Thursday, November 12, 2009

-listen to my updates-

i am a tree, im siolent and dont really talk much, all i do is breath and release and continue growing

i am a phone, im use to transfer ppl's msg, wen ppl dont need me i stay siolent and stay 'locked'

i am a bus, usually im hollow inside, if ppl come inside my life i will then make some progress, other time.

i am the sea, i can be very destructive, but i can also be very calm.

i am a shoe box, at first ppl need me to store their new shoes, after using me, i end up in the bin

i am an old mouse, i have only have 2 keypads, either left. or right. never a third button.

i am a nelson, i have issues, however i only tell it to my diary.

anyways. yeh lalalala ive been capped for the 2nd week. its obviously not a good thing. lifes been really fked up without net. and i swear in 10 years time everyones gonna be really into technology that if we dont have it for one day, ppl wud commit suicide. lol thats just wat i fink :)

well i had my last lesson of pe and english, Mr morton is srsly my favourite teacher. and damn i gave him a bear hug today HAH!

technically friday is the last day of my proper high school career, everthing seems sooo fast.. 13 years of education all gone.

did i tell you guys i finally learnt the Gee dance =] if ur lucky, u mite see it LOL not like u wanted to anyway haha..

man i have soo much to talk about.. FUCK i had my last exam and SHIT ifeels soo weird, brandon and i was like talking bout how we will not be use to everything.. like so and so we will fink about 'wats there to do for tomolo?' or 'is there assignment due tomolo?' like fk ==" i just cant get over the fact that.. everytthing is OVER!!! to many this is a new life, to me its just another bite of my sandwich :P im ready for my uni bite in 3 years LOL XD

ive been helping mummy alot more lately, cosh as u all now shes opening a new store and who ever mite read this and have parents that owns a resturant or w.e.. TAKE A LOOOK!! 

i wonder where should i do my hair for formal..

i wonder if i cud fly

i wonder if the ants in my backyard are all dead after me peeeing on them

i wonder if ur reading this

i wonder if man can wear dress

i wonder if you will see me do gee dance

i wonder if ur GAY

i wonder if i wont wonder again.

Nelson's Update
-studing for mulistrand
-holding my piss in
-watching tv
-talking to nhi
-making a paper ball
-printing stuff out for mum

song of the day is still 2pm - tired of waiting 
1. sorry im caped not time to get new song
2. i love it too much~ <3 

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