Thursday, November 5, 2009

-nelson's update-

hello ppl~ ive been offically outa intenet for 1 week =] currently at my couzins place doing some catching up~ and updating on my youtubing :)

                            so as you all know should no by now im kinda a big korean fan atm. however, all those new debuted bands are all shit.. no offence but their just all too similar... and unpopularable.. BUT!!! 2PM and their new comeback song TIRED OF WAITING is out soon and FUCK IT IS SOOO GOOD =]  i just hope JAYBUM will be in it and have a special return for all his fans. ME in particular :) here is the lyrics. its soo true.. and i dedicate this song to u =]

it is confirmed that nelson is going to hong kong on the 30th of november and for those who dont no wat hk is, here is a pic :) and yes i own that building :) nah jks xP

yeh i gota say sorry to some of my friends i wont be spending much time with u after we graduate ><

                             man.. ive been having alot family issues lately.. mummy and sisters always having fights. and i had enuff of it so i decided to go in between them.. the good thing about it is that i can kinda prevent minority of the arguements, but majority of em.. is just rarwr rawr rwr that i cant stop ==" mmmm i dont like it..


I ACED MY DRIVING TEST AND OFFICALLY AM A P GRADER =] Quote of the Day: i can finally walk on four wheels without having someone holding my hands. =] piece of cake, fiirst 10 minute was Uturn, 3 point turn and 25m reverse. just to prove to u guys ill show u my results ~

=] see~~ proved


Song of the Day is obvious 2pm - TIRED OF WAITING!!

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