Thursday, November 19, 2009


FIRSTLY I WOULD LIKE TO CONGRADULATE ALL SENIORS OF 2009 FOR COMPLETING YEAR 12 XD, this 13 years of studying is finally over ~~ wish u all good luck!

 thank god this is all over~ but then in the same time, i dont fink i can see more than half the grade of my skool anymore, some flies oversea, some continues studing, some mite forget me, some may starting to hate me and some will just disappear from ur life. However i did not feel any sad or having any 'crying' feeling at all.. am i cold blooded? implying that i dont show no loyality to my friends?

no... i like to call it remember and hope for future. i suppose im fink of stuff that somehow, we'll see each other eventually and no need to burst out in tears. THeres many ways for us to remember each other and tbh i truly will miss all u ppl; but instead of showing it physically with tears, ill just thinking thru the happy times we've all spent together as a group :)

i also didnt take much photos nor did i say bye bye to heaps of ppl, i feel bad in a way but i guess, if they didnt come up to me either will i really be rmred even if i am the one approaching? who knows.

well no more high school, wat is planned now is in our hands, srsly, fuck 2012 if they world is really gonna end then ill just simply live it until my get burnt/drown/squash/blast/strike/struck/hit etc till death.

good luck with all other ppl in my cohort =]

Song of the Day : X Japan - Forever Love

i love this song ^^ its such a relief and it helps me relax alot, even tho none of u ppl cud prob understand it but i dedicate this song to all of u grade 12s resembling our forever friendship :)

AND FK.. just for u guys imma get the lyrics in eng xP

I'll never walk alone again, the winds of time are to strong.
Ah, it's that what you hurts, which you'll have to live with...
Ah, this tight embrace, and this burning, unchanged heart.
In this ever changing time, love will never change.

Will you hold my heart? Stop flowing tears.
Again, all of my heart is broken....

Forever love, forever dream
Only flowing emotions,bury this intense,
trying, meaningless times.
Oh tell me why ... all I see is blue in my heart.

Will you stay with me? Wait until after the wind passes,
all my tears are still flowing...

Forever love, forever dream Stay with me like this.
Hold my trembling heart in the dawn.
Oh stay with me...

Ah, everything good seems to be ending,
in this unending night.
Ah, what else would you lose if nothing at all matters.

Forever love, forever dream, stay with me like this.
Hold my trembling heart in the dawn.

Oh will you stay with me... Until the wind passes,
stay with me again.

Forever love, forever dream, I'll never walk this path.
Oh tell me why, tell me true, teach me how to live.
Forever love, forever dream, within flowing tears
Bright seasons will forever change again and again ....
forever love...

Nelson's Update
-uploading photos
-getting ready to help mum with work
-thinking about the parties that are on tonight
-needa pee xP

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