Tuesday, November 24, 2009


this is wat i got :) and im proud of it.

suk on that bitches buhahahahahahahhahaha

and i also got this awesome app


yeh, working tomolo and i cant wait till mummy's shop actually opens, cosh tell u this, IVE NEVER WORKED BEFORE!! JEALOUS :)

well i dont no.. if u say selling gatsby is a job then.. its my second job.. lalala.. w.e xD

by J.T. xD

*once upon a time.. there was a handsome prince named Prince Nelgatsby. he was sooo cool that everyone loved him! but there was a girl named jae.tii, who'd admired him the most! oh she thought he was the bestest person on earth! she loved everything about him! starting from his hair down to his toes x) never mind about the middle area :P but yes, she wud do anything for Prince Nelgatsby.
*so one day, she sold 100000000000000000000 gatsbys and nelgatsby thought she was awesome too! so they lived happily ever after. but nel was still better than jae.tii.

copyrighted 2009  

ps. for those who dont no her this is her!! OH OH AND SHES SINGLE GUYS.. or girls ;)

Song of the Day: Afterschool -  Dream Girl

Nelson's Update
-helping mum
-listening to dream girl
-playing with iphone
-making ppl jealous
-feeling my heartbeat<3

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