Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The 2 Lil Pig

 The 2 Lil Pig
-once upon a time theres 2 little pig, one pig called sakura and one pig called nelson...
-one day sakura pig went to nelson and ask for a sandwich, nelson pig then turns around and say with wat inside? then sakura pig said with ham, nelson then puts one bread on his arm and the other on the bottom, here you go, however..
-sakura pig finds it sad to eat nelson pigs pig dont even want his arm, actually she wants his, sakura pig keep starin at nelsons leg
-nelson pig then goes.. NO sakura pig, those legs are for dinna not now! nelson pig got another idea, asking sakura pig to cut off some of her tummy fat, one to make him full and one to make her skinnier
-sakura pig finds it a great idea! so she went to nelsons pig kitchen and pull out a knife and cut off her tummy fat,wahla, heres the tummy fat sakura pig says, nelson pig just look at sakura pig, she do look skinnier@@
-nelson pig gave sakura a thumbs up, see, not a pork chop anymore he said xD. nelson pig then made some goon jay min for both himself and sakura pig, they are eating it with the let over tummy fat. sakura pig stopped eating and went ran outside to the backyard..
-nelson pig follow sakura pig to the backyard, sakura pig said she heard some noise, she tell nelson pig to listen carefully ....."oink,oink" the sound gets closer and was a HUMAN!
-nelson pig runs in back to the house and gets a spear, calls sakura pig to stay behind. nelson pig tells the human to FCK off! and he did. safety is once again back in place and they lived happily ever after.

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