Wednesday, November 18, 2009


before i start, like my new wallpaper :) its soo professional LOL! XD

FORMAL IS OFFICIALLY OVER and its is fcking the best shit ever in the world that i have ever experienced in my fucking life which ment like fking heaps to me because i had so much fun that u cant descibe it with words or action and only with feelings! damn.. that was a long sentence xP try saying it in one breathe. i betchu cant =]

okay formal, hmmm i loved it.. i finally had the guts to dance on stage, freestyle everywere and not scard of dancing in a circle or even with teachers xP. fillip i did a chore for boom  boom pow~ but stupid dJ cutted out half of my our intro.. damn :L but oh wells!! we made it into a dance battle after, and damn i realize some other ppls are good at dancing *cough* jordan *cough*. then we dance to ayer on the STAGE !! OMFG!!!@! ITS SOOO FUCKING GOOODD!!!! 100% freestyle nothing chored, just did w.e is poped in my mind, and damn fillip is good x]. lastly i danced to three quarters of now your gone by bass hunter. blah lbhablha i did a knee spin before ending my solo, and wow at that time i pulled a muscle and feels like its one on top of each other~ yum :) but yeh.. i was sweating like hell ==" wait.. ill find a pic

can u see the damn difference :L i was like.. soaked..

anyhuz.. after party was not that great :L didnt sleep at all; didnt drink at all; didnt do much at all; didnt see much ppl at all; gay at all!!!!! lol went to ryan's apartment and damn alota p3nis seeing *wink* LOL XD but yeh..however, highlight of the night wud be walking up from 9-16 floors with a friend =] tired assss..hole =]

went home at 7am then i collaspe on the drive way. nah jks. on bed :)

but yeh overall. it was srsly best night ever, ill miss all u GRADE 12z! speshall amy :) LOL!! and yeh.. love this senior year soo much!! hope we can spend another fun time together in the future~ maybe after 2012 xD haha

Nelson's Update:
-got a haircut
-listening to big bang
-dling a photo of friend
-just  got a txt
-thinking of the events for last day of skool!!


  1. speshall amy?? WHO DAT?!?! :O lolz & that was a serious question.. haha is that lil amy? O.o or...? me? HAHA I HOPE ITS MEE x)!

  2. OMG your heading picture is FREAKING SEXY!