Saturday, April 10, 2010

-need a break-

ahh!! why cant u be a guy, i wanna hit u in the face! ==' well not that i dont hit girls but i wud feel better if u were.

question is, do u care? i really dont know why ur doing all this stupid things (to me its stupid cosh i dont see a point in it). how come the way i see you is simply 'misterious'. in a way ur presenting urself to me with a very dependent attitude, but then the next second u can like give me a 180 degree respond. i really wanna know how u think. its so fcked up aye! or maybe im the fcked up one..

am i over reacting again. fckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. my stupid unessessary worrying kicks in too easy i rkn.. im thinking beyond you. why am i even worrying wen ur not reallly caring at all. totally LOST!. imm craving for an answer. 

im trying hard  to convince myself that its about time to move on. move on move on move on move mon move on!! its not worth the time anymore!! gimmi a fcking break from all this shit!! i DECLARE FREEDOM MADA FCK!
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this whole holiday kicked off as a exited anticipation and ended up being a fail week... the coast was okay, but you know.. i dont really classify that as being fun, its not the content, but i rkn it cud be better..

ice skating didnt really turned out well either as my lil chubby bradah went off with his friends to garbo and watched jacky chan leaving me behind as a loner.. i did however met some pretty cool friends tho.

my stupid party.. hah.. fking total mess. in a way it was good cause i got to catch up with many of my bros/ hos. but also made me realise who arnt really wat i call 'bros'. i saw the real identity of some, and some are really dicks =/ i dont wanna sound like a bitch so i fink i shall stop here.. if one of u ever red this, im sure ull know who im tlking about but if ur gonna yell at me, fuck u. i dont care.

coasting with the redeemar people can be the best i say. the ppl went was awesome, however that day was just me bitching bout some ppls haha it wasnt funny if u were there listening to wat im saying. OH and hey, fking gold coast boogie boards are fking shit.. i brought this board for 25 bucks and guess wat, after 2,3 waves it freaken snapped in half, that ruined my day man ==.. i was kinda looking forward to boogying and NO, it had to end that way. i did however went back to the freaken store and get a new one, it didnt break, YET but i can feel the scars on the board already.

nicky's 18 was very good! i missed everyone from skool, and wow.. cant believe i had the chance to see them all again ey! sorry to all of uz coz i left wen the parties actually gotten better. benny/eric's 18 was also kinda good. but again, i didnt really like the lighting and the music =/ no offence, i cudnt see shit haha.. and the stereo was like.. not working properlly. =/ killed my mood aye.. it also ended TOO EARLY!!! 12 is not late! comeon, next time it shall end at like 4 ==..

I SLEPT TODAY. FCK YEh. but thats wen i realise i gota start studying for my exam.. half the day was just dedicated for that and i didnt fink ive learn anything from studying today.. HAH! im fcked ==..

sorry to MACG ppl, im really not in the mood to go coasting tmr.. i have my reasons hope u all can understand.

song of the day: Nikki Flores - I Still Love Her

venus... get back online!

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