Thursday, October 29, 2009


im deciding to use this weird colour for today's bloggy~

 llalala heres my lil alphabet theories that i follow in my life currently

Always let the other person make the move

Believe in myself even if im failing

Cook for myself when im hungry

Destroy pests around the house because im evil

Eat anything u can find whenever ur friend 'tummy' is calling

Fcuk life when depress

Give mummy a hug

Have a nice cup of SHUT THE FUCUP during hwk doing

Instruct my lil brother so he can learn the good things from me

Jiggle with phillip kang ji ho

Knowing what is right to do instead of following wat others think

Listen to mummy, shes always right

Money can control the work, it is everything

Never tell someone u hate them

Ownage but keep siolent

Pretend you dont no anything so ppl wont pick on u

Queer is the last solution

Random is what makes a funny guy

Sing.. that explains everything

Think about the person i love

Under estimate the people you hate

Virginity only has a first

Wank with friends when bored xD

X-files will make you smarter

Young and dangerous is old school, grow up

Zebra is also my favourite pet :)

  for everyone, this alphabet is different but yeh, if u dont like it, too bad xP thats me buhahaha..

anyways.   i finished 3 fcuking assignments today~ so SCK ME OFF SCHOOL U CAN GO DIE!!!!!

1 more assignemt , 2 exam left and imma done for high school~.

Song Of the Day: Ft Island - I Hope

Nelson's UpDaTe:
-eating oranges.. my fav fruit
-exited for P's
-extremely bored
-even mum calls me baby boy :) 

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