Monday, October 12, 2009


-I cant help my feelings-
-Im suffocating from not thinking about you-
-seeing you with someone else triggers my anger-
-but i have no choice but to face the truth& reality-
-i can only treasure the few second i have with you..-
-patients is what i needed at the moment for me to suceed-
-i contribute my heart and sould in everything i desire to do-
-you are making me suffer from depression-
-should i wait, or should i give up.-
-i wait then ill get nothing-
-give up then ill suffer more-
-im starting to like hell-
-its my best friend-
-everythings red and bloody-
-i dont care if u dont like it blood or w.e, its going thru my body and if i see it, ill consume it back into myself-
-stop me from having pain for dinner and death for nightmare-

Song of the Day: Sadie - Ice Romancer

Nelson's Update:
-i had dinner
-im starting a move on..
-brought family guy season 8

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