt ur feelings and i certiainly wont forgive who did what to you. i dont want to see you frown or tear. this break up for you cud mean a new life and please, dont think for a sec that its your fault. stay strong!

please forget what has happend last night, only rmr the good moments and continue with your life with no regrets.

and to answer your question properlly, I really don't know, I try not to think about it because I know I dont stand a chance, so why think about something that wont happend?

song of day: Gazette - Hesitating Means Death

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