Sunday, April 25, 2010

-concerning but dont care-

MAPLESTORY.. cant believe in playing again... 10 levels within 5 days.. prretty good aye.. haha..just doing carnival pq. btw. anyone play in bera? wanna come in and join me and my crew of gays playing maple? i kinda had this account for like.. 5,6 years now.. and still on a lvl 41 mage and a 67 main. it wasnt as fun back then cause level will srsly take u forever to do. unlike now, u can basically PQ (party quest) thruout the whole game up till like lvl 70 or even more.. well without venus for a while i guess this can be my drugs to stop me from thinking too much haha. man i miss maple. as much as her. however i realised theres also plenty of noobs nowadays.. they cant play for crap! and like they dont even no how the game works and calls ME noob? WTF... they're the noob themselfs.. wtf or maybe i really am one.. but im denying it :)

just finished my 1500 essay which has nothign to do with wat im currently learning.. gay. boring. not like it. i hate uni becoz im not doing wat wanna do. man.. this coming week im just gonna fcking around.. i dont wanna care about anything for now!! its soo boring!! i need some entertainment.. wanna entertain me? =]

tmr, im going to movie with the guardians and FCK YEH IMMA BE THERE.. hopefully.. thats if i dont have to drive my brother home haha.. if i am then i prob think about not going .. yes call me dogg but i really cbf drivin.. why dont someone drive me...

tuesday is the due date of my essay and im just gonna turn up and hand in then leave.. FCK uni ==' i srsly hate it.. its not my thing !!!!

wednesday is a early day for me but ill prob just turn up at the tut becoz im having a indian as a lecture and he will be talking for 2 hrs.... OH WAIT>. i just realised i dont have a tut on tues cosh monday is a anzac holiday so yeh.. tues one is skiped.. phew.. but then i still have the arvo lecture..

thursday is then a early day starting at 9 but wud i attempt a stupid thing again... i dont no ...

friday FCKS ME..

saturday fcks me x2

sunday buddas bday.. wow.. exiting.. can see everyone! wooo!!

haha got lazy.. dont wanna continue writing... toodools~

song of the day: B2ST - Take Care of My Girlfriend. i rkn.. who in the world wud effink let someone else take care of ur gf? thats freaken dumb...

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