Saturday, November 7, 2009


as you all know i got my p's and its effink different already..

i realise i can do alot more stuff wen i can drive.. if its me, i will never actually wanna stay out at night in brisbane unlike hong kong, cosh wen u go out in hk, u can still find shops open at 2am in the morning. like just the fun is unlimited. 

however i was driving alex home yesterday, then:
-picked up michael
-picked up kevin
-drove to alex's house
-dropped off alex
-droped off kevin
-went to have a drink at sunnybank hills
-drove to micheals and have a lil chat with his mum
-drop michael off
-went home

that took me 1 hr and 30 min in total. somthing i wud never do in brisbane. 

like u get that feeling of u will start to do alot more of the same thing in the future. not sure if u all had had this feeling before but yeh.


anhuz.. yeh. 2 more weeks of skool left. have 2 more exams left and two more major event (formal, graduation) and in maximum of 2 years ill be in uni. and 2 more of years till i get my green P's taken off. maybe even 2 more months until i can face/see u and actually have the balls to tell u how i feel xD haha.

song of the day is still 2pm's tired of waiting. jaebum come back!!!

Nelson's Update
-ate green mango
-got told im getting a new phone
-listening to tired of waiting
-fixing 2 computers at once =] well not really.. one is being fixed other is just.. lying there xP

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