Sunday, November 1, 2009

-somthing that hit my head-

hmm wat shall i talk about today? kinda running out of ideas.

oh yeh today was fun =] my cousin leanne's bbq party at kuraby. and yeh all her friends are like shit old just like her xP and imma the youngest. lucky steve was there or imma like owned lonered. thruout the party, was playing basketball and i swear i got better at aiming :) LALALLA afterall, HAPPY BDAY LEANNE :)

okay somthing new, umm i have my last ever oral for high school tomolo, and its english talking about myself and what makes up nelson today :)

P's on n tuesday, hell yeh imma exited. but nervous in the same time. who noes wat will happen to me... TT wish me luck for those who reads this :)

man.. 2 weeks of actually school left..
13 years of:
time with friends
playing sports for hpe
having teaching chasing after ur assignments
jumping around in skool and breaking the rules
easy friend making
chilling in a group of ppl that has the same fashion as u ~
all this stuff will be gone >< really have to treasure the time have left

next blog ill just talk about somthing else that i realized i cud rawr raw rwawr about hehe.

anyways to sum up. i love my life ^^ no longer emo. however i still wudlike to continue my style of dressing like one :)

Nelson's Update:
-eating supper
-practicing oral
-nervous over everything
-txting mummy to wake me up tomolo

-im ur lollipop, imma sweet and unforgiving~

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