Friday, November 27, 2009


 Yeh this is just some of my beloving korean bands xD

Super Junior (M)
Both SJ and SJ-M is one of my fav band cosh they gave me a great sorry sorry dance :L at first i rkn they are all eww and not good, but after u listen to them , its actually not that bad and ull just get sucked into their music melodies~ EVEN though i dont no any of their names off by heart, i kinda like that guy with the really high pitch girly voice. umm those who love em wud prob no who im tlking bout. OH ALSO SJ-M's MANDERINE IS EFFINK BETTER THAN MINE ==" they have like good pronounciation and they can rap in chink ==" wtf... soo jealous...
Fav Song: Sorry Sorry, Super Girl


The girl band thats always on the top of my chart/head :) i dont even have to look or search em up i can just rmr how they look/ dance like/ and ETC :) of cause i love yoona the most, then it comes to yuri, taeyeon then prob jessica and seohyun then then tiff n sunny then the rest xP PS. i died my hair red for yoona!!!! hehe. OH I ALSO LEARNT THE GEE DANCE!!! after like ... 6month? :L i finally learnt it and have been showing it to all my friends. should even make a vid soon xD anyways, they are just.. too amazing, they are the ones that first got me into korean pop music and if i ever have a chance to go kor, ill see them first.
Fav Song: Gee, Genie

Big Bang
First kor mv i watch is by big bang, they kinda inspired me alot too~ they are cool, the way they dress gave me a big imagination in matching clothes. G dragon is fking awesome, i can never get over his sexy dancing and sexy style, then we have TOP and TaeYang- they both have different style, onces cool and silent and other one is hot and energetic. very good songs they produced. however, i dont no the other two member that well but they i no that they have good voice as they are great in all their videos.
Fav Song: Haru Haru, Gara Gara GO

FT Island
My one and only korean rock band that i like so far :)even though one of their member is replaced but they are still good because HONGKI IS in the band!! hongki has a very good voice. i really wanna be like him or even better :L i wish.. ive actually heard of their song ages ago, but never recgnized how good it was until the start of the year. haha its kinda weird but in the same time, i didnt regret noing them this late because their songs are even better :) they can even sing japanese song and fk its good ==" i really wanted to cry at one point wen i was listening to their song.. and they made me learn the first korean song :)
Fav song: I Hope, Raining

i fink i wrote a whole blog about them :) they are awesome ^^ jaebum better be back. srsly, its not 2pm without him, thats why their single is 1.59pm cosh they are missing somthing. i also realize they have all fking huge mussillz, have u seen their new cF? its fking hot haha. search it up on youtube ;) again, i dont no much names but teacyeon is good :) hez oright hot.for a guy. the next part is by my brother: JAEBEOM IS THE SXC >8D
Fav Song: Again and Again, Tired of Waiting

After School
they are hot. thats all :P nah jks. they mv is really good --' i effink like them soo much. but i dont like one thing about them, they have eff loads of new members all the time and i just heard their new single they have this new one making their total member of 7 ppl. even tho, i FKING LOVE THEIR NEW SONG :) hehe. damn they should change their name from afterskool to hotschool :)
Fav Song: Ah, Diva

this skaky ass girls are the sht xD all their performances presents good ass shaking and they are cute~ i forgot her name but that girl with the long long curly hair on the right, i wan a gf like her :)They are good, and their song are repetitive which makes it easier for me to learn it fast hehe. they must have done it for me (H)
Fav Song: Mister, Wanna

ive ben working alot lately. mums shop is opening. i wan someone to be here and just listen to my bullyshit!!!! ==' im soo stressed

Song of the Day: Queen Maya - Rainy Rose and X Japan - Endless Rain

Nelson's Update:
-tlking to her
-watching tvb
-holding my piss in
-writing my name on a white sheet of paper

i just wanna live a happy life.. i dont wan no fame, no destiny, no wealth, no love. just a simple life with nothing to worry about. thanks joanne. 
*mummy and sistah was fighting agian..
*and i just raged and sister...
*for yelling at mum..
*i didnt no wat to do
*but just yell shit at her for being disrepectful and stuff..
*then later on
*mum told me to deliver stuff to inala
*my iphone was outa batery
*and i kinda lost my route
*and was fkkinig stressing..
*and raged at chris who was actually kind enuff to follow me..
*i was really.. blinded ...

*under pressure and stress..
*it must be killing u >.< but think of it as training u up
*try taking the stress slowly
*allow urself to rage and stuff.. but slowly restain urself
*it doesnt take a day to learn how to change behaviours~ so yeh. dont beat urself up

*the next time u rage.. try thinking about their point of view. maybe siding with them is a better way to start say wat u wana say
*sounds easier than done i know.. >.<" 

*tell urself that if ur calm, then the pplz around u will be calm
*just tryy ..

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