Wednesday, April 14, 2010


lol i know, the title doesnt really link, but it sorta will later xD

so ive decided bachelor of social work does not really suit me. for many reasons i rkn.. 

the first one is obviously that i wasnt desired to do it. most of you may know that i was intentionally wanting to do bachelor or behavioural science (psychology) in qut. (why qut? cause i didnt do english in high school so i wasnt eligible to do it at UQ or Griffith <-- no offense but it its lecture do sucked ==) back to the point, so i was deciding weather i should change to a dual degree (psy and social work, or psy and human services) or just go full on psy. my original idea was, y'know, i can get two certificate with twice less the actual time of completely two courses and of cause u will go by that. 

HOWEVER, today in one of my tutorial.. i finally realised that social work is not wat i really wanted. and for those who doesnt know wtf is the difference of psyc and SW; or dont even know wats social work, SW is pretty much giving 'love' to the community. The varety of jobs we get is majorly working for the government to provide help for the community. NOTE that u wont really get paid much.. all u do is help help help help.. which i really wanted to BUT fck.. i've never in my life wanted to touch things relating to the government and shit.. and one reason why i struggled thru SOSE in grade 6-10 is becoz i dont CARE about the FCKING POLITIC/ LAW/ DEMOCRATIC/ GOVERNMENT/ WAT EVER BS!!! FFS.. at first i fort social work is really targetted at helping the society but i didnt figured out 80% of it is related to the government ==' FML.. so anyways.. for the past few weeks im just learning shit about the gov and how it works.. i sorta get it but y'know u tend to not study as well if ur doing somthign u dislike doing yeh? stop here for a sec..

psy is also 'helping' but then its not as broad which only targets at a more personal perspective, deals with mental issues in more dept where as a social worker deals with EVERYONE but just breifly. and im more of a person that likes 1 on 1 in stead of 1 on .. 100? im uber nervouse wen tlking to a bulk loads of people and its NOT funny at all.. i have a freaken stupid oral coming up and im currently shitting my pants xD!!

anyways.. i just rkn i wud be more suitable just doing psychology itself which takes 3 years to complete.

Song of the Day: Lee Hyori - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
btw, hyori is fcking hot == but however, shes going 'lady gaga' style... just watch  the MV ull know wat i mean immediately..

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