Friday, April 30, 2010


oh hello~ seems like my stupid week of stress has finally pasted... the left over of this week is just fun and relax. FCK UNI!!

bye bye 5,6 hours of sleep, hellow 11 hrs of sleep!
bye bye sore neck, hellow healthy neck!
bye bye lecturers, hellow my friends!
bye bye 66 and 333, hellow 130 and 140!
bye bye tues-thurs, hellow fri-mon!
bye bye home tv, hellow ironman and ip man!
bye bye home activities, hellow parties!
bye bye dressing neatly, hellow emo!
well for two days atleast .__.

finally, sadie's dress of skin is officially out!!! this song is very good i rkn. one of their best~ well they are ALL good. they predicted my mood and created these songs FOR ME (H)yeh.. enjoy~

im losing hope in the broncos.

you know i actually wanna be at one of this venues to really get a  taste of the atmosphere. chanting, booing, chucking shit around... dont know if they do that but i wanna xD

anyways to sum up today's blog.. umm.. thanks for my bros to be here for me. hope to have a really good night with u guys are buddha's festival on sunday! and im sorry, venus

Song of the Day: 大丈夫 - Hilcrhyme

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