Tuesday, May 11, 2010

-answer please-

sometimes the things you are desired to do, does not always turn out the way you think of it to be like; things you are not familiar with and not expected can also be a outcome of ur something you desired to do. point is, nothing works out exactly the way you want it to be. there is always a 'chance' of things going wrong. when those stuff goes wrong - the imbalance of beliefs and values, emotional issues are usually the outcome which then leads on to other disorder. <-- i didnt quote anything it was just somthing i learnt in uni and somthing i generated thruout my retarded analysis; it cud be wrong, its an assumption.

i really dont know how to deal with these disorders when i am having it myself. issues which compiles stress and fear. is this part of life? or am i classified as mentally disadvantaged? howcome not many mates of mine experience similar problems as me? some of them can just live life wen it arrives infront of them, they dont seem to plan or think about it and how it will turn out if thing goes wrong, they simply cbf to worry :S i kinda wanna be like that. from my point of view, thats enjoying life. not saying that being careless is a good thing but atleast i know peopple who think that way are more relaxed than me, atleast they are not affected physically (they dont show it/ express it to others).

tbh, i shouldn't have any difficulties dealing with the issues im having now, they are all very small.. but again, wen these small issues pile up, they become big and its just hard not to think about it. i need to seek professional advice. which is tmr. and hopefully ill get wat i want and find out more relating to my future.. *sigh*

song of the day: Gundam Seed Destiny - Nami Tamaki - Reason

aaron, my first grade 8 bus buddy that i can rmr since high school.. i love you man! i like ur humor :) u can cheer someone up, with ur fucked-up-ness and yes, u are infact one of the best guy friend i met out there. (very touchy aye) well yeh.. dont think too much, stuff shall turn out right eventually.. hopefully mine will too, but yeh! this song reminded me of you cause this is like the song that 'brought us' together ;) haha... luv u man!

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